Chapter 54: Same bed and the big misunderstanding that day (Part 1)

Too bad,  Su Cha’s “good plan” will never happen. Not to mention, Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu will not talk to him. And besides, there were still other two injured guardsmen so Su Cha just needs to wait for her to treat them if he really wanted to see.

After suturing Cheng Hu’s wound, Lin Chujiu put some medicine first before bandaging. But in order for his wound to heal faster, Lin Chujiu didn’t use the common way of bandaging the wounds. Instead, she uses a wound dressing patch on him.

“Doctor Wu, later, give him these anti-inflammatory drugs, iron supplements and antipyretic drugs that I’ve prepared. I’m afraid that he’ll get a fever later on this evening.” Lin Chujiu said to Doctor Wu while separating tools she already used and cleaning the table on the side.

After picking up her things, Lin Chujiu raised her arm to wipe the sweat with her sleeve. But then, when she looked up, she couldn’t help but frowned and said: “What are you doing here?” Lin Chujiu didn’t let her four maidservants come with her. So, why is she here?

“Replying to Wangfei, Wangye ordered this slave to come to help you.” Zhenzhu came forward and pay her a respect.

Wangye?” Lin Chujiu frown more and ask: “He’s here? Where?” If he’s not here, then how will he know that she needed a maidservant to wipe her sweat?

Wangye is there.” Zhenzhu turns her head to point out Xiao Tianyao’s location in a very obvious manner. And surely after that, she saw Xiao Tianyao was sitting in his wheelchair with a man that she doesn’t know.

The two of them were too far from each other, so she couldn’t see Xiao Tianyao’s facial expression and movement. Movement?

Is she expecting Xiao Tianyao to make any move?

Stop dreaming!

After she looks at him, she felt too lazy to think why did he appear from this place. So, whether he wants to morally support them or not, she doesn’t care. She’ll just do what she must.

The guardsmen were far from Lin Chujiu and Zhenzhu, so they weren’t able to hear their conversation. But when they saw Lin Chujiu suddenly look towards the door and pay a respect. They all busily look back too. However, when they look back, all of them got scared to death.

Wangye came?” All the guardsmen face sunk, it was only their first time to move freely without any care, but he came?

“Isn’t your Wangfei too far from you to pay a respect? Won’t she come closer?” Su Cha lazily looks at Lin Chujiu, but then he ignored her soon and said with full of surprised: “It seems Wangfu’s Princess is looking at you angrily.”

“She will come.” Xiao Tianyao would also want to know if she will come or not, so he doesn’t want to leave yet.

However, after he said those words, Lin Chujiu just turn around and acted like he didn’t exist. Then, she went to Doctor Wu and said: “Where are the other two patients?”

After Doctor Wu look towards a room, Lin Chujiu also look at it and couldn’t help but frown. Seriously, there were too many injured patients here in this place, but the medical system didn’t even send her an alarm, this is really strange.

Is it because the guardsmen had seen by Doctor Wu already and were just waiting for their treatment? And is it because they are not in a panic state?

Well honestly, all the guardsmen in Xiao Wangfu are very kind and disciplined. 

Wangfei, would you like to see Wangye first?” Doctor Wu kindly suggested, but Lin Chujiu didn’t even try to think first before she refused: “No need, take me to those two patients.”

Today, Lin Chujiu is really tired. She hasn’t had time to rest, so she wants to finish her job early.

“Yes, yes.” Doctor Wu simply said and no longer tried to persuade her, but secretly look at Prince Xiao first before taking Lin Chujiu inside the room.

These two patients were sent earlier than Cheng Hu so Doctor Wu had already given them the first aid. Then, Doctor Wu let them stay in this room because their case is not that serious than Cheng Hu.

The space inside the room is not big. So thankfully, Xiao Tianyao was outside the room so the guardsmen couldn’t just enter. And only Housekeeper Cao and Zhenzhu could go with her.

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  1. XTY is waiting in vain for his wangfei to come over to pay her respect after treating one patient? Doesn’t he know that patients are more important to a good doctor than following some silly protocols, maybe she should enlighten him on this aspect later on.

  2. You deserve that Demonhead General. Who says you cant act cold toward your wangfei? ^^ Wanna bit a little attention from our princess doctor? Show what you capbale off first ^^

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