Chapter 446: Came, suppress Nannuo Yao (Part 1)

There were secrets everywhere in the capital, but there were no secrets that can be hidden… …

When Meng Xiuyuan’s disease was cured, almost everyone aware of the night visit knew that Lin Chujiu cured Meng Xiuyuan’s disease. And now, the Wenchang College eldest son could speak.

“The students of the Wenchang Meng family are spread across the four countries, and there are also many civilian officials from Wenchang College. Now, even if the people from Wenchang College doesn’t stand on Tianyao’s side, they will also not choose to be his enemy.” Su Cha said with full of joy. He immediately wrote a letter to pass this good news to Xiao Tianyao, so that he can be happy… …

Although the emperor had long been mentally prepared, when he heard the Meng Xiuyuan can finally speak, the emperor was not happy, he even said with a cold face: “Xiao Tianyao you really live a good life. ” He actually made Wenchang College owed him a favor.

If Divine Doctor Mo didn’t fail, this favor should be owed to him by the Meng Family, but all this was ruined by Xiao Tianyao.

“As soon as possible, create some chaos at Wenchang College. Zhen doesn’t want them to stay in the capital any longer.” The Meng Family doesn’t want to help him, and so he will not let them stay in the capital anymore and then give support to Lin Chujiu as Xiao Tianyao.

Before, they couldn’t determine if Lin Chujiu can cure Meng Xiuyuan’s disease. They were naturally waiting for Lin Chujiu to make a  mistake before they take a shot. But now, Meng Xiuyuan’s disease was cured. The Meng Family owed Lin Chujiu a favor. If something happened to Lin Chujiu or in Xiao Wangfu, the Meng Family will come out to help. And even if they suffer during the process, they will still return this favor to Lin Chujiu.

The emperor fell into deep thoughts, he was thinking about how he will make the Meng Family return this favor soon, but not everyone in this world is a fool. If something was done too obvious, it will be meaningless.

The empress in the deep palace has always been inconspicuous and low-key, she was not like the emperor. She was like someone who doesn’t do anything at all. But in fact, she was very well-informed in her surroundings, she was knowledgeable than any woman in the palace.

Just a quarter of an hour slower than the emperor, the empress received the news that Meng Xiuyuan could now make a sound.

This news was not good news for the empress: “When did Lin Chujiu learn medicine? Why she is so good at it? Was she just pretending to be rebellious a few years ago? Was she guarding herself against me? She doesn’t believe me?”

“Niangniang, we investigated Lin Chujiu’s past, we can’t find how she learned medicine, let alone who learned it from.” The Old Mama beside the empress also couldn’t help but frown.

Lin Chujiu’s past was very easy to check. They checked Lin Chujiu’s past, but couldn’t find any traces of her medical studies, which made them very disturbed.

She was a pawn in her hands left at her mercy, but later on, she found out that she was not at her mercy at all.

This feeling of getting out of control was really bad.

“Can’t find out? So she learned more advanced medical skills than Divine Doctor out of nowhere?” If Lin Chujiu just cured Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Zian, it can be said that Xiao Tianyao might have done something in the dark, but with Meng Xiuyuan and the Seventh Prince?

This was what she saw with her own eyes.

The Empress doesn’t want to believe that she lost control of Lin Chujiu in the early years and not at her mercy, but all these facts were in front of her. Can she still deceive herself?

“Niangniang, this old slave’s incompetence troubled her highness.” The Old Mama’s wrinkled face was full of remorse.


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