Chapter 410: Noisy, slap in the face (Part 2)

The Meng family wanted to explain for Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu shook her head and ignored Lin Wanting’s crying.

Lin Chujiu went to the center, knelt on the futon, took the incense to the Meng Family, and solemnly bowed her head. Her actions were meticulous and have no unnecessary movement.

After the ceremony, Lin Chujiu returned the incense to the Meng Family and waited for them to put the incense to the incense burner, then she got up. However, before she left, Lin Wanting knelt on Meng Laofuren’s coffin and cried: “Grandmother, grandmother, wake up, please wake up. Grandma, look, Sister Chujiu came, you haven’t seen her, right? Sister Chujiu came, she came grandma. I beg you, please wake up, don’t leave Wanting grandma…”

Meng Laofuren’s body has been placed in the coffin, but the coffin hasn’t been covered.

Lin Wanting cried sadly. No one doubted that her sadness was a fake. Lin Furen also looked very sad as she persuaded her daughter: “Wanting, stop it. People can’t come back to life. Don’t let your grandmother felt at ease.”

“Mother, I don’t want grandmother to leave, I don’t want it.” Lin Wanting flew in Lin Furen’s arms. The mother and daughter cried sadly.

Lin Chujiu continued to ignore the people behind her and goes straight outside.

She doesn’t want to argue with the Lin Family in her grandmother’s mourning hall and lose face.

“Sister Chujiu, Sister Chujiu, don’t go… … Sister Chujiu, you wake up grandmother, okay? Grandmother likes you so much, maybe she’ll wake after you call her.” Lin Wanting’s words sound very naive, but no one tried to laugh at her.

This can happen after losing a loved one.

Some people couldn’t bear it, and uttered words: “Xiao Wangfei… …”

“Sister Chujiu, don’t go, don’t go… … How can you leave grandmother?”

Lin Chujiu gave the people a face and stopped. However, she didn’t face the person, she turned and looked at Lin Wanting, then said: “Miss Lin, I’m here since last night.”

Unlike Lin Wanting’s heartbreaking cries, Lin Chujiu’s cold voice with sorrow gave off a strong pressure. A pressure that was enough to make everyone hear her words.


She came last night?

How can it be!

Lin Wanting and Lin Furen dumbfounded. They looked at the Meng Family. The Meng Family nodded their head and said: “Xiao Wangfei came last night. She only left after dawn to changed clothes.”

“Why, why we didn’t know this?” Lin Furen said as she gritted her teeth.

If she knew, if she knew… … she won’t let Lin Wanting said those words.

“You didn’t ask me, in such a situation, we don’t have the heart to say such unnecessary things.” The Meng Family said with a tone saying they were unreasonable.

Lin Wanting reacted quickly. When she heard those words, she said: “Sister Chujiu arrived last night. Why she didn’t tell me? If she told me, I wouldn’t think that she didn’t come to see grandmother.”

When the Meng family heard Lin Wanting’s words, they frowned their eyebrows: “Wanting, it’s not that Xiao Wangfei didn’t want to say it, she just doesn’t want to make a noise in her grandmother’s mourning hall.”

With such kind of words, it can be seen that the Meng Family doesn’t like Lin Wanting’s behavior in the mourning hall.

Lin Wanting cried and cried in the hall like a filial granddaughter. However, who in the mourning hall doesn’t want Meng Laofuren to continue to live?

None of the people present were sadder than the Meng Family.

“Uncle, I didn’t mean… …” Lin Wanting really wanted to cry this time.

She was saddened by her grandmother’s death, but she doesn’t want to let this opportunity go to step on Lin Chujiu’s head. Who would have thought that she’s the one who will lose a face… …


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 410: Noisy, slap in the face (Part 2)

  1. She’s too stupid and so is her mother. A wake/funeral is not the place to make someone look bad.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. exactly. Using the death of a family member to harass a family member that is closer? Height of stupidity. Lin Furen is a fool.

    2. Yes, it’s stupid especially that thanks to that all family could lose face and become a laughing stock as they cannot prioritize the importance of the case and respect the deceased from their own family.

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