Chapter 405: Suicide, the first scene (Part 1)

After Lin Chujiu found the suspicious footprints, she immediately asked people to bring blank papers and trace down the footprints. After a brief explanation, she asked Meng Dafuren to look for people who have the same size of footprints.

“The other party is six feet tall and has an overweight body. First Aunt, you can start from here.”

Lin Chujiu said a lot, but Meng Dafuren understood only a few words. Fortunately, these few words were the keys words.

With Lin Chujiu’s inference, it’s no longer difficult to find people. But after half an hour, the housekeeper came to report and found the two suspicious fat people, it’s just… …

The other party was dead!

“Why didn’t you closely watch people!” It wasn’t Lin Chujiu who was angry and yelled, but the master of the Meng family.

Meng Shi almost became mad!

He knew that his mother’s death was suspicious. Otherwise, why would he want to go and report this matter to the officials by daybreak?

Now, Lin Chujiu found evidence, but the other party was also dead. How will he check this matter?

Meng Shi was so angry that his whole body trembled. The people around him got worried and tried to comfort him one by one.

Lin Chujiu sighed and looked up at the roof. She took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart, then said: “Uncle, the most important thing to do right now is not to get angry, but to check who is the person behind those two fat maidservants.” People were now dead, they cannot ask them about this matter, the most important thing right now is to follow these traces.

“What Chujiu said is not wrong, hurry, check things about those people.” Meng Shi, who regained a backbone, ordered his people immediately.

“I will go, I’ll look into it.” Meng Second Master said with a serious face and took the initiative.

“Work hard brother.”

“Second brother, please.”

Meng Shi and Meng Third Master spoke in unison. They were not good at dealing with these things. It was good that someone took the initiative.

After they made an arrangement, Meng Shi finally has calmed down: “Alright, let’s put down this matter temporarily. We should discuss mother’s funeral.”

“Let’s consult Hua Mama, Hua Mama is the most trusted maidservant of mother. She must know what mother wants.” After Meng Shi said those words, the others immediately agreed, but they haven’t look for her when someone came to report: “Not good, not good. Master, Hua Mama is dead.”

Hua Mama was Meng Laofuren’s old maidservant.

“What?” Lin Chujiu was the person who reacted first.

Upon hearing those words, Lin Chujiu’s whole body got stiff in the chair.

Is it because of her?

Did she commit suicide so that people in the Meng Family will not know that the old lady died because of her?

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath. She doesn’t know if it’s because she blamed herself or out of guilt, but she was feeling very uncomfortable.

Her reasoning tells that the Old Mama killed herself because she was reluctant to be part with Meng Laofuren and so she followed after her. However, her heart doesn’t think the same.

Only dead people can keep secret forever. She doesn’t want other people to know that Meng Laofuren’s death was related to her.

If people will know that Meng Laofuren died because of her, then she and her family will have a lifetime enmity. The Meng Family will hate her. The Lin Family will take this chance to stand up in the highest moral and accuse her.

“I’m sorry, it’s all because of me.” Lin Chujiu closed her eyes and lowered her head… …

Tonight, two people died for her!

She felt so tired carrying two lives upon her shoulders!



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