Chapter 441: Waiting, for entire day (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu was outside the palace, so she knew that good news came from the front line, and Xiao Tianyao achieved a great victory.

It’s not unusual for Xiao Tianyao to win the battle, so it was not a surprise to receive good news. No one doubt Xiao Tianyao’s strength, winning the battle was a normal thing. What unusual was, this news didn’t come a bit earlier, but rather came on the second day Lin Chujiu was in trouble. If people will say that it was a coincidence, Lin Chujiu will not believe it.

Thinking of the benefits brought by this news, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but smile: Xiao Tianyao, this man, although he is very arrogant, he is very reliable. Such news came too timely.

Lin Chujiu can imagine how depressed the emperor at this time. Unfortunately, even when she came, the emperor didn’t have the time to see her, so she had no chance to appreciate the emperor’s stinky face.

However, Lin Chujiu didn’t get worried at all. Knowing that things went smoothly than she had expected, the emperor will not find her trouble.

The emperor wanted her to wait, so Lin Chujiu waited in the partial hall. She even arrogantly asked the palace maid to serve her tea and snacks.

As for the tea in the palace, it will not be poisonous. Lin Chujiu was not worried at all. No need to think about why the emperor will not play such a trick. Even if the emperor lost his mind, and poison her tea, she has the medical system. She won’t die.

The people in the palace, regardless of whether their rank was high or low, they heard the news about Xiao Tianyao’s great victory in the battle. Lin Chujiu was now bound to become popular. And so, what Lin Chujiu wants was sent to her as soon as possible, they even gave her a bowl of bird’s nest soup.

Lin Chujiu waited outside until the morning meeting ended, she was really hungry now. Knowing that the emperor had no time to see her, Lin Chujiu slowly ate the bird’s nest and the few snacks given to her.

Lin Chujiu knows that nothing will happen to her, so she was not worried at all, but doesn’t mean she won’t be bored.

One hour, Lin Chujiu waited for an hour, and it seemed the emperor has no intention of summoning her. Lin Chujiu can’t sit still, but she didn’t show it on the surface of her face. She still sat quietly like a Buddha, with a calm look in the face… …

Now that she was in the right, and the emperor hasn’t seen her, she shouldn’t make trouble. Otherwise, everything might end badly.

Lin Chujiu understands this truth. So even if she was very bored, Lin Chujiu sat honestly. And even if it was boring, she recites about the theory of typhoid fever and the Compendium of Materia Medica… …


In the main hall, after the emperor sent Commander Li away, he didn’t see other people, but he also didn’t see Lin Chujiu.

Although he doesn’t have reason to dispose of Lin Chujiu, can he not make her wait?

Half an hour was not enough, he added another hour, and another two hours. He doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu at this young age could be so calm.

He waited for Lin Chuji to make trouble!

Another hour passed before the emperor folded the file in his hand and asked: “Xiao Wangfei is still waiting in the partial hall? What did she say?”

“Answering back to his majesty, Xiao Wangfei said nothing. She just stayed sitting there and asked for a pot of water.” The eunuch carefully reported Lin Chujiu’s movement to the emperor.

“What Xiao Wangfei wants, just give it to her. If she wanted to see me, tell her zhen is very busy.” The emperor was busy. He can’t put down the work in his hand and stop the afternoon meeting with palace officials.

Although the front line did great, they shouldn’t take things lightly, nor be arrogant. They should continue doing a good job in logistics, to ensure the victory in every battle beautifully. And also, to guard against Xiao Tianyao’s accumulating power.

The emperor stayed in the main hall with the palace officials, he didn’t even have lunch and just find a solution with the problems. The palace officials kept discussing the weapons, follow up rations, arrangements of personnel in the front line, the current state of expenditure, and also the arrangements of rewards… …


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