Chapter 433: Sentencing, will kill (Part 2)

Commander Li’s heart skipped a beat, as his eyes flashed with fear. However, he soon calmed down himself, he said to the imperial guards behind him: “You, and you, bring a group of people with you and search.”

Although he told himself that Lin Chujiu will not dare to kill, he didn’t dare to risk his life, instead, he let his subordinates come forward.

Although Commander Li did not say anything, his move explains everything. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but smile and taunt him: “Commander Li is truly a smart person.”

Everyone understood what this “smart person” means. Commander Li’s face turned red, while the imperial guards behind him had a pale face, but… …

Because of the difference in the position, they didn’t dare to oppose Commander Li.

The two young imperial guards went out and called a group of people to come inside. Commander Li wanted them to go directly to search, but Lin Chujiu called them and let Houskeeper Cao repeat the rules she set.

The Imperial Guards were full of confidence. But when they heard Lin Chujiu’s set rules, their eyes flashed with fear and anxiety.

“You still have a chance. Turn around and leave, then you can continue to live.” Lin Chujiu didn’t mind to be the bad guy. But of course, she knew she shouldn’t become bad, so she said: “Remember, the person who is sending you to death is not me, it is your commander. If you become a ghost and wanted to take revenge, you have to find Commander Li.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate to push the blame to Commander Li.

If these people died, their family will record this account on Commander Li. Maybe not, because they were following the emperor’s order.

The Imperial Guards didn’t dare to open their mouths and just stood there with their heads low. Commander Li saw Lin Chujiu deliberately inciting the imperial guards. What does she mean by this?

He doesn’t know Lin Chujiu, so he didn’t understand that her words reminding them that not only they will fail to see the assassin, but they will also fail to report clues about the defense. Rather, they will only lose their life.

Lin Chujiu didn’t care much about Commander Li. After she said those words, she waved her hand and said: “Well, you can check the house now. I wish you good luck.”

When she finished, she walked back to the flower hall in a leisurely manner. She didn’t attend to the imperial guards’ movement.

Commander Li stood outside the courtyard and looked at the imperial guards who had dispersed and went to the main court of Xiao Wangfu and the inner court. When suddenly, he turned back inside the flower hall.

He will guard Lin Chujiu!

Xiao Wangfu was very big. Although Commander Li brought a lot of imperial guards with him. It will still take 2 to 4 hours to find out the result. Lin Chujiu was not in a hurry. She let people send her snacks and books. She sat leisurely while reading a book. On the other hand, Commander Li and the others can only stand there with an empty stomach.

The sun starting to fall, the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on the mainland. The orange sunlight reflected in the whole Xiao Wangfu, making the chilly and empty atmosphere of Xiao Wangfu a bit warm, but… …

Commander Li started to get chill.

The sky was getting dark, but they still haven’t found anything. As for the people who went to search, did they found out the defense of Xiao Wangfu? Commander Li doesn’t know. Well, he doesn’t know if he has the chance to know… …

As time passed by, the more Commander Li felt uneasy, while Lin Chujiu was still calm. The people of Xiao Wangfu was very cooperative. It was a search, but there was no loud noise at all. Such silence made him, even more, felt uneasy.

Now, he believes that Lin Chujiu was telling the truth. And those imperial guards that rushed inside will only be killed.

Annoyed, regret… Commander Li felt different kinds of emotions inside his heart. He looked at Lin Chujiu to say something, but he couldn’t utter a word.

Time passed quietly, when the afterglow of the sunset gradually disappearing, the uneasiness in Commander Li ‘s heart reached its peak. However, at the same time, the imperial guards who were searching came out… …


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