Chapter 54: Same bed and the big misunderstanding that day (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha was now separated by a door. So, they won’t be able to see her treating those patients unless the two of them will enter the room to see everything. 

Su Cha know very well Xiao Tianyao’s temper, so he hurriedly said: “Earlier, I wasn’t able to see anything, so can we go inside?”

Benwang has seen it.” In other words, he doesn’t want to go inside.

“But, I didn’t see it!” And it’s your fault!

Su Cha didn’t dare to finish his words, because with Xiao Tianyao’s  iron heart. He will definitely die.

“It has nothing to do with benwang.” Xiao Tianyao said coldly, then he put his hands to his wheelchair to turn around and said: “Benwang will go back now.”. He had seen everything, so he doesn’t need to stay anymore.

“I’ll  call your guard to push you back.” Su Cha said and turned to go, but when he heard Xiao Tianyao made a dissatisfied sound “Hmm?” His footsteps stop and obediently turned back.

“Ok, I’ll push, I’ll push you back.” In this life, he must have burned the wrong incense for him to meet Xiao Tianyao. He came from a rich family, but he’s not only accompanying him to his deadly adventure but also getting bullied.

So, Su Cha could only look back at the room and then looked away. After all,  his fate has already been decided to push Xiao Tianyao back from his place… …


When Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha left, the guardsmen were finally able to relax. And so some of them busily discussed on the side: “Did Wangye came to visit us? Does that mean he didn’t get disappointed when we didn’t catch the assassin?”

“Oooh… …I’m so touched because Wangye actually came to see us. Although he only stayed from afar, that was enough.” Some emotional guardsmen couldn’t help but moved to tears.

But of course, if there were some emotional guardsmen, there were also some rational and some that enjoy everyone’s attention, so they tried to show off.

“Do you really think Wangye came to visit us? Stop dreaming! Obviously, Wangye came to see Wangfei.”

“To see Wangfei? How could that be possible when they could just come together?”  Some emotional guardsmen said in disbelief. Prince Xiao must have learned that they had suffered so he visited them. They were really touched because even though Prince Xiao always had a cold face, he can still be good at times.

The rational guardsmen couldn’t help but lift up their eyebrows and say: “You’re naive! Didn’t you also get hurt before? But have you seen Wangye that time? So basically, he came to see Wangfei and not you!”

“It makes sense. Last time, there were more casualties and Cao Lin almost die. But, Wangye didn’t come to visit us.” Some guardsmen also tried to oppose.

“If Wangye wants to treat us, he will just let Liu Bai give us more meal than before. But, he will never come to visit us.” The Royal Family only give them material rewards, but never took any emotional aspect.

So, some rational guardsmen couldn’t simply imagine that their Wangfu’s master will one day suddenly smile and hold their hands because he was so concerned about them… …

That picture is too beautiful to imagine … …


Wangfei, Wangye must have come to see you.” Housekeeper Cao who was standing on the side, suddenly whispered to Lin Chujiu because he’s quite upset. And then, he continues: “Oh, maybe Wangye must have come to visit here because he wanted to say that he will go to your courtyard tonight… …” They’ve been married for so many days now, but the two of them haven’t sleep on the same bed. So, this is really… … 

An urgent matter!

If their Wangye and Wangfei keep doing this, then when will their Wangfu get a Little Prince ah!

When Lin Chujiu heard Housekeeper Cao’s word, her whole body shivered and she almost pokes the suture to the wrong place. So, she couldn’t help but say: “Housekeeper Cao, when I’m treating a patient, you don’t need to say such a horrible story or else I might have died from heart attack.”

Xiao Tianyao will go to her courtyard?

If that happen, then that would be a terrifying event in this world. So, she would rather have a night shift here than to sleep with Xiao Tianyao on the same bed… …

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  1. I wonder what would XTY feel if he ever knows that LC do not have a thought of ever sleeping woth him.

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