Chapter 47: Infertility drug and was molested

When Lin Chujiu got back to Xiao Wangfu, she didn’t ask Zhenzhu and Manao to prepare her bath and set of clothes. Instead, she asks them to go and find Doctor Wu.

She and the medical system are both not familiar with ancient poison. So, she could only seek someone else who has a knowledge. But right now, she only knows one person and that is Doctor Wu.

“I don’t know why did Wangfei summon me, but if there is anything you need. I am willing to help.” Doctor Wu said while catching up his breath. He rushed immediately when he heard that Lin Chujiu is asking for him.

Doctor Wu shows respect to Lin Chujiu not because she is Prince Xiao’s wife, but because of her outstanding skills and knowledge in medicine. And as well to her professional attitude.

Lin Chujiu didn’t show any formality and just bluntly take off her outerwear and handed them over to Doctor Wu: “Doctor Wu, could you help me identify what substance was mixed on this stains?”

“What?” Doctor Wu look at her with a puzzled face, so Lin Chujiu tried to patiently explain more: “This stains came from the tea that was given to me by the people from the palace. So, do you know what did they added to the tea?”

“This, this … …” When Doctor Wu heard that it is related to the palace, his eyes got wide. And he wondered if he really should have heard about this.

“Doctor Wu, don’t worry. After we went out from this room, I won’t say anything.” If only she could identify it, she won’t bother to involved anyone. However, she really needs help right now to store the data to the medical system and so she won’t bother anyone again next time.

After all, the medical system doesn’t have any installed information about ancient toxins or poisons. So, it could only give her reminder.

Doctor Wu would like to refuse, but he wanted to learn more about medicine to Lin Chujiu so he could only nod his head: “I’ll check it.”

Doctor Wu knows that if he didn’t do something for her, then why would Lin Chujiu accept him as her confident?

So, Doctor Wu check the stain with a silver needle to identify the poison. However, the silver needle didn’t turn black. So next, Doctor Wu boldly taste the stains. But after tasting, Doctor Wu couldn’t help but frown and said: “Wangfei, this is an infertility drug. Did you tasted it?”

This infertility drug is the most effective among those kinds of medicine. Just by tasting it, a woman won’t be able to bear a child anymore for the rest of her life.

“Infertility drug?” Lin Chujiu frown and think: Who could be the person that would dare to give me such drug in the palace?

Lin Chujiu can’t think of a specific person. After all, there were too many people that don’t want Xiao Tianyao to get an heir.

“I’m very sure that this is an infertility drug. This medicine is commonly used in brothels. But, because they couldn’t bear the pain, they sometimes look for doctors.” Doctor Wu said while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Doctor Wu got sweat on his forehead not because he is timid, but because this matter is very serious and related to Prince Xiao’s future heir.

“Ok, I understand now. Thank you, Doctor Wu.” Lin Chujiu secretly felt glad that she had the medical system, or else she would have fallen to their trap by now.

Who would expect anyway that the palace people would first offer a drink that has infertility drug?

Ha ha ha…….

When Doctor Wu heard that Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any more questions, he hastened to retire. After all, he doesn’t want to hear more things that shouldn’t be heard.

“You can inform Wangye about this if you want.”Lin Chujiu said while rubbing her temple because of a headache. She knows that the people from the palace had only done that thing not because they are against her, but because of Xiao Tianyao. And also, they couldn’t just casually go against him so they started their moves on her.

It’s better to start from the seed anyway.

“Yes.” Zhenzhu and Feicui answered her very clear. Lin Chujiu knows who are their real master, but she still dares to use them the way she wants. After all, she’s not afraid of them.

“Prepare me a hot water, I want to bathe.” Lin Chujiu walked around the palace for a long time, so she felt very tired and wanted to soak herself in a hot water to ease her fatigue.

When Shanhu and Manao heard her words, they immediately arrange it for her. And after a few minutes, the hot water is already prepared and they help her to bathe comfortably. Lin Chujiu decided to set aside the trouble in the palace, so she could soak herself with no worries.

After taking a bath, Lin Chujiu’s mood got a bit better. She wanted to ask them to send her some snacks, but Feicui suddenly said carefully: “Wangfei, Wangye has invited you to come to his courtyard.”

Obviously, Feicui went and reported to Xiao Tianyao about that thing that happened to her in the palace immediately, while she is taking a bath. That’s why Xiao Tianyao wanted to see her.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but sigh and her good mood suddenly disappeared without a trace. She doesn’t want to see Xiao Tianyao, but she had no other choice.


After entering the study room, Lin Chujiu ready herself to be bullied. However, the things she expects didn’t happen because Xiao Tianyao just told her to sit down on the side.

“Huh?” Did he got possessed?

Lin Chujiu said in surprised, but when Xiao Tianyao looks at her with his dark black eyes. She no longer utters a word and just sits on his left side with a perfect posture, as if she was well-trained.

Xiao Tianyao is a natural scary man, so she should never think that he will be a good man.

Xiao Tianyao’s lips faintly smile. Lin Chujiu extremely bullied the palace guard, but she didn’t even dare to look at him. This woman should just stop pretending to be timid as if he is a ghost.

“Is everything went well in the palace?” Xiao Tianyao casually asks, as if he just randomly think of it. But… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t want to believe that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have other meaning. So, she dared to ask: “You don’t know what happened?” Lin Chujiu went to the palace with his chosen maidservants to monitor her. So, why wouldn’t he know?

Benwang (I) want to hear it from you.” Xiao Tianyao said while putting his hands on the handrails and leaning his back on his wheelchair.  However, the atmosphere around him is still domineering, so Lin Chujiu couldn’t let her guard down.

After all, when Xiao Tianyao had tried to kill her on the night of their wedding, that event had deeply imprinted on her mind. So, she always got worried that he might suddenly change his mind and kill her.

So, even if she is not happy about it. Lin Chujiu obediently reported everything that happened including the Third Prince’s legs. After all, she doesn’t know what was Xiao Tianyao really wanted to hear. But, when she finished, Xiao Tianyao asked: “Did you really check the Third Prince’s legs for benwang‘s sake?” He simply doesn’t believe her words.

For his sake? Lin Chujiu gasped for breath and still tried to keep her secret.

Lin Chujiu was about to get caught, but she didn’t get panic. Instead, she didn’t show any trace of embarrassment and just sit up more straight and look at Xiao Tianyao confidently: “Why wouldn’t I check it for Wangye‘s sake? Wangye knows that I have a little knowledge in medicine, so I did check Third Prince’s legs. Is it wrong to think that if I was able to cure Third Prince’s legs, I might be able to cure Wangye‘s legs too? And once Wangye can normally walk, I’ll be very blessed.”

This is the highest level of lies she had to perform in her entire life. So from now on, she would only think about Xiao Tianyao’s leg injury.

“Is that so? Then, did you learn so much from it? If not, Benwang is also sitting in a wheelchair, so you could do anything you want that you haven’t tried to him, right?” Xiao Tianyao’s lips curve into a smile, but with a touch of ridicule.

“I know that your highness, but your legs are seriously injured so I couldn’t do that for a long time… …” Lin Chujiu didn’t understand the deep meaning in Xiao Tianyao’s words. But, when she analyze them again…*Boom* Her face turns red…

She… … was molested by him?

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