Chapter 53: Never and who’s celestial being (Part 2)

*Note: the narration in this part is based on the other character’s point of view, so to portray their ignorance I tried not using a medical term for the instrument.

Each one of them got so worried about her. However, Lin Chujiu herself didn’t show any trace of panic when Cheng Hu’s blood comes out. And then, Lin Chujiu just covered up his wound with a clean cloth (Gauze) and then… …

When they waited for a few minutes, they learn that Lin Chujiu was trying to stop Cheng Hu’s bleeding by using that clean cloth (Gauze). And after stocking up a pile of clean clothes on the side, the bleeding on Cheng Hu’s wound got lessen and lessen.

However, that is not the end of her shocking movements. Lin Chujiu didn’t sprinkle a hemostatic powder on his wound just like what Doctor Wu had done to others. Instead, she took a tweezer (forceps) with a curved needle (Suture) that has a string attached to it and then… …

Right under their nose, Lin Chujiu started stitching the blood vessel inside his chest that is not thin but absolutely not thick too.

Her hand that was holding the tweezers with a curved needle was moving so fast. So at that moment, they got stunned. However, after Lin Chujiu had used that curved needle, the bleeding got even less.

They’ve heard that a stomach can be sewn, but even the blood vessel can be sewn too?

Housekeeper Cao and the others’ mouth got wide open in astonishment. But… …

Just like before, they wanted to ask her a question but they were so afraid to ask her. And they also feel ashamed to appear so ignorant.

But of course, there were still some who’s not afraid to shame themselves. So, they quietly asked the people around them: “Have you ever seen someone sewn a blood vessel before? Is it really possible?”

“Don’t ask that bumpkin. How can a blood vessel be cut if it can be sewn ah?” Someone just said to show off their knowledge.

“Kids, you haven’t seen everything in our world, so later on you need to try to learn.” Another guard patted their shoulder and said, enjoying the amazement they felt for Lin Chujiu.

So, the few guardsmen around him couldn’t help but said: “Oh, the doctors from the Central Empire must be good in saving a life too. No wonder everyone says that living in there is good. Because their doctors are not just for a show.”

“Yes, but unfortunately, the other four countries are not allowed to enter The Central Empire freely. Or else, I might start studying.”


After cleaning Cheng Hu’s wound, Lin Chujiu prepared another suture to completely close the wound on his chest. However, when she heard the guardsmen whispering voices, she couldn’t help but laugh aloud.

These people are really cute, actually, she wanted to explain things to them. But, they just started explaining things on their own.

Wow … Wangfei laughed!

All the guardsmen’s eyes got wide open in disbelief… …

After all, ever since she arrived in this place, her face looks so serious and unemotional. But now that she suddenly laughed, how can they not be surprised.

“Wangfei’s laughter sounds so nice.”A silly soldier didn’t hesitate to speak out what he felt inside his heart. While the others just busily nodded their head.  However, Housekeeper Cao got angry, but still tried to calmly said to them: “What nonsense are you talking about? Should you just casually talk things about Wangfei?”

But, if it was not fated for her to get here, then they wouldn’t get an opportunity to see their Wangfei’s laughter for the rest of their life.

Uh … …!

All the guardsmen suddenly remembered that the girl with bloody hands in front of them is not just an ordinary female doctor, but their Wangfu’s Princess.

So at that moment, the guardsmen retreated one by one and no longer dare to stay close to Lin Chujiu. And only use the corner of their eyes to glance a bit to her.

“What happened?” Su Cha just arrived with Zhenzhu, but when he saw the scene, he could not help but ask. However … …

Does he really expect Xiao Tianyao to answer his question?

How naive!

“Go over there.” Xiao Tianyao just casually gave his order to Zhenzhu. And when Zhenzhu heard his voice, she immediately went over to Lin Chujiu, leaving Su Cha who is still annoyed: “What? I haven’t seen anything but your Wangfei already finished sewing up Cheng Hu’s wound!?”

Oh, seriously … … Can’t you ask Lin Chujiu to split him up again so that I would be able to see how did she sew him?

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  1. split him again? Su cha, why don’t you go cut yourself, then perhaps you will get to see MC’s skill close up–hahaha.

  2. I think thus it’s more correct to say poor Cheng Hu, you’re almost died and people make a show out of you….
    Especially Su Cha, why don’t you cut your blood vein and get Wang Fei to sew it?

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