Chapter 413: Trouble, kill the mastermind (Part 1)

Princess Fushou Zhang has no chance!

The next day, the emperor ordered his guards to escort Princess Fushou Zhang to go to other imperial family mansions to recuperate.

In order not to let Princess Fushou Zhang cause trouble, the emperor sent at least 40 veteran guards to watch over her. All these veteran guards were ugly and have many flawed.

The emperor doesn’t believe that with this kind of rough men, Princess Fushou Zhang will still lay a hand on them!

However, just because the emperor sent her away, everything will be alright?

The emperor thought things were too simple. Knowing that Meng Laofuren died in the hands of Princess Fushou Zhang, how could Lin Chujiu just let her go even if the emperor sent her outside the capital?

Of course, Lin Chujiu will not use any means of assassination. For her, killing Princess Fushou Zhang directly is cheaper.

This time, Lin Chujiu not only wanted Princess Fushou Zhang’s life but also want her to become the biggest shame of the imperial family!

Lin Chujiu called her shadow guard and give him a task: “Go to Jiangnan, help me find a few special people, I want to give them to Princess Fushou Zhang.”

Doesn’t Princess Fushou Zhang like raising beautiful men?

Then, she will prepare a group of beautiful men for Princess Fushou Zhang, that will make her suffer.

The shadow guard didn’t understand at first. But when he heard her said to go to Jiangnan, he finally understood what she means: “Wangfei, rest assured. This subordinate will find people that will not disappoint Princess Fushou Zhang”

It’s not their first time to do this kind of thing. They know very well what kind of people that Princess Fushou Zhang likes, but… …

It seems their Wangfei is really ferocious. Princess Fushou Zhang meeting their Wangfei was her bad luck.

“Before that, keep an eye on Princess Fushou Zhang. I don’t want another accident to happen.” Even if Princess Fushou Zhang was surrounded by the emperor’s guard, Lin Chujiu couldn’t feel at ease.

Who knows what of luck Princess Fushou Zhang has under her sleeve? If in case she met other people that want to please her, who will take responsibility for the consequences, right?


Regarding about Meng Laofuren, the emperor believed that he handled everything timely and in a good manner. After he put this matter aside, he didn’t bother to think about it again.

Of course, it’s not that the emperor has no time to manage it, but because he was now in a bad mood about the matter in hidden mountains.

What happened on the hidden mountain was something impossible to hide to the emperor. Early the next morning, the emperor received news that Nannuo Li had escaped.

That evening, the emperor’s people heard Demon Lord called the strange guy Shi Yihan. When the emperor heard the name, he knew that he was the master of Shadow Moon Tower, and so he understood that he was involved in this matter. The reason why his men failed this mission was because of Tiancang Pavilion and Shadow Moon Tower.

“According to gathered information, the Southern Prince, Nannuo Li’s hiding place was bought by Demon Lord to the Tiancang Pavilion. The same night, Demon Lord and his men surrounded Nannuo Li’s hideout. After being put in the same situation, this subordinate put down the prejudice against the Devil Palace and join forces with them to defeat the south and capture the southern prince.”

“Many southern people died in the fire and they suffered heavy casualties. Seeing that we will about to win, the young master of Shadow Moon Tower suddenly appeared and said that someone paid him to protect Nannuo Li. In the end, because the young master is not something easy to deal with, Nannuo Li successfully escaped.”

“With the help of the Shadow Moon Tower, all the clues related to the southern people were cleared. By the time we came inside the underground palace, the southern people were able to destroy all the evidence.”

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  1. Emperor,you are so clueless as to what has been going under your own nose. At this rate, you can be assassinated by the South and not know it.

    I cannot wait to see how the Imperial family gets embarrass.

    Thank you for the update.

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