Chapter 426: Letters, important things (Part 2)

“Should I continue copying the poem?” But the poems she can copy have a limited amount.

Lin Chujiu was going crazy… …

Two flowers have bloomed, and each one of them is in front of the table. Lin Chujiu was having a hard time writing a letter. Xiao Tianyao, who received the letter was not happy at all.

The first letter Lin Chujiu sent was all about her and Su Cha. She even asked him in the letter, if calling him Susu sounds good to hear?

Sounds good?

To hear?

He felt that asking him to die was better and kinder.

The second letter, after ignoring less than half of the piece of paper, she wrote about the empress’s illness which she didn’t mention the specifics. Next to it was about Xiao Zian and Meng Xiuyuan.

What was Lin Chujiu trying to do?

Is she trying to tell him that she’s very popular?

The third page was even more trouble-free. He doesn’t know where did she copy two love poems written by a man to a woman. It was obviously perfunctory.

“She’s not serious at all.” Xiao Tianyao was very upset, so he was planning to write a letter and reprimand Lin Chujiu.

After spreading the paper, he grinds the ink, he lifted his brush to write, but then… …

Just as he wrote the words ‘Lin Chujiu’, a loud noise sounded outside, followed by the sound of sword fighting.

“Wangye, there are assassins.” A soldier immediately came in to report: “There are a large number of them and their martial art skills are advance. We’re afraid that we can’t resist them for too long.”

Now that assassins came, there was no way he can write a letter.

Xiao Tianyao put down his brush and went out to check the situation… …

The new soldiers were divided into ten groups and each group respectively fighting the assassins to guard the place. There were two highly skilled assassins in the front, under the help of his companion, he can kill freely. There was only one camp left before these assassins reach Xiao Tianyao.

These two people are highly skilled, ordinary soldiers were not simply their opponent. Xiao Tianyao didn’t let his men became a sacrifice. He pulled the long sword in his waist and jumped in front of the two people. The sword in his hand was like a long dragon, it didn’t make a sound and just passed through people… …

“Pa…” After a crisp sound, the sword passed through the assassin’s face, blood flows down from his nose up to his mouth. After the sword was pulled out, a large amount of blood came out from the bloody hole. In an instant, the assassin’s face became like a demon’s face.

“Ah…” The other assassin screamed and raised the sword in his hand to counterattack, but he saw Xiao Tianyao’s sword flew to his right hand, and after the sword twist, his hand flew away.

“Ahhh… …” The assassin shuddered in pain and his face twitched uncontrollably, but… …

Xiao Tianyao ignored him. The long sword in his hand was more flexible than a whip. In the air, a silver light flashed into the heart of the assassin.

When his wrist turned, a heart being shattered sounded.

Then, Xiao Tianyao’s sword swept to another assassin, but it was different from the brutality earlier. This time, Xiao Tianyao’s sword fly slower, but it was more lethal.

Xiao Tianyao destroyed the eyes of the assassins, but before the other one could react, his waist was split into two!

“Ah…” A scream sounded one after another, as other assassins fell to the ground. Looking at their situation, they will not die in a short time.

From the time the two assassins died, only half an incense was used.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t look at the people, he only pulled back his sword and leave a heartless command: “Benwang wants them to live until 12 o’clock.” To put it simply, he wants these assassins to endure the pain for 12 hours… …

As for interrogation?

Xiao Tianyao never interrogates assassin. No matter who was the assassins are, it was not important. What’s important about his opponent?

Oh, now there is an important thing, that is… …



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