Chapter 415: Can’t believe it, still come (Part 2)

Even after waiting for nearly a quarter of an hour, Su Cha still didn’t hear Xiao Tianyao speak. Su Cha felt that the atmosphere in the study room seemed a bit wrong. He boldly lifted his head, then he found out Xiao Tianyao’s figure was no longer there.

“Can’t you even say that you will leave? You’re bullying me because I don’t have a martial art skill.” Su Cha was so depressed, he bitterly said: “Next time, don’t expect me to send your letter to Wangfei.”

Su Cha complained casually. The next moment, a cold voice sounded outside the door: “Su Gongzi, a letter from the army came, this must be given to Wangye.”

“Oh… this is a mess, I just talked about it.” When Su Cha heard those words, he became anxious. He rushed outside, but he only saw the figure of the shadow guard outside the door… …

The time Xiao Tianyao left the army was not short. And now, news came about Liu Bai’s injury arrived. Although Su Cha didn’t say to Xiao Tianyao the specific reason, Xiao Tianyao understood that he should return to the army that was rushing to the border as soon as possible.

Inside his heart, Xiao Tianyao was always worried about Lin Chujiu. So before he comes back, Xiao Tianyao decided to see Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t avoid the patrol guards and shadow guards of Xiao Wangfu. When the patrol guards assigned to protect Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyao’s figure, they well all dumbfounded. “Wang, Wang… …”

The patrol guards haven’t finished saying his words, he immediately closed his mouth when he saw Xiao Tianyao’s warning in the eyes. He then quietly withdrew with the torch in his hand.

But as they turned around, they heard simply words behind their back: “Good job!”

It’s just two words, but the patrol guards became very excited.

So far, it’s not easy to get a “good” evaluation of their Wangye. Only his specialized train soldiers hear those words. And they were only second rate guards.

The patrol guards were very excited, but they didn’t dare to show it on their face in front of Xiao Tianyao. They just tired with bright eyes. It can be seen that many people will not be able to sleep tonight.


Lin Chujiu drank the medicine and slept soundly that evening. She didn’t know that she was visited by her maidservant. So what more, to an expert in martial arts like Xiao Tianyao.

*squeak* The door was opened and closed, the moonlight poured out from the window, but the room was still dark, the surrounding wasn’t clear, but this didn’t affect Xiao Tianyao’s vision.

Xiao Tianyao walked two steps forward and saw Lin Chujiu lying on the side of the bed. Who knows when was the quilt was kicked by her.

Xiao Tianyao frowned, he went forward and pulled the quilt to cover Lin Chujiu. He also tried to intact the quilt to her side.

His actions were rigid and sturdy as if he was executing military work. He had never done it before.

“Hmm…” When Lin Chujiu felt hot, she began to kick away the quilt. Because of this movement, the lower part of her clothes opened, revealing her white legs.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu. Then, he calmly removed his outer coat and lay down beside Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu only had one pillow on the bed. Xiao Tianyao, who lies next to Lin Chujiu shared a pillow.

Lin Chujiu was sleeping soundly, but when she was suddenly hugged, she reacted, it’s just… …

Because she was under the effect of the drug, she was confused at this moment. She couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality.

After turning around in Xiao Tianyao’s arms, under the moonlight that passed through the window slit. Lin Chujiu, who vaguely saw the image of the person, stupidly said: “Xiao Tianyao?”

Her voice sounds soft and has a bit trace of being spoiled. Xiao Tianyao has never heard Lin Chujiu called him like this. He felt an inexplicable feeling flowing down his lower abdomen. His whole body felt numb. His brain seems like had been blocked by something and couldn’t function.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao responded as he embraced Lin Chujiu more tightly.

He really wants to keep this woman by his side forever!


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