Chapter 431: harboring, ordered by the Emperor (Part 1)

Housekeeper Cao was so anxious, it can be seen that things were really bad… …

“Wangfei, this is bad. We are surrounded by the imperial guards. They said they wanted to search Xiao Wangfu.” Housekeeper Cao said as he knocked on the door of the study room. Even if the door was unlocked, he didn’t dare to go inside.

“Search Xiao Wangfu? What’s going on?” Lin Chujiu locked the box and took out the key before she opens the door. When she opened the door, she saw Housekeeper Cao was very angry.

Who can’t blame Housekeeper Cao? The situation was simply devastating.

Now that Xiao Tianyao was gone, the emperor simply thought the Xiao Wangfu had gone soft and deliberately decided to bully them. He sent so many guards to surround Xiao Wangfu.

If this thing spread out, how will their Xiao Wangfu continue to stand?

“Wangfei, Princess Fushou Zhang was assassinated, she got injured last night. Princess Fushou Zhang insisted that the perpetrator was a person of our Xiao Wangfu.” Housekeeper Cao didn’t know this issue. He just asked the imperial guards.

The Imperial Guards said that Princess Fushou Zhang, who was under house arrest outside the capital was assassinated. Some witnesses recognized the assassin as a person of Xiao Wangfu. The emperor was so furious when he heard of it and ordered the imperial guards to surround the Xiao Wangfu.

“Princess Fushou Zhang was assassinated?” Lin Chujiu slightly knitted her eyebrows and called the shadow guard: “What happened? Who injured Princess Fushou Zhang?”

“Reporting back to wangfei, Princess Fushou Zhang tied a young boy last night. When we were readying to rescue the boy, we found someone coming to save him. We didn’t take a shot because the young boy was rescued the same night. As for what happened to Princess Fushou Zhang, I don’t know.” The shadow guard, who was kneeling on the floor, reported neither in a humble nor in a supercilious way.

This incident, they were not related to Xiao Wangfu at all.

“Who injured Princess Fushou Zhang, did you find out?” Lin Chujiu asked another question. The shadow guard said: “We didn’t see the appearance of the person who injured Princess Fushou Zhang. Even the young boy, we don’t know him.”

Jing Chi and Tang Tang were assassins, they rarely appear in front of people. Only a few people had seen them. Su Cha had seen them before, but Lin Chujiu and the people inside Xiao Wangfu did not. Not knowing their identity was only normal.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t completely know what happened, but she was not in a hurry. She simply said to Houskeeper Cao: “ Let the leader of the imperial guard in, we shouldn’t neglect the emperor’s people.” Xiao Tianyao was not in Xiao Wangfu, she shouldn’t just confront things easily. Otherwise, she will lose her reputation.

“Yes.” When Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Chujiu calm and not a bit angry. The fire in his heart also subsided.

It’s not like it’s the first time the emperor went against Xiao Wangfu. If they will get angry all the time, they will die early.

Lin Chujiu told Housekeeper Cao to invite people in, but she didn’t go to see them at once. Instead, she changed clothes, and put enough jewelry to make her look like a princess.

In the face of the late arrival of Lin Chujiu, Commander Li, the person in charge, was full of irritation. Seeing Lin Chujiu coming in, he didn’t pay respect, he even sarcastically said: “Xiao Wangfei, your finally here. If you didn’t come out, you will be suspected of hiding people.”

With his speech, he already charged Lin Chujiu for the crime. If it was ordinary people, that person will be annoyed immediately. But Lin Chujiu simply acted like she didn’t hear anything. With the help of her maidservant, she just passed by Commander Li and sat down on the main sit.

Throughout the whole process, Lin Chujiu didn’t look at Commander Li. She completely ignored him and the other imperial guards behind him. The other people in the main hall just stood like a pile of wood.

The next moment, a servant brought Lin Chujiu a tea. Only she was given tea. Commander Li and his party were ignored once again.

Lin Chujiu picked up the teacup and gently blew the water with the tea and slowly took a sip. She seemed like has no intention to open her mouth.


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