Chapter 399: Prey, going to the front line (Part 1)

Under the deep pond, in cooperation of the “ swimmer men”, the stone door finally opened… …

As soon as they pushed open the stone door, the water immediately rushed in. Pushing forward the torch in their hand, they could see the water level in the pond dropping in a speed that the naked eyes could see. And soon, it reached the waist of the swimmer men.

The guards behind Demon Lord, released a sigh of relief after seeing this scene.

There was no water in the pond, they don’t have to worry about Demon Lord getting into the water. They don’t have to worry about him getting a cold.


When the water gushed inside, the southern people, who were in the underground palace immediately discovered an anomaly.

“Your Highness, your highness, this is not good… …” The southern guards saw the water in the pond suddenly soaring, and immediately understood that their hideout was discovered, and so he immediately screamed.

Nannuo Li was discussing how to leave with his men. They were in the underground, although there was no shortage of food for a month, they were still unsafe.

When he heard the guard, NannuoLi’s eyes shook: “What happened?”

“Your Highness, the water in the pond gushing in and the stone door was opened. We are found.” The southern guard’s words were enough to explain the seriousness of the problem. Nannuo Li’s face drastically changed: “How could this be?”

“What? The stone door was pushed open and the east found us?”

“How could it be so fast?”

“Your Highness, this, what should we do?”

The people who were discussing an escape plan with Nannuo Li asked after hearing the report.

The place where they were hiding was very secretive. No one knows it except them. Even Xue Chengwen doesn’t know it.

“This subordinate, this subordinate doesn’t know.” The southern guard panicked. He doesn’t what exactly happened. He just came to report and ask Nannuo Li what to do.

“Damn it!” Nannuo Li slammed his hand on the table and shouted. His blood started coming out of hands. The face of the people drastically changed: “Someone come, bring the medicine box and treat his royal highness’s hand.”

“Yes, yes… …” The southern guard outside the door immediately ran to pick up the medicine box. But, Nannuo Li didn’t seem to care about his injury.

“Hurry! Your Highness, let’s wrap your hand first to stop the bleeding.” The southern guard immediately ripped his cloth into a strip, wanting to bandage Nannuo Li’s hand. However, Nannuo Li impatiently waved his hand.

“What can happen with a little injury? The urgent matter right now is to think about how we will leave here. If the East Emperor found us here, even if we have thousands mouth, we can’t explain this matter clearly.” The most important point was, he was responsible for this plan. Not only his plan will be fruitless, but also his forces will drastically shrink.

Others also know the seriousness of the matter. But in this case, what can they do?

This was the territory of East Country. Even the royals of the south have to be cautious, so what more of them.

“Your Highness, all we can do now is confront them head-on. Before they come on, we should go out immediately. Otherwise, we will all be miserable.” Nannuo Li’s men gave his opinion.

“Right right, we can’t do anything else except to confront them head-on.” Other people also stated their opinion: “Your Highness, you have to take some men and leave here immediately. We will stay here to clean our traces. We will not let the east to find any evidence.”

This is to clear all the traces belonging to the southern underground palace. Only by doing this, they will find an excuse to the east.

Nannuo Li knows that this is the best solution and the only way, but… …


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  1. I hope this arc of Nannuo Li will not be too long. Better get rid of one foreign enemy and then move on to the next.

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