Chapter 421: Susu, first try crying, second try screaming, third threaten to kill oneself (Part 2)

Su Cha sighed and said: “Susu is better.” Chacha sounds very strange.

Their Wangfei’s ability to give name was very poor. Su Cha was very glad that Liu Bai was not around, otherwise, he will be called Liuliu or Baibai today.

Regardless of this matter, his name still sounds better.

Lin Chujiu looked down to hide the smile in her eyes, then said again: “Susu, why did you come to see me?”

Su Cha ignored Lin Chujiu’s addressed to him and said with a serious tone: “Wangfei, I came here today to tell you that Zhu Daren asked for Wangye to be impeached in the palace today because he secretly went back to the capital. Although the emperor let Prime Minister Lin come forward to deny this matter, and he didn’t deal with this. In the future, he might decide to pursue this matter and just push the blame to Prime Minister Lin, saying that he was blinded by him.”

In the palace hall, the emperor didn’t decide on this matter, only Lin Xiang give a statement, saying Zhu Daren, who has no sufficient evidence slandering Xiao Wangye.

It’s not difficult for the emperor to overthrow these remarks. The emperor could say that Lin Xiang was biased towards Xiao Tianyao because he was his son-in-law, so he deceived him to cover up Xiao Tianyao’s crime.

Su Cha believes that to drag down Xiao Tianyao, the emperor will not hesitate to sacrifice Lin Xiang.

Of course, this kind of thing cannot kill Xiao Tianyao, but it’s still better to clear this danger as soon as possible.

“I understand, I will deal and clean up this mess.” Lin Chujiu said without hesitation, which surprised Su Cha: “Wangfei, do you have an idea to solve it?” He said with full of worry.

“There is nothing difficult about it. There is a lot of impeachment of the prince written in history. Although the emperor didn’t say anything about wangye, it doesn’t mean I can’t go to the palace and cry.” Lin Chujiu dare to say those words, so naturally, she has a solution.

“Cry?” That’s it?

“Women often use his trick, first try crying, second try screaming, third threatens to kill oneself. Wangye has been wronged, I, as his wangfei can go to the palace and cry to give him justice. There is nothing wrong with it, right?” When Princess Fushou Zhang poisoned Meng Laofuren, she didn’t look for the emperor. She didn’t cry in front of him and cause him trouble. This time, she shouldn’t hesitate.

“This… is a great idea.” Su Cha was stunned, but later on, he understood.

No wonder their Wangye surrendered to their Wangfei. The skills of women are simply terrible.

Sure enough, there must be a woman in every household. If there is a woman guarding and managing the overall situation on the side. Any man can just go and fight on the battlefield.

Looking at Lin Chujiu’s calm face, Su Cha said with full of admiration: “Wangfei, I finally understood Wangye’s intention.” Only by training Lin Chujiu to be independent and willingly support Xiao Wangfu, Xiao Tianyao can truly reassure.

As a husband and wife, not only they share the glory, but also the danger. If she doesn’t have the ability, she doesn’t have the right to sit in the position of Xiao Wangfei.

“You finally understood why he wants me to be worthy of him?” Lin Chujiu’s lips curved and said in an ironic tone.

She is not worthy of him, but Xiao Tianyao kept forcing her, can she back down?


Xiao Tianyao, who was rushing to the front line with his horse, suddenly felt his nose itchy. His eyebrows knitted in dissatisfaction, but then it soon relaxed. His cold eyes even showed a smile.

Three days had passed, Lin Chujiu will send him a letter… …



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