Chapter 407: Refuse, this lord is stronger than you (Part 2)

However, the strength of the southern people was not a joke. Even Nannuo Li himself was strong. If Demon Lord and his people were not here, stopping them won’t be easy.

When the leader in charge thought of this, he refused to lose a face. He doesn’t want to lose merits. He immediately released a signal up in the sky to call over the nearby army.

“Huh? Are you looking for help?” The emperor’s people never mentioned their identity. Shi Yihan thought everyone around was Demon Lord’s people. If he knew that these men were people from the palace, he will definitely insist to get 10 million. Nothing more nothing less.

Demon Lord didn’t give an answer. He attacked and forced Shi Yihan to retreat by using only his bare hands.

Shi Yihan doesn’t care about winning or losing. He fought with all his might. He only wanted to entangled Demon Lord with him. He never thought of winning against Demon Lord.

Shi Yihan was well aware of his strength. He also knows Demon Lord’s strength. No one in the Shadow Moon Tower can win against Demon Lord, unless that old monster, mother of him, will come out. It was good enough if he can escape from him.

Demon Lord knew what’s on Shi Yihan’s mind, but he didn’t show any care. There are other people that can clean up Nannuo Li. He will study the strength of the young master of Shadow Moon Tower tonight!

Yes, Demon Lord’s goal in this fight is to understand his enemy’s strength!

He believed that one day he will face the Shadow Moon Tower and also confront that fierce Shi Qianqian.

A mountain cannot accommodate two tigers. He is not an emperor in the four countries, but he will never allow such a huge monster move to his territory without his control.

Demon Lord has no plan to take Shi Yihan’s life, but sometimes he forgot to control his power. In order to save his life, Shi Yihan has no choice but to use his family’s skill from time to time.

“You are a martial god, aren’t you? Why are you so powerful?” When Shi Yihan was beaten, he got dizzy, which gave Demon Lord a chance to grab his left shoulder.

“This lord is not a martial god.” Demon Lord gave a face-saving answer, which was more hurtful than not answering at all. Shi Yihan jumped in shock: “You, you’re not a martial god yet? Are you joking with me? I am one step away from being a martial god. If you are on the same level as me, why are you stronger than me?”

“This lord is naturally stronger than you!” Demon Lord said with an arrogant tone, as his pair of eyes turned red. In the darkness, his red eyes unusually became looked so dazzling.

Shi Yihan was stunned. When he saw those red eyes, his brain completely stopped functioning. He only counterattacks out of instinct… …

“What kind of martial art skill is this?” After a short while, Shi Yihan recovered his mind.

He knew he was stunned at that moment.

“It is an illusion skill of Devil’s palace, didn’t the young master heard of it?” Demon Lord’s tone sounded like Shi Yihan was a big fool for not knowing.

“How will I know your Devil Palace’s skills? I’ve been hiding inside the Shadow Moon Tower. How would I get a chance to know you?” As time flies, Shi Yihan no longer wants to fight back.

Demon Lord took this opportunity to lift his foot and kick the person in front of him, then said: “Perhaps today, you still have no opportunity.”

When Shi Yihan was kicked, he fell on the ground and spit a mouthful of blood. He angrily said: “Rest assured, today, this young master will make an opportunity!”

Demon Lord’s eyes flashed with surprise, but he stayed indifferent on the surface: “Then, this lord will entertain the young master of Shadow Moon Tower tonight!”

Sure enough, the Shadow Moon Tower indeed has a good foundation. And they also have this martial art called split technique… …


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