Chapter 51: Adapting the identity as a doctor (Part 1)

After passing through Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard, Lin Chujiu roar in anger. Although she got a bit scared after, but she didn’t regret it. After all, she thinks she really had done enough and Xiao Tianyao is just simply insatiable.

Xiao Tianyao is really suited to be called the God of War of East Country. His cautiousness is not unreasonable, but still, she is his wife. So, even though he doesn’t like her, he at least respects her, right?

But, every time they will meet, Xiao Tianyao always threatens her life. So, can’t she lose her temper a bit? She is not a divine god anyway.
She knows she is not wrong, but even if she’s wrong. She is only a human so she could also lose her temper.

Along the way, the more Lin Chujiu think the more she got angry and felt grievances. And the fear that she felt inside her heart due to the incident also dissipated.

Wangfei, what’s wrong?” When Zhenzhu saw the anger in Lin Chujiu’s eyes, she got so worried so she asked.

Wangye and wangfei get into a fight, right?

“It’s nothing, I’m just hungry. Give me some food.” In the palace, Lin Chujiu didn’t eat, but when she came back she encountered another assassination attempt again. So, Lin Chujiu felt she really had enough bad day today so she just wants to fill her stomach to ease her mind.

“Yes, this slave will go immediately and prepare it.” Fecui and Shanhu went away immediately. They got scared that Lin Chujiu might get impatient, so their footsteps get bigger and faster than usual.

Why act like this? Because they saw Lin Chujiu’s arrogance at the palace gate. They know that their princess is kind, but they definitely not mess up her mood or else they might hit her temper.

Fecui and Shanhu’s footsteps are extremely fast, they wanted to prepare all the foods that they got but they are not as fast as Xiao Tianyao. When they arrived in front of the door, they heard Housekeeper Cao’s voice.

Wangfei, wangye saw that there were a lot of injured guardsmen and he also saw that Doctor Wu couldn’t treat them all, so wangye wants you to help him out. There were few guards that have serious injuries, so Doctor Wu would also like to ask wangfei’s help for one or two patients.” It is now in early spring, but Housekeeper Cao’s forehead was full of sweat while saying those words.

 Woo… … Prince Xiao could force Lin Chujiu to act as Wangfu’s doctor, but they can’t.

“That bastard, what makes him think that I will listen to him!” Xiao Tianyao what is the meaning of this? You scolded me and called me useless, but you want to keep using me as your Wangfu’s doctor? How can you be so shameless ah?

What a jerk, what a total jerk! 

“Ahem … …” Housekeeper Cao slightly cough to sober her and then pretended to be a deaf.

I didn’t hear anything.

However, Lin Chujiu is not angry to these people. So, she took a deep breath and reluctantly suppressed her anger. Then, said: “How many are those guards that Doctor Wu is reluctant to treat? And what happened to them?” Lin Chujiu asked because she wanted to prepare the things that she might need in advance.

“There were three people, the two of them has chest injuries and the other one was shot in his thigh.” Housekeeper Cao tried to calmly report to Lin Chujiu.

Wangfei is really easy to talk with.

“Just wait, I’ll change my clothes and then go with you.” Lin Chujiu said with a cold face. Then, she turns around and enters her room. Manao wants to help her change but Lin Chujiu flatly refused.

Lin Chujiu rarely got angry, even when Lin Furen made things difficult for her, she only smiles back and counterattacks. However, when she’s angry, she doesn’t smash thing or curse, but the people around her really gets scared.

Housekeeper Cao wave his hand to Manao and asked: “What’s the matter with Wangfei? Is she still angry because of the palace’s people?”

“No,” Manao gently shook her head. She followed Lin Chujiu in the palace and saw that even though things get hard with her but she wasn’t easy to be bullied. Wangfei… …

“When wangfei came back from the palace, wangye called her. But, after meeting wangye her mood was like this.” Her eyes were red as if she cried. So we made a guessed that Wangye made her angry.

Of course, she didn’t dare to say her thoughts.

“So, it was Wangye who made her angry.” Housekeeper Cao said while nodding his head and then pretended that he doesn’t know.T

After all, as a servant, he doesn’t have any rights to persuade Prince Xiao to apologize to her.

Manao could only just helplessly shook her head because she really couldn’t understand their master’s way of thinking.

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  3. “Manao could only just helplessly shook her head because they really couldn’t understand their master’s thing.” Do you meaning ‘Master’s thinking?’

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