Chapter 399: Prey, going to the front line (Part 2)

“I can’t accept this!” He has been staying in the east for several years now. He has been here before he had this place and manpower, but all these will be ruin before it becomes handy. So, how can he be willing?

“I want to know who betrayed me, I will destroy him and his family up to the ninth generation.” Nannuo Li said with a sullen face. The fat envoy, who was holding a beauty suddenly a chill, and then he became… …impotent!

“Your Highness, stay inside, don’t worry too much. As long as we cleared our way and get out of here, we can find another mountain to rebuild our place.” Although they have a heavy lose tonight, it’s still better than dying here.

“Right right, Your Highness, let us clear our way first. If we act too late, we might even fail to escape.”

“… …”

The more Nannuo Li listened to the persuasion of his people, the more he gets embarrassed. But in the end, he didn’t say a word. He took a long deep breath and then gritted his teeth: “Go up and attack!”

“Yes.” The people who received the order didn’t dare to delay. They ran to go outside. At this time, another southern guard came forward and brought the medicine box. However, he just walked beside Nannnuo Li, but he punched away the medicine box: “Get out!”

He doesn’t want t to bandage his wound now, he wants to kill!

With Nannuo Li’s order, the underground palace became lively. The southern people were filled with fighting spirit.

They have been training for a long time now, but they haven’t shed blood or fight. Now that there is a big war. They were full of fighting spirit. They wanted to take this opportunity to prove their ability, but… …

They were destined to be disappointed because… …

Demon Lord has no intention to confront Nannuo Li’s men.

Will a hunter who discovered a lair of prey rush inside and confront them head-on?

Of course, the answer is no!

If Nannuo Li, who was carelessly arranging things in the underground palace was a fierce prey, then Demon Lord was a hunter. Demon Lord didn’t ask for reinforcement. Because he never thought of confronting the southern people head-on.

When the water level in the pond drops, Demon Lord ordered his men to cut down trees. And when the water completely drains, he ordered them to throw down the trees to ignite it.

As the cut-down trees and branches were added one after another. And after pouring oil… …

Soon, the stone door was ignited with a big fire. The smoke covered all sides of the pond. And the wind pushed the smoke inside the stone door… …

Demon Lord doesn’t care how big the underground was. What he only wants was to add more and more trees and branches to the passageway. They were in the mountains, there was no shortage of firewood. His wants were not difficult at all to achieve.

Nannuo Li had a hard time to make a decision. When he and his party finally decided to take a shot, they haven’t reached the entrance, but they saw thick smoke coming their way and almost choke them to death.

The passage of the underground palace was a downward slope. Not only the smoke will come inside, but the fire will also slide down… …

“Shameless, shameless, the eastern people are literally shameless. How can they use the fire? This is just too much.” When the southern people saw this scene, several of them fire up in anger. Seeing some of them stayed idle, the people in charge immediately ordered: “What are you doing? Quickly put out the fire, empty the passageway… …”

“This subordinate will obey.” The southern people behind immediately reacted. They were not afraid to die, but… …

Were things that simple?


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 399: Prey, going to the front line (Part 2)

  1. Why is Nannuo Li so indecisive? He should have contingency plan in case his lair was breached. Don’t tell me his contingency plan hinge upon holding Lin Chujiu as hostage?

    1. He was so sure that he won’t be discovered. Using LCJ as a hostage is XCW’s (NNL’s cousin) back up plan.

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