Chapter 48: Personally check and relying on him (Part 2)

Then, Xiao Tianyao closes his eyes to cover up the complex and undefined emotion he felt.

Although the medical system didn’t require Lin Chujiu to treat Xiao Tianyao. She still checked his legs condition very serious and even activated the medical system to start diagnosing.

Whenever the medical system found Lin Chujiu a patient to treat, she can use all the system’s functions freely. However, if there will be an instance that she needs to treat a person that the medical system didn’t require her to do so. The medical system still encourages her to do so and support her.

After analyzing, the medical system shows Xiao Tianyao’s complete medical analysis.  Xiao Tianyao’s legs have poison, his bones and muscles were seriously damaged and his blood vessels were blocked. So, it can be said that his legs are totally a waste. And it’s really a big miracle that he can still survive even if he haven’t allowed his legs to be amputated.

Then, the medical system shows the complete treatment regimen for him. And because his legs have poison, the medical system suggested first to inject an antidote on his body to slowly remove the poison until all the damage bones have been repaired and the congestion of his blood vessels have been cleared. After completing the treatment, Xiao Tianyao also needs to rehabilitate.

The estimated rehabilitation treatment he will need in order for him to walk normally will take at least two years or more. But still, it will depend on the process of healing of his body and the degree of his seriousness to partake in rehabilitation.

In other words, Xiao Tianyao’s leg can be cured, but after the treatment. Xiao Tianyao’s leg mustn’t have another injury or else the suggested rehabilitation will be affected.

Well, this is actually very normal. After all, doctors are not gods. They can only try to help the people to survive because not all injuries are curable. And in Xiao Tianyao’s case, the doctor will definitely advise amputating his legs to save his life. However, with his personality, he would rather die than cutting off his legs.

The medical system’s analysis and treatment regimen are very detailed. But, without her guidance, she knows the result will be very different. So, she simply honestly said: “Your legs injury are very serious, so the treatment will take at least two years before you could walk.”

So, it means she can cure benwang (me)?

Xiao Tianyao frowns his eyebrows and looks at her seriously. Then, asked: “Your medical skills are that good?” His legs injury was already seen by many doctors, but no one had dared to cure him and even suggested to just cut them off.

At the time of war, he encountered a poison master together with many Northern and Southern barbarians. And in order to protect his life, he was forced to let his legs got hit by that poison master’s weapon and strike back to kill him. And although he survived the battle, the damage he received on his legs were severe. And since then, no doctor had dared to say that his legs can be cured.

Even Divine Doctor Mo who is famous around the world only said that he will try, but didn’t dare to guarantee the result.

“It’s not that I’m so good, it’s just I’m a little better in this kind of case.”Lin Chujiu scratches her head in embarrassment. Of course, she wouldn’t tell that it’s because of the medical system. So now, she could only help the people clean their wound and bandage it. And as for treating Xiao Tianyao’s legs… It’s just simply a dream.

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao’s eyes turn cold because he knew Lin Chujiu is not telling the truth. However, he still believed that one day, Lin Chujiu will tell him about it. So for now, she can hide it to him from time to time, but she won’t be able to hide it forever. 

“Then, how are the Third Prince’s legs?” Lin Chujiu know the cause of his legs, so certainly she knows the cause to Xiao Zian’s legs too.

“The Third Prince’s legs?” Speaking of legs, it seems Lin Chujiu had already forgotten her embarrassment and even forgot to get up. So right now, she was still crouching in front of Xiao Tianyao, just like a puppy that is staying beside her master.

And this realization had made Xiao Tianyao felt good for a few minutes.

“The Third Prince’s legs are very strange. Because when I checked his injuries, there was actually no problem, but he couldn’t walk.”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know that she had completely turned into a puppy in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes. However, she was still thinking about Xiao Zian’s case, so she didn’t say anything. But… …

Won’t she get misunderstood?

In the eye’s of everyone, she already has a husband. So, is it really ok if she will continue to put her attention to another man?

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  1. LC you’re overthinking it, you’re a doctor and you were only answering the inquiry made by your hubby. However, your husband may overthink it too so who knows and better not spent too long on talking about the other person just in case. Thanks.

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  3. The part is heeeere!! And I love it lol. It felt like there’s an improvement in Xiao Tianyao’s feelings of the sort. I mean who wouldn’t find a puppy adorable? Pfft. Srsly. And I actually find it quite funny how he was like don’t mention another man but then when his mood starts to feel good and how Lin Chujiu was with him…he started asking😂😂😂 anyways thank you soooooooooo much for the update!! ✨✨✨

  4. I thought you’re now uploading this on novitranslation? Some grammar errors, but it’s enjoyable. Hehehe, ML is already getting the vibe for MC. While MC is all about medical. Haha.

    1. Hehehe… I’m sorry Ta for grammar errors… I know my English is difficult to understand. >.< And also, yea... I double post on novitranslation. But, there were some readers that are complaining why I do that...*eyes spinning* When I only want for you guys to have alternative option coz I'm computer noob.

  5. Oml i seriously love the male lead lol. He is cold but not aggresive like some male leads who full on force them selves on the girl and he is rather cute. He is slowly liking the mc.

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