Chapter 53: Never and who’s celestial being (Part 1)

Su Cha and Xiao Tianyao was far from Lin Chujiu. But fortunately, even if she was still forty or fifty meters away, Xiao Tianyao could still see her every action. And… … he could even see the sweat on her forehead.

So for a moment, Xiao Tianyao felt an impulse to wipe away those sweats. But fortunately, he has an amazing self-control and he will never allow himself to make any strange movement because of her.

However, Su Cha was still feeling bitter. He was not only a powerful young man but also has a high position. But, he could only look at the blurred version of her actions because those guardsmen were blocking his way.

Su Cha had spent all of his patience, so he started complaining again. But, he tried to complain by saying: “It seems your Wangfei have a wonderful hands of a thief, ah? Her hand speed is so fast, so she’s definitely good at stealing things!”

Wonderful hands of a thief?

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flash for a moment, but then returned to calmness: After all, He also wants to know, who’s celestial being is she worshiping to have such an ability!

Suturing an artery and pulling a broken arrow is only a minor surgery. And it can be done for only an hour or two as long as there was no problem. Lin Chujiu’s action is so fast, but there was no trace of panic on her face as if she was only writing a poem in a paper.

However, for Xiao Tianyao and others, Lin Chujiu’s medical techniques are so strange. It was also their first time to see her actions and apparatuses, so it’s beyond their cognitive and imagination.

But because Housekeeper Cao and the guardsmen have low status. They couldn’t dare to ask her or to be more specific they are afraid to ask her about the things she was using and doing.

They don’t ask her a question, so Lin Chujiu naturally wouldn’t need to explain. After a few more minutes, Lin Chujiu temporarily stop the bleeding. Then, she took a gauze on the side to clean up her hands and prepare themselves for pulling the arrow.

“Someone, please… …” Lin Chujiu got used for having an assistant surgeon or nurses during the surgery. So, after saying half of it, she suddenly remembered that she was not in the hospital she got used to and where she could have any assistance.

So, Lin Chujiu just shook her head. No one could help her pull the arrow on Cheng Hu’s chest, so it will be better for her to do it herself. Especially, to avoid any damage to other parts of his heart.

But because the ventilation inside the room is not good, she must lower her head to see the arrow clearly. However, when she lowered her head, all her short hair had scatted and sticks on her neck. Lin Chujiu felt uncomfortable so she tried several times to move them away, but because she couldn’t just brush them off with her hands.  She couldn’t wait to look for someone else to do it because she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Can anyone go and find me a maidservant?” Housekeeper Cao wanted to help her but due to the difference of their gender. He couldn’t just casually touch her. It was only a few hair strands, but they could also feel her irritation.

However, at the same time, Xiao Tianyao faintly said: “Go and find her a maidservant.”

“Huh? Are you talking to me?” Su Cha paused for a moment, then look around but found out that aside from him and Xiao Tianyao. There was no one else.

“Aside from you, is there someone else?” Xiao Tianyao coldly asked, then look at him coldly. Su Cha got so shocked, so he immediately said: “Ok, I’ll go, I’ll go now.”

After taking three steps away, Su Cha looks at him to show his dismay. However, Xiao Tianyao ignored him and just quietly look at Lin Chujiu to know what will she do next.

Su Cha is definitely the most unlucky young man in the history. After all, he did not only couldn’t see what she’s doing but also didn’t see her started pulling the arrow. After completely pulling the arrow on Cheng Hu’s chest, his blood started gushing again. So at that moment, not only Housekeeper Cao and the other jumped in fright, but also Xiao Tianyao. All of them got worried because Lin Chujiu might couldn’t handle the situation properly.

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