Chapter 415: Can’t believe it, still come (Part 1)

Since Xiao Tianyao returned to capital secretly, he has been walking around as Demon Lord. Before, he secretly went to the Meng Family and saw Lin Chujiu was thin. Although he was distressed in his heart, he didn’t show it… …

Some problem must be solved by oneself. He believes that the woman he married was a strong woman.

Nine days after he left the hidden mountain, Xiao Tianyao received news from his men in the Devil Palace, that they found Nannuo Li’s location. Xiao Tianyao had to go in there.

Xiao Tianyao’s speed was extremely fast, but Nannuo Li was a cunning person. He slipped away under the eyes of Devil Palace’s people. When Xiao Tianyao arrived, Nannuo Li could no longer be seen.

Xiao Tianyao followed the trace for several days, but he didn’t find the person so had given up. He decided to go back to the capital to see Lin Chujiu.

The last time he saw her, Lin Chujiu got thin, she must have been neglected herself. He must teach her a good lesson!

But… …

When Xiao Tianyao returned to the capital, he received news that Lin Chujiu fell ill.

“How did she get sick?” Xiao Tianyao looked at Su Cha with dissatisfaction. He thought Su Cha didn’t take good care of Lin Chujiu.

Su Cha almost died on the spot: “Wangye, this is not my fault. I don’t know why Wangfei fell ill.” Last time, Xiao Tianyao traveled far to get the ‘ice fruit’. Because of this fruit, Lin Chujiu recovered her health by 70 -80%. There is no reason for her to get seriously ill.

“What do you know?” Xiao Tianyao squinted his eyes at Su Cha. Su Cha touched his nose and smiled bitterly: “I know that because of you, Liu Bai was stabbed three times by the assassins and just opened his eyes yesterday.”

Xiao Tianyao returned, but his journey was not peaceful.

“Useless!” Xiao Tianyao’s brows slightly wrinkled, he was dissatisfied with Liu Bai’s performance. Su Cha also has no intention to say a good word for Liu Bai, who told him not to be careful.

“Also, Jing Chi is coming. Wangye, you can rest assured.” Liu Bai’s news cannot soften Xiao Tianyao, but if it’s the person that can protect Lin Chujiu?

“Good.” The look in Xiao Tianyao’s face slightly became better, but it was only a so so. Su Cha hasn’t had a chance to feel proud, but Xiao Tianyao asked: “What about Nannuo Yao?” Xiao Tianyao believes that Nannuo Yao really has an illness. Otherwise, Lin Chujiu will not tell her that she will treat her.

“This…has not been discovered yet. However, Nannuo Yao should be really sick, and her disease is not simple.” Otherwise, it will not be hidden so deep, he sent people to check it, but they cannot find anything.

“Watch her close, don’t give her a chance to make things worst for Wangfei.” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t care about Nannuo Yao, but he was worried Nannuo Yao to make a move.

Nannuo Yao is stupid, but she is a very good sword because she has no scruples.

”I understand.” Su Cha didn’t dare to refute, he will obediently follow.

Because he made him dissatisfied twice, Xiao Tianyao was not happy. Su Cha didn’t dare to say anything. He only stood there silently. Waiting for Xiao Tianyao to give other order, but… …

Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak.

Xiao Tianyao, who was dressed in a black robe, hiding himself in the darkness, looked beautiful even though he has no emotion in the face. No one knows what he is thinking, but the atmosphere around him could make people scared to look at him.

Su Cha and Xiao Tianyao were brothers in arms. But in the face of such Xiao Tianyao, he didn’t dare to raise his head indiscriminately.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak. Su Cha couldn’t tell what he mean by this, so only stood there honestly and waited for Xiao Tianyao’s speak, but… …


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