Chapter 447: Settlement, inexplicably die in the capital (Part 2)

Nannuo Yao’s face turned pale, but thinking about the letter that came from the south. Her resentment decreased a bit, she pressed down the anger in her heart and said: “How much medical consultation fee do you want? Just say it!”

“Medical consultation fee?” Lin Chujiu looked at Nannuo Yao in surprise: “Princess Nannuo Yao, are you mentally ill? Do you think I will be short of money? Do you think you have as much money as I have? Do you think this wangfei will care about the consultation fee? “

She wants to talk to her about money?

She admits that she was poor before, but this doesn’t mean that she will continue to be poor. Although she was not rich enough like her enemy, she has no shortage of money.

Consultation fee?

Are you kidding me?

Nannuo Yao’s face turned red, she angrily said: “What do you want if you don’t need consultation fee?  Doctors treat their patients once they received a consultation fee. Xiao Wangfei, you are nothing but a doctor in my eyes, so is there something wrong with paying you with consultation fee?”

Lin Chujiu was too lazy to talk with Nannuo Yao, so she just pointed her finger at the door: “Princess Nannuo Yao, if your mainly looking for a doctor, the door is there, you may leave… …”

“If you don’t want a consultation fee, what do you want?” This Lin Chujiu was not the same as the doctors she cleaned up before.

“I want you to get out of the eastern country.” Since Nannuo Yao asked, she won’t be polite at all.

“What did you say?” *Bang* Nannuo Yao slammed her hand on the table and stood up: “You dare to tell me to get out of the east?” Even the emperor of the east didn’t dare to tell her to get out of here.

“Your ears are not bad, that’s good.” Lin Chujiu said sarcastically.

Nannuo Yao’s eyes redden in anger: “You, Lin Chujiu … don’t be too much.”

“I just told you to get out of the east, but I am being too much?” Lin Chujiu asked while raising an eyebrow and then said sarcastically: “Princess Nannuo Yao, you slandered me in front of so many people, isn’t that too much? Don’t think that I have forgotten all the words you said to me in the palace banquet and other places. Princess Nannuo Yao, I am a very vengeful person, if you want me to cure you, you have… … to get out of the east and never appear in the east again. Otherwise… …”

“Otherwise, what?” Nannuo Yao propped her chin and looked at Lin Chujiu proudly: “Do you think I’ll be scared of you?”

Opposite to what Nannuo Yao’s facial expression, Lin Chujiu said in a gently: “I don’t need you to be afraid of me, as long as your afraid of Xiao Wangye that is enough. Say… … what if Xiao Wangye learned about your illness?”

Women always want to look perfect in front of the man they love. Although this perfection was only in their minds, no person is allowed to destroy it.

“You, how can you be so despicable, you promised me not to say it.” Nannuo Yao was about to cry.

How could Lin Chujiu tell Xiao Tianyao her most unbearable side?

“Xiao Wangye and I are husband and wife. There is no secret between husband and wife.” Lin Chujiu continued to stimulate Nannuo Yao, and she doesn’t believe Nannuo Yao will not compromise with this.

Women are always willing to sacrifice everything for the man they love, for the perfect love in their heart. Lin Chujiu was not such a person, but she knows Nannuo Yao was such a kind of woman.

“Lin Chujiu, you are so shameless, aren’t you afraid that Xiao Wangye will know your true face and hate you?” Nannuo Yao bit her lips and tried hard not to let her tears fall.

“Even if Xiao Wangye loathe me, I will still be Xiao Wangfei. Even if I die, I will still be Xiao Wangfei. No one can replace my position. So do you think I will care if Xiao Wangye gets tired of me?” Lin Chujiu then patted her sleeve and stood up: “The time is not too early, please excuse me if I can’t accompany you. Princess Nannuo Yao, when you get back, think carefully whether you want to stay in the east or not.”

When Lin Chujiu said those words, she left gracefully. Nannuo Yao almost jumped behind Lin Chujiu in anger… …

Xiao Tianyao won the battle on the front line and soon he will regain his military power. By then, the capital will never be as calm as it is now. She must solve unnecessary problems like Nannuo Yao.

She doesn’t want to die inexplicably in the capital.


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