Chapter 410: Noisy, slap in the face (Part 1)

The shadow guard asked Lin Chujiu if she wanted to hide this matter, wipe clean the clues so that other people will not found out.

Although Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe that this was the emperor’s doing, but… …

It was in irrefutable fact that Meng Laofuren died because of Lin Chujiu.

Although the Meng brothers only have average abilities, who can guarantee that will not find out this matter?

Even if they can’t find it themselves, there will be people who will try to find this matter and will let the brothers know.

If the Meng Family learn that Meng Laofuren’s death because of Lin Chujiu, then the Meng Family and Lin Chujiu together with Xiao Wangfu will become sworn enemies.

This is also the reason why Meng Laofuren’s closed confidant choose to die after telling Lin Chujiu the reason why the old lady died. She doesn’t want people to know that Meng Laofuren died because of Lin Chujiu! She doesn’t want Meng Family and Lin Chujiu become sworn enemies. Especially, Xiao Wangye.

The shadow guard’s question put Lin Chujiu into a dilemma.

Of course, she hopes for her family to find out the real murderer, but she can’t guarantee that her family will not be angry at her after knowing the truth.

She was not afraid of them taking revenge on her, but she was afraid for her family to be destroyed. She can’t guarantee that she will not take a shot if the Meng Family became her enemies.

“This thing… …” Lin Chujiu felt like her heart was being pressed with a stone. She couldn’t breathe easily.

When the shadow guard saw Lin Chujiu hesitating, he said in a low voice: “Wangfei, the Meng Family cannot become Wangye’s enemy.” For the sake of Meng Family’s safety, this matter shouldn’t be known by them.

“Clear it up.” Lin Chujiu sighed.

Sometimes knowing too much is not a happy thing.

“This subordinate will obey.” When the shadow guard heard a positive answer, he released a sigh of relief.

He was worried about Lin Chujiu to experience injustice after her family learns the truth.

Sometimes, the truth is too cruel to be told.

With Lin Chujiu’s words, the shadow guard went away without hesitation. At least after today, he was sure that no one will find out that Meng Laofuren’s death was related to Lin Chujiu.

So what if someone still doubts it? They have no evidence.

Lin Chujiu went to the Meng Family again. When she came, the hall was already arranged. Some people who were close to the family arrived early, but Lin Chujiu was late.

The Meng Family knows that Lin Chujiu left after dawn to change clothes. So at this time, no one came forward to say a word.

However, the Meng Family knows, but other people did not. The people who came earlier didn’t say anything to Lin Chujiu for the sake of Xiao Tianyao’s face, except Lin Wanting… …

Lin Wanting, who was wearing a white dress and standing in the mourning hall, looked even more delicate and pitiful. Her eyes were red and her tears kept flowing in sadness. Seeing Lin Chujiu came in, Lin Wanting cried out in sorrow: “Sister Chujiu, how come you just came in? Grandmother loves you so much, how sad she must be to die without seeing you on her side?”

Lin Wanting knows that Lin Chujiu hated it when she calls her sister, but… …

They were now in the mourning hall, she doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu will publicly accuse her of calling her sister.

“Wanting… …” Lin Furen called out to rebuked Lin Wanting for talking, but she didn’t completely stop her. When the other guess heard those words, they just stayed and looked at Lin Chujiu’s a bit cold eyes.


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  1. Honestly, I do not know where the person who was imprisoned and on whom the excessive gossip of other people has worsened the condition of the old patient is guilty. Or that she was not with the dying since she lives in another place. I think it’s a slight exaggeration.

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