Chapter 49: Be careful and staying beside you is not good (Part 1)

As a married woman, even if her husband doesn’t love her, she still shouldn’t mention other men in front of him again and again or he might even kill himself. So thankfully, Lin Chujiu didn’t mention so many things about Xiao Zian.

After she reported her diagnosis about his legs injuries. Xiao Tianyao didn’t give her much reply. So, she got convinced that Xiao Tianyao didn’t believe her and will not let her treat him.

Lin Chujiu had already expected it anyway, so she didn’t get sad. And just wanted to stand up to leave. So, she said: “Wangye, I’ll… …”

Lin Chujiu haven’t finished her words when suddenly she heard Xiao Tianyao shouted: “Be careful.” and immediately pulled her collar that cause her to stagger a bit and fell on his legs. Then … …

His wheelchair splendidly rotated. Lin Chujiu also got included during the rotation. But, when they were just turning, she could vaguely hear the sounds of arrows going towards them. 

Lin Chujiu will never forget that“Aggressive” sound of arrows and she is sure that she didn’t hear it wrong. So…if Xiao Tianyao didn’t pull her when she got up earlier, those arrows might now be embedding on her body.

This is terrible!

Why bad things always happen whenever she is with him ah?

Lin Chujiu’s face turns pale and her legs got so weak. She was so scared, so she still leaned herself to Xiao Tianyao’s legs and didn’t dare to move.

However, at this time, Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen got alerted and rush over around the study room. Lin Chujiu heard the scream of the guardsmen, so there might still be arrows. 

So at that moment, Lin Chujiu’s body started trembling and her back got stiff.  She definitely doesn’t want to be hit by an arrow!

“Don’t move.” Xiao Tianyao thought Lin Chujiu will get up, so he grabbed her hand a little harder. “It’s not safe yet.”

Xiao Tianyao seems like a god. Because after warning her, an arrow that had avoided the eyes of his guardsmen suddenly went towards him.


Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair rotated away so fast. So, Lin Chujiu almost felt her legs spin in the air, while the arrow was passing through her cheek and shot a few strands of her hair. 

This life is definitely not exciting! 

Lin Chujiu was so scared, but not to the point where she would urinate herself. Well, it’s natural to get scared when you know that you will get injured. So, even though Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair had stopped spinning, she still holds tightly his thighs and lies on him. 

She is just an ordinary human, so it’s really impossible for her to enjoy the rain of arrows that could take her life!

From the outside, the movement of guardsmen got more and more loud. But after a few minutes, there were no sounds of flying arrows anymore. So, Lin Chujiu felt relieved. Is everything alright now?

Lin Chujiu is still thinking if she should get up. But suddenly, she heard Xiao Tianyao’s impatient voice: “Still don’t want to get up?”

“I’ll get up.” Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to stay close to him, so she hurriedly gets up. But… …

Because she just followed her instinct and didn’t consider her body’s condition. Her legs soften and fell once again to his thighs. However, this time her face directly fell to Xiao  Tianyao’s crotch and her teeth seems had bitten something hard and standing.

“Ah … …” Lin Chujiu scream and suddenly stood up. So, she staggered again and fell on the floor. Then, she raised her hands immediately and innocently said: “I, I really didn’t mean it!”

Lin Chujiu couldn’t hide and control the burning sensation she felt on her face.  Her profession is telling her that it’s only normal for Xiao Tianyao to have a reaction. After all, if that thing didn’t respond then that would be bad. However…

She did not only took the initiative, but also bite it, which is really embarrassing ah!

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