Chapter 423: Hypocrisy, good child (Part 2)

When the emperor listened to Lin Chujiu’s words, his eyes flashed with coldness. But he gently persuaded her: “Xiao Wangfei, zhen understand your heart. As long as Tianyao dedicate his heart for the country, no one can frame him.” The emperor deliberately emphasized the words ‘dedicate his heart for the country’, so his meaning is self-evident.

Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t understand and said: “Huangshang, wangye dedicated his heart to the country, the heaven and earth can testify, but three men talking make a tiger. This wangfei is scared, I’m really scared… … Huangshang, this wangfei beg you, this wangfei also want to be sent to the front line, so that even in death, this wangfei can be together with wangye.”

“What are you saying, who dares take away Tianyao’s life.” Hearing Lin Chujiu’s request, the emperor refused without even thinking.

Xiao Tianyao secretly returned to the capital and went to Meng Laofuren’s tomb to worship her with Lin Chujiu. It can be seen how much Xiao Tianyao values Lin Chujiu. Under such circumstances, how can he let Lin Chujiu go to the front line?

Lin Chujiu is a hostage. Before the war ended, he must let Lin Chujiu leave the capital even half a step. Of course, he can’t also let her die.

“Do you think zhen is a fool who cannot determine right from wrong? Zhen will let people check this matter. You can rest assured, zhen will not let Tianyao be wronged.” The emperor thought of temporarily suppressed this matter. After all, he can settle this account to Xiao Tianyao in the future. It’s just, he didn’t expect that the person who will clean up this mess for Xiao Tianyao will be Lin Chujiu.

He really gave Xiao Xiaoyao a good wife.

“Huangshang is truly wise, this wangfei thank his highness on behalf of wangye.” Lin Chujiu knew all along that the emperor will not let her go. Seeing the emperor retreat, Lin Chujiu only cried a few sentimental words, but then, under the emperor’s persuasion, she thanked him and retired.


Outside the palace hall, Lin Chujiu rubbed her sour eyes and continue to walk forward to leave the palace under the guidance of the eunuch. But as soon as she came out, the empress’s palace maid stopped her: “Xiao Wangfei, the empress invited you to her courtyard.”

After the Seventh Prince was poisoned, the empress didn’t invite Lin Chujiu again. She knew that as long as there is no decree, Lin Chujiu will not come.

However, this time, Lin Chujiu entered the palace. When the empress received this news, she specifically sent people to invite her. She doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu could refuse.

Indeed, Lin Chujiu couldn’t refuse, she could only follow the palace maid.

The empress waited for Lin Chujiu in the partial hall, dressed in casual clothes, but such clothes made her look gentle and kind. After Lin Chujiu entered the hall, she didn’t pay respect, but the empress still gently said to her: “Chujiu come to my side.”

Lin Chujiu looked up and stared at the empress. She saw her eyes looked calm and kind as if the previous event had never happened.

This is what Lin Chujiu most admire in the empress. No matter what happens, the empress can get along with her without any problems, as if she didn’t frame her before.

Lin Chujiu secretly sighed and walked in front of the empress, and calmly said: “This wangfei greet the empress.”

“This child, don’t be so polite.” The empress didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu to kneel, she quickly took her hand and said with distressed: “Good child, the previous event made you felt wronged. Later, this empress learned about everything. Fortunately, you were there, otherwise, little seven will… …”

The empress said with reddish eyes.

Lin Chujiu’s mouth slightly twitched. She lowered her head and kept silent as if she was thinking about her grievances, but in fact, Lin Chujiu just don’t know what to say.

Did the empress forget that she’s no longer her younger generation, but her sister-in-law? The empress was talking to her as if she was a child. What does she mean by this?

Seeing Lin Chujiu not talking or getting angry, the empress continued to say: “Chujiu, this empress heard that you were very sad when Meng Laofuren died, but people are now dead…”

Although Lin Chujiu was impatient, she still listened attentively, but next moment, the medical system suddenly issued an alarm… …



Three men talking makes a tiger (idiom)- repeated rumor becomes a fact.

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  1. She will finally have to cure the Empress. All this time that the empress and the seventh prince were plotting against her, even after she saved the third prince, I never understood why they wouldn’t just go to her. And now the system forces LCJ to help her. 🙂

    Thank you!

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