Chapter 440: Good news, conspiracy (Part 1)

Good news!

After the death of the Eminent Xu, the east country received the first battle report!

Xiao Tianyao arrived on the battlefield for only 5 days, but good news came. No needs to question it, it must be when Xiao Tianyao went to the front line and face the north country, he won a big victory.

No matter what everyone thinks, everyone was delighted to receive this good news. Without further ado, everyone shouted: “The emperor is wise! Long live his majesty!”

The Emperor was also very happy, but this happiness has a bit trace of displeasure.

The reason was simple – the good news came out at an alarming time. As an emperor, getting suspicious was a normal thing. This good news came so cleverly, but he is not in the position to think too much now.

Even if he knows Xiao Tianyao deliberately sent this good news at this time, he can’t do anything. Because it was a fact that great victory is happening in the front line.

After unfolding and reading the written report, the Emperor said: “Good, good, good, Xiao Wangye is worthy to be called the God of War in my east.”

The emperor repeated the word ‘good’ thrice, and publicly praised Xiao Tianyao, which proved that this good news must be a big victory.

No matter how big the internal fight was when there were foreign enemies, everyone focused on the outside enemies. When everyone heard the emperor’s words, Left Prime Minister Lin and Right Prime Minister You excitedly asked what was written on the report.

The emperor was so happy that he handed the report to the eunuch next to him: “Read!”

The eunuch didn’t delay and read out loud the words written on the battle report. There was no accident. The first battle that Xiao Tianyao lead was indeed a big victory.

Only one out of ten people met casualties, but they killed nearly 10,000 forces of the other party. This was definitely a life-saving grace for the east, they save a lot of medicine compared to the battle last time. This moment will restore the morale of every soldier.

This battle was really played beautifully. However, even when the palace officials heard the situation in the report, they didn’t utter a good word for Xiao Tianyao… …

Even if Xiao Tianyao won a big victory, no one praised him. Everyone just kept shouting the emperor was wise.

Yes, the emperor was wise. The emperor was wise that’s why they received such good news today.

The palace officials were full of flattery. The war in the front line finally turned around again. The emperor was so happy that he doesn’t want to talk about government affairs. He talked about the rewards he should give to the three armies who joined the front line battle.

The emperor must give rewards to these three armies to let the soldiers remember his kindness.

When rewarding the three armies was mentioned, the palace officials began recommending their family members to send out the rewards. The emperor was in a good mood so he listened to them, but he didn’t immediately make a decision… …

After the morning meeting ended, the emperor was still in a good mood. He even had a mood to ask about Lin Chujiu’s case. However, after knowing that Lin Chujiu was still outside the palace, the smile on his face immediately disappeared: “Let her come in the palace.”

Xiao Tianyao sending a good report this time, he no longer wanted to feel happy. With this big credit, regardless of what, he needs to let go of Lin Chujiu from killing his people.

After hearing the good news in the front line, the eunuch knew that nothing bad will happen to Lin Chujiu. He hurriedly walked away to let people pass the message to the south gate. He was afraid for Lin Chujiu to feel neglected.

They were victorious in war, now Xiao Wangye was a hot topic. As Xiao Wangye’s wife, they naturally have to curry her favor.

Lin Chujiu killing the imperial guards was a slap on the emperor’s face. The emperor was originally planning to heavily punish Lin Chujiu, but now that he received such good news. He had to put it aside and treat Lin Chujiu gently. It’s just the eunuch hasn’t gone out to report, a high ranking officer from the Dali Temple came to report about the case of Princess Fushou Zhang.


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