Chapter 435: The master, shouldn’t take the blame (Part 1)

Forty-six people!

After a quarter of an hour, forty-sixth corpses were lying outside the Xiao Wangfu’s flower hall. The ground was dyed with bright red blood, adding a touch of color to the flowers and grass not far away, which made it look more beautiful… …

In front of Lin Chujiu, Housekeeper Cao’s face always had this flattering smile. But at this time, his face looked very cold, and his squinting eyes at ordinary times, were wide opened. His eyes have no trace of human feelings even a bit.

“Take all these bodies out to prevent bad luck!” Housekeeper Cao said with a gloomy tone.

The guards of the Xiao Wangfu acted immediately, they stacked two to three bodies on their shoulders. Who knows how they did it, but not a single body fell, even if they were stacked together.

All the bodies were carried out, and soon the ground was emptied. Only a few people were left standing. Commander Li and the rest didn’t want to go, but they were caught by the shadow guards. They simply couldn’t refuse.

Looking at the crimson ground under his feet, Commander Li’s face became ugly. He tried to struggle, but he couldn’t break free from the shadow guard’s hands.

Housekeeper Cao looked at Commander Li with an emotionless face, but then he pulled out a stern smile: “Let Commander Li and his men go outside.”

“Yes.” As soon as the shadow guard loosened his grip to Commander Li, Commander Li fell to the ground. But then he tried to stand firm, he pointed his finger to Housekeeper Cao and said: “You… Xiao Wangfu is really good. I will remember this.” Commander Li was actually very scared. Xiao Wangfu’s guards didn’t even bat an eye when they were killing people. As if they were completely numb.

They killed nearly fifty people, but they were simply acting like it was nothing. They were simply inhumane.

“Then, try to remember this slave’s face. When you come back next time, you won’t make a mistake.” Housekeeper Cao didn’t put Commander Li’s threat in his eyes. Seeing Commander Li still not leaving, he added another sentence: “What? Commander Li still doesn’t want to leave? Do you want this slave to send you out?”

Housekeeper Cao kept referring himself as a slave, but his momentum was not comparable to a slave at all. Commander Li was so angry that he almost vomited blood. But seeing the shadow guards, he could only grit his teeth and walked away in anger.

Without question, Commander Li was heading to the palace.

So many people died, no matter what the cause of this event, today Xiao Wangfu was in the wrong!

Seeing the enemy finally left, the coldness in Housekeeper Cao’s face disappeared. He sighed and said: “ So many people died, I don’t know how angry will the emperor gets. Right now, wangye is not here, if the emperor decided to retaliate, what should we do?”

Now that killing time ended, Housekeeper Cao knew another trouble will come.

The emperor was defeated, he will not stop here.

Their wangye was not here. If the emperor decides to insult their wangfei. He only needs to raise a finger.

Houskeeper Cao hurriedly turned around, when he stepped on the blood on the ground, he released another sigh and said to the guard not far away: “You, hurry up and clean the blood here. Don’t let wangfei see these blood.”

Although he doesn’t know what exactly the reason why Lin Chujiu left as soon as she gave order to the shadow guard. As a housekeeper, he knew what necessary action to make depends on the situation.

Their wangfei definitely doesn’t want to see blood.

Housekeeper Cao then hurriedly went to the inner courtyard. He wanted to find Lin Chujiu to discuss their countermeasures. But as soon as he arrived at the corridor, he saw Lin Chujiu wearing a princess attire and walking to the direction of the front gate.

“Wangfei, are you going out?” Housekeeper Cao busily asked.

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu nodded her head. Seeing Housekeeper Cao’s face filled with worry, she added to say: “I will go to the palace to admit my sin.” She ordered to kill the emperor’s people, she must admit this mistake.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 435: The master, shouldn’t take the blame (Part 1)

  1. She can’t let Commader Li twist this story to the Emperor’s advantage. I am wondering what hubby will think when her letter does not mention this episode at all, but he hears about it from his subordinates.

  2. Chujiu has guts! Just a thought. The last part says that Chujiu wants to admit her mistake to the emperor. But it’s not a mistake but a result from Commander Li’s choice. It’s ironic how Comanander Li was so arrogant with no respect to Chujiu coming into Xiao Wanfu and leaving scared. This whole issue started from princess Zhang’s lustful actions. I am eager to see how this all plays out.

    As always, I respectfully thank you for the translations.

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