Chapter 428: Assassination, being bullied (Part 2)

Thinking about the pile of messy things waiting for him in their house, Su Cha felt like his head was as big as a cow, so he couldn’t help but speed up his pace to leave. However, when he passed by the door, he remembered that he forgot to mention to Lin Chujiu about Jing Chi.

“I’m so busy that I get confused.” Su Cha wanted to go back and look for Lin Chujiu again, but he thought it was not that important. Anyway, Jing Chi only needs to protect Lin Chujiu in the dark. He doesn’t need to show himself. He can tell her about him the next time.

When Su Cha got the letter, he hurriedly went to his carriage… …

He was so busy!

Su Cha didn’t know that because of this negligence, they almost caught into a “big disaster”!

Su Cha only remembered Jing Chi, he forgot Tang Tang who came with Jing Chi.

Jing Chi took the task of protecting Lin Chujiu, but Tang Tang did not. Tang Tang followed Jing Chi and remembered the place. After learning that Jing Chi needs to stay in Xiao Wangfu for a long time, he nodded his head and slipped away.

It’s very rare for them to come to the capital, so how can he not come out to play?

Tang Tang was very different from the other assassins of Shadow Moon Tower. The assassins in Shadow Moon Tower were cold and always like to hide in the dark, but… …

Tang Tang was originally an 18-year-old boy, but because he was spoiled like a child by their master and several brothers. He had a high sense of justice. Most of the time, he draw his sword to help others, which always lead him to trouble, the Shadow Moon Tower had a headache, but….

They can’t bear to blame Tang Tang, because Tang Tang was the Shadow Moon tower’s mascot.

However, this time, after he was caught in trouble in the northern region, Tang Tang reflected a lot. He knew that he shouldn’t mess with people in the capital, so Tang Tang restrain himself. Even if he saw injustice, he didn’t take a shot, but then… …

Tang Tang’s sense of justice was strong, it was unbearable for him. He can’t afford to see the weak being bullied, so… …

Tang Tang chose to avoid encountering things like this and just went outside the capital.

He promised his brother, Jing Chi, that he will not cause any trouble, so he forbears.

But going outside the capital doesn’t mean everything is safe. When Tang Tang went outside the capital, he met Princess Fushou Zhang and was taken by her bodyguards.

Speaking of it, the emperor really looked down on Princess Fushou Zhang, and also looked down at the guards he sent out.

If I should die beneath a Peony flower, I will still be charming as a ghost. Needless to say, this peony was Princess Fushou Zhang, as long as she wants it and hook her finger, no guards can resist it.

Princess Fushou Zhang, who was sent outside the capital, became active again as soon as her wounds were healed. There was no fun activity to do in the mountain area. Her days were dull, she only has ugly men around her!

Princess Fushou Zhang’s requirements for her male pet was extremely high. The guards sent by the emperor were all unsightly. If she has other choices, why would she grieve herself?

However, not because she was grieving now, doesn’t mean it’s forever. So when Princess Fushou Zhang saw the handsome Tang Tang, Princess Fushou Zhang no longer wants to grieve herself.

“That man, bring him here!” Princess Fushou Zhang arrogantly ordered. The guards were shocked, but then they immediately understood her meaning. The four guards followed Tang Tang.

Tang Tang who was attacked was angry!

He was being bullied!

He can’t bear it, he absolutely can’t bear it!

Tang Tang rolled up his sleeves and hit the guards.

Tang Tang’s martial arts were the lowest grade in the Shadow Moon Tower, but dealing with a few guards is not a problem to him. However, he forgot that there were hidden tricks in this world, so… …

Tang Tang was caught and taken away by Princess Fushou Zhang!



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