Chapter 406: Backing, settle my mother (Part 2)

As for Nannuo Li’s escape?

He thinks that long as Nannuo Li has breath, he is not violating the agreement, right?

Nannuo Li thought that his rescuer finally arrived. But, he was shocked when he heard the man in red robe’s words: “Since you have collected money to protect me, how can you let him kill me?”

Nannuo Li was very angry and scolded the man in a red robe: “Is this how Shadow Moon Tower do their business? If the Shadow Moon Tower doesn’t abide with their rules, who else will find you to do business in the future?”

“I take my customers money to kill people, I am very disciplined at that. As for your business? As long as you have a sign of breath, it means I am protecting you, right?”

The man in red robe said without any psychological burden.

He only promised to the other party that he will help him survive until dawn. As for whether he live or die after that, what does it have to do with him?

“You, you, you…” Nannuo Li couldn’t find words to argue with the man in red robe. So instead, he picked up the sword on the ground and fought with Demon Lord himself.

Nannuo Li was not Demon Lord’s opponent at all. He attacked for ten times but he didn’t even scratch him. Seeing Demon Lord will take a shot at him, Nannuo Li trembled in fear. He said with a pale face: “Shadow Moon Tower, if you save me, I will double the price. No matter how much money the person, who requested for you to save me, I will double it, just keep me safe.”

His last four words, Nannuo Li particularly emphasized them.

“Ten times!” When the man in red robe heard the increase in payment, his heart was moved.

He doesn’t really care about money, but he got still very excited.

The Shadow Moon Tower and Tiancang Pavilion haven’t earned more than 10 million silvers all these years.

*Cough* It’s not that they haven’t earned it, but more like they haven’t saved enough. Although assassinating and selling information makes money, they also spend a lot. As the young master of these organizations, he certainly must open a source of income.

“Three times, three times at most.” Nannuo Li knew very clearly that the person who spent money on the Shadow Moon Tower to save him was Xue Chengwen. Xue Chengwen will not pay a small amount for him, so he didn’t dare to arbitrarily increase the price.

Out of the four countries, no one dared to owe money to the Shadow Moon Tower and Tiancang Pavilion. Now that they increase the price, they should give the remaining silvers.

The man in red robe wanted to take this opportunity to push Nannuo Li into a pit. It’s just, he didn’t expect Nannuo Li would be shameless and will cut off his offer.

However, in business, bargaining was pretty normal.

Looking at Nannuo Li’s awkward escape from Demon Lord’s attack. The man in red robe shamelessly said: “Seven times.”

*Tud* Demon Lord lifted his foot and kicked Nannuo Li. Nannuo Li fell to the ground and unable to move. Demon Lord didn’t let him catch a breath, he stretched his arm to punch him.

“Five times, five times! You go and take a shot.” Nannuo Li had a hunch that he can’t survive this punch.

“Alright, five times, remember, after you go back, let your people send the remaining silvers to the Shadow Moon Tower.” After he said those words, the man in red quickly took a shot and stopped Demon Lord’s attack: “Demon Lord, I’m sorry, for the sake of 5 million, Nannuo Li’s life must be preserved. This young master has guaranteed it.”

Although Demon Lord was a martial god, he was not that weak. He can’t beat him, but he can make Nannuo Li run away.

“Young master? You are the owner of the Shadow Moon Tower and Tiancang Pavilion?” When Demon Lord heard the other party’s words, he knitted his eyebrows.

Sure enough, this person’s identity wasn’t simple.

“Oh, my tongue slipped.” The man in red looked annoyed by his mistake, but people with discerning eyes could see that he deliberately did it. He deliberately exposed his identity as the owner, so that Demon Lord will fear him.

There were many big people backing him. The young master of Tiancang Pavilion and Shadow Moon Tower is not someone can easily be killed… …

The consequences will be unimaginable!

Demon Lord shook his head and looked uncertain: “It’s really a headache. Are you forcing this lord to kill you?”

“You can kill me if you want, but you have to settle things with my mother.”

His aging mother was a legendary woman, that can’t easily be provoked… …


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  1. Oh, at least not another plot when XTY can not kill someone as he trampled ants. Such omnipotence was absurd and borring. The fact that he can sit in the capital when he is a general and should be at the border were is war, is completely absurd solution, maybe just instead of a war, the states should count how many suppressed martial gods have and simply determine the rank of who have more of them, if one man he can kill an entire army.

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