Chapter 442: Condition, sending together (Part 1)

What to do? What should they do?

Seeing that the palace gate was about to be close, but there was still no news about Lin Chujiu coming out of the palace, Su Cha and Housekeeper almost burst to tears, but……

No matter how worried they were, whether it was Su Cha and Housekeeper Cao, they were not qualified to enter the palace. The people qualified to enter the palace was the Lin Family, but they were pretending to be stupid, they were not even asking what’s going on.

Thinking about the indifference and selfishness of the Lin Family, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but curse: “Wangfei having a father like Lin Xiang is simply devastating, people who are unaware might even think Wangfei is Lin Xiang foster child.”

For the sake of power, he sacrificed his daughter, and he can even watch his daughter in distress. Housekeeper Cao said as he looked down on Lin Xiang. Even if Lin Xiang has power, he didn’t put him in his eyes.

When Su Cha heard Housekeeper Cao’s words, he remembered how Lin Chujiu played with Lin Xiang: “Lin Xiang having a daughter like Wangfei is quite miserable.”

“Which side are you on?” Housekeeper Cao was very angry: “Su Gongzi, your master is wangfei, how can you be here while helping other people secretly.”

Housekeeper Cao gave Su Cha a look with ‘I’m very disappointed in you’. When Su Cha saw this, he had goosebumps all over his body.

“Housekeeper Cao, it’s not like that. I’m just telling the truth, wangfei is not exactly as good as you think. Aside from eating defeat to wangye, who else defeated wangfei?” To prove that he was not secretly helping others, Su Cha added with a serious face: “Housekeeper Cao, wangfei is definitely Lin Xiang’s biological daughter. You can see that wangfei and Lin Xiang can destroy each other without blinking an eye. They are definitely a father and daughter. ”

“It was Lin Xiang who harmed our wangfei first. If Lin Xiang wasn’t unkind, how could our wangfei not be filial?” As the most trusted agent in Xiao Wangfu, Housekeeper Cao firmly stood on Lin Chujiu’s side. He was extremely dissatisfied with Su Cha’s behavior.

Su Cha tried to reason out with Housekeeper Cao so that he will understand that Lin Chujiu was not completely a good person, but… …

No matter what Su Cha said, Housekeeper Cao believed that everything Lin Chujiu did was the last resort.

Look at the case yesterday as an example, if it wasn’t for the imperial guard’s insistence on searching Xiao Wangfu, will Lin Chujiu kill them? Everything was forced to Lin Chujiu… …

“What good will it bring if you complain about it? Our wangfei never took the initiative to harm others. Even when Lin Furen poisoned her, she endured her and didn’t make her lose a face in the Meng Family. Where else can you find such a good person like our wangfei?”

At this point, what Housekeeper Cao said was true, but he didn’t know that Lin Furen spent huge sums of money to buy her safety.


While Su Cha and Housekeeper Cao were arguing, the emperor finally summoned Lin Chujiu, and before Lin Chujiu could even kneel, the emperor stops her and said with a gentle tone: “Yesterday’s incident must have frightened you. I already punished Commander Li. If you have any dissatisfaction, tell me directly. You are Tianyao ’s wife, so I am your brother-in-law, next time such thing happened, you don’t have to endure, you can come to the palace and look for me, I will make decisions for you.”

As soon as the emperor opened his mouth, he already erased his connection to the imperial guards who died. Lin Chujiu lowered her gaze to hide the mockery in her eyes and then knelt to thank the emperor.

Seeing that Lin Chujiu waited an entire day and had an upper hand, but couldn’t refute, the emperor was satisfied a bit. The emperor said a few more random sentences and then sent Lin Chujiu out of the palace.


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