Chapter 51: Adapting the identity as a doctor (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu went to her room to get some medical supplies such as disinfectant solution bottle, surgical paraphernalia, anti-inflammatory drugs and other stuff to the medical system. However, Lin Chujiu took the bandages that she personally made instead of using the supplies in the medical system.

Not because she is stingy, but because it’s really unnecessary to waste them all. After all, all the supplies in the medical system are not reusable or renewable. So, it’s still better so save a bit.

After putting all the supplies she will need in a box. Lin Chujiu went to her drawer and put on a simple but neat set of clothes. Then, she removed all her hairpins, earrings, necklace and even her bracelets.

Because of her profession, Lin Chujiu doesn’t really like wearing jewelry and it already became her habit. After all, she follows the saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, she doesn’t really want to appear so different.

However, in this world, the status of a woman was being distinguished by how many beaded hairpin she is wearing. So, the less a woman wear the more the people will think her life is shabby. But even if that is the case, Lin Chujiu think it’s too inconvenient and not good to appear like a freak just for her to be distinguished.

Great people create the environment, high ranking people change the environment, while ordinary people adapt themselves to the environment. Among those type of people, Lin Chujiu thinks she is part of the ordinary people because she had never wanted to challenge the world. She only wants to live in peace.

So after wearing simple clothes, Lin Chujiu didn’t stay inside the room for too long. She picked up her medical box and then went outside.

The medical box looks a bit heavy, so Housekeeper Cao didn’t hesitate to come forward to help her carry it. But, Lin Chujiu rejected his assistance.

Her body is still weak because the chronic poison inside her haven’t been completely expelled. So, she can’t perform any intensive exercise for too long and can only do this basic carrying exercise.


Not all Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen know Lin Chujiu’s identity. So, when they saw her carrying a medical box. They mistakenly thought that she is only a female doctor and didn’t stand up to pay her a respect.

Lin Chujiu already got adapted to her identity as a doctor, but not as Lin Chujiu of East Country. So, she really doesn’t care with all the formalities. However, Housekeeper Cao got very satisfied. He was about to explain her identity, but Lin Chujiu stopped him and said: “There’s no need.”

After all, a dignified princess that was being used as a medical doctor is not worth showing off. Lin Chujiu was able to stop Housekeeper Cao on time, but not Doctor Wu.

Because when Doctor Wu saw her, he immediately stood up and said: “Wangfei, it’s good that you can come. This guard was shot by an arrow in his chest. But because the arrow was only a fingernail away from his heart. This old one didn’t dare to make a move.”

“What? Wangfei? She is Wangye’s wife?” All the injured and not injured guards had stop what they are doing and simultaneously look towards Lin Chujiu, stunned.

The girl in front of them who was wearing simple clothes and was struggling to walk because she is carrying a medical box is actually their Wangfu’s princess?

This world is so amazingly weird!

“She looks like Princess Xiao that I have seen.” The guard that have said he had seen Lin Chujiu immediately shut his mouth and swept away his eyes. After all, as ordinary guardsmen, they shouldn’t dare and cannot directly look at Lin Chujiu. 

“Housekeeper Cao was standing behind her respectfully, so she certainly is Wangfei.” A wise guard suddenly said his own conclusion. So, everyone immediately got convinced.

“Hurry, hurry up and pay your respect to Wangfei!”

No matter how much Xiao Tianyao treated Lin Chujiu badly. He still accepted her and let her stay inside the Xiao Wangfu. So, she is Prince Xiao’s wife. And even though Xiao Tianyao didn’t put much importance to her, all the guardsmen and maidservants didn’t dare to offend her, even if it’s only on the surface.

So aside to those heavily injured guardsmen, all the people immediately got up to pay her a respect immediately. However, they heard Lin Chujiu said: “Right now, I will work as a doctor so you don’t have to pay respect.”


All the guardsmen had heard that their Wangfei loves medicine. But, can she really give them treatment personally?

Or is it just their Wangfei had gone to a wrong place?

So at that moment, all the guardsmen couldn’t help but look at each other … …

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 51: Adapting the identity as a doctor (Part 2)

  1. Alrighty , now they know. So what happened next? Did she manage to treat them? Grrrr I don’t like it when the author draaaaaaaaags ths story for several chapters.
    Thanks for the update Ai.

  2. She is a doctor who will save lives. Definitely people will respect her except high ego arrogant husband. He recognizes her ttalent.

  3. I thought 入境随俗 meant “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. In other words, when entering a place, follow its customs.

    1. yes, the custom that they were referring here is for LCJ to wear tons of expensive jewelry to show off her status. But, she doesn’t want to do that, she prefer the custom in the hospital which is no jewelries allowed.

  4. This chapter states that the supplies in the medical system aren’t renewable. Isn’t that going to create a huge issue later when she runs out of what she needs to treat someone and the system punishes her for not treating them? Seems like a huge potential problem.

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