Chapter 435: The master, shouldn’t take the blame (Part 2)

“Admit your sin? What if the emperor decides to dispose of you, Wangfei?”Housekeeper Cao looked at Lin Chujiu anxiously, he wanted to pull her back.

“No, the war has just begun, I will not die.” Lin Chujiu was still full of confidence. If she doesn’t have the confidence, she will not arbitrarily order to kill people.

In this event, as long as she doesn’t have any connection with it, the emperor will not take her life. As for whether he will forget this event afterward, Lin Chujiu was not worried at all.

Xiao Tianyao, even if he left and not in the capital, if he can’t even protect his wife, then he shouldn’t be called the God of War.

“Yes, but…” The emperor will not take your life but will make you suffer.

Housekeeper Cao kept walking behind Lin Chujiu with full of worry. He wanted to persuade Lin Chujiu not to enter the palace, but he couldn’t think of a good reason.

“No, I must admit this sin, otherwise, things will get more serious.” She must take the initiative to admit her sin. Once the emperor asks her what is her sin, she can completely turn this event upside down.

“Wangfei, do you really have to go now? It’s very late, even if you want to admit your sin, you can’t see the emperor.” Before Lin Chujiu arrived in the palace, the palace gate must already be closed. She can no longer enter the palace.

“I won’t be back tonight.” Even if she can get the key, she doesn’t have the right to enter the palace.

“Won’t come back at night? Wangfei, do you want to stay in the palace?” This, how can this be done? What if something happened to her? What should they do?

“I don’t have the key in the palace, how will I enter the palace?” Lin Chujiu looked at Housekeeper Cao, but she didn’t explain much.

“Then Wangfei, where will you go to rest?”

Lin Chujiu did not answer… …

Housekeeper Cao failed to stop Lin Chujiu, he could only watch her get on the carriage… …

“Right, Housekeeper Cao… …” Before the carriage drove, Lin Chujiu suddenly probed her head out of the window: “If Su Cha came, tell him to go to the master of Jing Chi. This thing, Xiao Wangfu shouldn’t take the blame.”

“Huh… alright.” Housekeeper Cao simply said.

Not long before Lin Chujiu left, Su Cha came rushing to the scene and asked  Housekeeper Cao what happened. After learning the events, Su Cha slapped his forehead in irritation: “This thing happened because of me. I didn’t tell Wangfei that Jing Chi and his brother came back, so now things have become like this.”

When Housekeeper Cao saw Su Cha’s face full of regret, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Su Gongzi, this matter has nothing to do with you. Even if you tell about it, this event will still happen.”

The other party didn’t take the initiative to do this matter, it was Princess Fushou Zhang’s fault.

“Jing Chi’s younger brother is really a troublemaker.” Su Cha knows what happened, he knows that this thing shouldn’t be blamed to Jing Chi and Tang Tang, but… …

Every time something happened to them, it’s always unpleasant.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t bother to think much about Jing Chi and Tang Tang. He only conveyed Lin Chujiu’s words to Su Cha: “Su Gongzi, wangfei said you should go to the master of Jing Chi. She said Xiao Wangfu shouldn’t take the blame on this event.”

“The master of Jing Chi?” Su Cha’s first reaction was: Isn’t Jing Chi’s master is Wangye?

But soon, Su Cha understood Lin Chujiu’s meaning.

The master of Jing Chi was not their wangye. Their wangye only hired Jin Chi. Jing Chi hasn’t come to the Xiao Wangfu to officially report his service, but this thing happened. So how can this matter be related to Xiao Wangfu?

The master of Jing Chi was no other than the master of Shadow Moon Tower. Last time, Xiao Tianyao fought with the master of Shadow Moon Tower, so at this time, he should be there.

Su Cha became ecstatic: “I know what to do. If wangfei came back from the palace, remember to send someone to inform me. I’ll go with wangfei to plead guilty.”

With the said countermeasure, Su Cha no longer stays in Xiao Wangfu. He turned around and left.

Seeing the look in Su Cha’s face, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but smile… …

Their wangfei will be alright!



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