Chapter 443: Intending to kill, good life (Part 2)

Since Xiao Tianyao arrived at the front line, in less than five days, he won the battle against the northern army twice and recaptured a city. Such good news was passed back to the capital. The Eastern Country turned upside down in happiness. All the citizens rejoiced. They believed that as long as Xiao Wangye was in the front line, they’ll be able to fight back the northern Country. 
In the East, Ji Fengyu, who had been staying for several months now still gain nothing. However, when he heard this news, he couldn’t help but praise: “Xiao Wange recaptured a city in just half a month. Xiao Wangye’s title  is not fake, it’s just a pity… …” He came late, there is no time for him to make friends with Xiao Wangye. Otherwise, with Xiao Tianyao’s power, as long as he helps him once or twice, he’ll be able to fight back with his imperial brother.

“Xiao Wangye is indeed the God of War in the east. He is invincible and undefeated.” When Nannuo Yao received the new, her face was filled with joy. She knew that the man she fell in love with was a great hero. No one could defeat him.

However, the joy on Nannuo Yao’s face soon disappeared … …

Xiao Tianyao won the battle, it’s even more impossible now for him to marry her. Because Xiao Tianyao won the battle, he doesn’t need the help of the southern country.  There was no need for him to marry her, even if she was the beloved daughter of the southern emperor.

But of course, even if Xiao Tianyao wanted to marry her, the east emperor will not allow it.

“What should I do? Should I just kept watching Lin Chujiu’s position in Xiao Wangfu get more and more stable?”

“I can’t accept it, I will not accept it. I like him so much. For him, I am willing to do anything, but why I can’t marry him?”

Remembering that Lin Chujiu know her secret, but kept refusing to cure her. Nannuo Yao wanted to kill Lin Chujiu.

In fact, Nannuo Yao already sent some people to do something, but  Xiao Wangfu’s defense was too tight. The people she sent didn’t even have a chance to touch Xiao Wangfu’s wall.

She thought of using people in the Shadow Moon Tower, but they don’t accept work related to killing the imperial family. It was useless even if she had money.

“Lin Chujiu, you really live a good life.” Thinking why Lin Chujiu was able to marry Xiao Tianyao, she couldn’t help but be jealous.


Lin Chujiu didn’t know these things at all. Because Nannuo Yao heard Xiao Tianyao won another battle, she wanted to kill her more and more.  When the news came to Xiao Wangfu, Lin Chujiu’s mood was getting better and better.

At this time, she finally realized how extravagant to be Xiao Wangye’s wife. Every time Xiao Tianyao won a battle, she could enjoy the highest treatment in every corner of the capital. And seeing the number of rewards from the palace, she can see that her life was starting to flourish.

However, some people were happy and some were worried. The East Country was rejoicing, but the South and West Country were unhappy. The news reached the other two countries. Both the emperor was very angry at Xiao Tianyao. And they kept cursing him.

Xiao Tianyao’s victory in such a quick manner, completely destroyed their chance to bring down the east after their military defense weaken.

Because of this, the two emperors sent a letter to Ji Fengyu and Nannuo Yao in the east at the fastest speed. The two emperors didn’t even take a breath to let Ji Fengyu and Nannuo Yao stir up a contradiction between the east emperor and Xiao Tianyao.

After receiving the secret orders from their imperial father, whether it was Ji Fengyu or Nannuo Yao,  they were both hesitant, but it was the order of their imperial father.

The war on the front line still continuing. The east emperor was not stupid, and will not cause trouble to Xiao Tianyao this time. The only thing they can do is to stir up Xiao Tianyao’s dissatisfaction with the emperor.

After careful consideration, Ji Fengyu and Nan Nuoyao set their eyes on Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao was on the front line. Except for Lin Chujiu, they don’t know who can stir up conflict between the Emperor and Xiao Tianyao …


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