Chapter 414: Torment, as long as she didn’t die (Part 2)

“Well… Anyway, passed this empress’s edict, let Yumeiren go and see the southern princess.” Since the empress found out that the person, who poisoned the seventh prince was the Mo Yuer, the empress hated her. Now that there is an opportunity to teach her a lesson, how can the empress just let it go?

“This…” The Old Mama was worried, so she said: “Huanghou Niangniang, what about the emperor?”

“What about the emperor?” The Empress understood what the old mama mean to say, which made her eyes couldn’t help but showed dissatisfaction.

The emperor didn’t want Mo Yuer to die, but if Mo Yuer, herself couldn’t breathe and died in the future. The emperor will not doubt her.

“This slave will obey.” The Old Mama no longer dared to say more. She immediately retired to convey the empress’s order.

When Mo Yuer received the order, her cold face couldn’t help but show an emotion. Her eyes also flashed with a trace of humiliation. However, all she could do was to sneer and looked at the eunuch with scornful eyes.

This is life in the palace. Mo Yuer has no family to rely on. She offended the empress. She loses the emperor’s favor. She is not qualified to say no.

After packing some of her things, Mo Yuer went out of her palace to see Nannuo Yao in her courtyard. When the emperor learned of this matter, he only said: “As long as she didn’t die, let empress torment her.”

The seventh prince was poisoned. Although he survived, he needs to recuperate for a long time. In this matter, not only the empress was very dissatisfied to Mo Yuer, but also the emperor.

He doesn’t care what Mo Yuer do to Lin Chujiu, but she should use his son. That is equivalent to death. This time, because of Divine Doctor Mo, he was willing to forgive Mo Yuer once. Additionally, he doesn’t want other people to see him as a cold-blooded person. But in the end, he doesn’t care if Mo Yuer lives a good life.

In the afternoon, Mo Yuer went out of the palace and stayed in Lingyun Courtyard for less than two-quarters of an hour. What happened to Mo Yuer in Lingyunyuan? People don’t know. They only know that when Mo Yuer came out, her face was covered with blood and she looked confuse… …

“Someone is bound to fall. Yumeiren, no matter how cold she is, she cannot stop the savage princess, Nannuo Yao.” Without any power to back her up, a proud woman must learn to bow.

Lin Chujiu smiled while leaning on the bed. Her face was abnormally blushing. In a glance, people could tell that she was ill.

Seeing Lin Chujiu in a good mood, Feicui busily pushed the warm medicine bowl in front: “Wangfei, please drink your medicine.”

“It’s hot, later.” Lin Chujiu didn’t look at the medicine bowl.

She doesn’t want to drink Chinese medicine, but Xiao Wangfu’s people think that doctors doesn’t like taking care of themselves. So they insist another doctor diagnose her condition, and then the doctor prescribed her a bunch of medicine.

Feicui sighed and said to persuade: “Wangfei, the medicine is already cold. Cold medicine has less effect. The doctor said you should nourish back your health. This time, you should take your medicine.”

Lin Chujiu also knows that her body is weak, it’s best to drink Chinese medicine, but the taste unbearable for her.

“Alright, give it to me.” Thinking of her run-down body, Lin Chujiu was somewhat powerless.

Originally, she recovered by 70-80%, but because she suffered from mental and emotional damage, her body returned to its original state. She had to raise her body again.

After taking the medicine, Lin Chujiu closed her eyes and drank it all in one gulp. The bitter taste spread in her mouth. Lin Chujiu frowned but didn’t speak. She refused the sugar candy handed by Feicui and only drink warm water. And then, she leaned on the bed.

To let Lin Chujiu recuperate, the doctor also gave her medicine to help her sleep. Lin Chujiu’s body was weak, her resistance to the effect of medicine decreased. It didn’t take her a long time to fell asleep after drinking the medicine… …



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