Chapter 432: Retreat, you can search (Part 2)

“Resisting? No… This wangfei doesn’t dare to resist the imperial decree.” Lin Chujiu said, but Commander Li haven’t had time to rejoice when he heard Lin Chujiu added to say: “But Xiao Wangfu is not a place you can search if you wanted to search or check if you wanted to check.”

“Xiao Wangfei, what do you want?” Commander Li knows that Lin Chujiu was trying to raise conditions.

Well, it doesn’t matter, he was not afraid of Lin Chujiu, not to mention the condition she will raise.

“How about this, you can search Xiao Wangfu, but… …If you didn’t find a single trace of the assassin, you will leave your life in my care.” Her last sentence was full of murderous intent and almost fright everyone.

Commander Li frowned: “Xiao Wangfei, what do you mean?”

“Literally as it sounds.” Lin Chujiu continued to speak with frightening words: “This wangfei will let you search, but if you failed to find the assassin… … you will offer your life to me.”

“Xiao Wangfei, you are too much!” Commander Li was full of dilemmas.

Although he was sure that the perpetrators were related to Xiao Wangfu, he was not sure if the people were hiding in Xiao Wangfu. They were just using this excuse to find out the defense of Xiao Wangfu.

Since the assassination took place on Xiao Tianyao’s wedding, Xiao Wangfu’s defense has changed. The people they sent can’t even step on their wall.

“Too much? Who is too much? It’s so ridiculous that you brought a group of imperial guards in Xiao Wangfu with imposing manner, and say that we are hiding assassin so you have to search our place.” Lin Chujiu said with a cold face, and she looked very serious.

“You come to my house full of confidence and you are so sure that I am hiding the assassin. But when I said you have to risk your life, you lose your confidence?”

“Of course not… …” Commander Li felt that he was facing a tiger now and couldn’t leave.

“That’s good.” Lin Chujiu raised her hand and waved in the air: “An Pu, come out.”

“Wangfei…” The shadow guard that was hiding came out nowhere just like a ghost. Commander Li’s face drastically changed after seeing it. He bowed his head to hide the fear in his eyes.

Xiao Wangfu was like a hidden dragon. He didn’t know that there were other people nearby.

Lin Chujiu didn’t look at Commander Li, she simply said to the shadow guard: “Lead the way to Commander Li’s men, they will search Xiao Wangfu. Also, let the others watch over them. Tell them not to hinder the imperial guards from searching, but after they finished checking, escort them to leave.”

Lin Chujiu was sure that Jing Chi and his younger brother were not in Xiao Wangfu. Even if they were here, she was sure Commander Li will not find them, so… …

As long as the imperial guards decide to search Xiao Wangfu, they will not be far from death. Lin Chujiu was certainly not a kind-hearted person she may seem.

“Wangfei, this matter… …” When Commander Li saw Lin Chujiu so determined, his heart was shaken. They came to Xiao Wangfu to explore the situation inside. If they will be executed after they finished, then wouldn’t it end up useless?

But when he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Lin Chujiu: “Commander Li, you shouldn’t say another word. Once you start checking, they will not stop you, nor trouble you.”

Lin Chujiu said as if she was a righteous person, but everyone present at the scene understood that she didn’t mention things about it, because… …

After this event, she will kill them!


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  1. LCJ putting her foot down and protecting her people. 👏👏👏 XTY was right. She needs to be strong and able to defend herself without him. That Wangfei position is so heavy.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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