Chapter 55: Tired and going (Part 2)

Su Cha got scared to Xiao Tianyao, so he didn’t bother to go and find Lin Chujiu and just hurriedly left the Xiao Wangfu. But, he secretly made a decision that he won’t visit the Xiao Wangfu for the mean time as revenge to Xiao Tianyao.

On the other hand, Lin Chujiu still doesn’t know that the event she was regarding as terrifying is now waiting for her in her courtyard. After all, she was still helping Doctor Wu to treat the other patients and decided to leave when everything is already settled.

When they finished, Lin Chujiu felt pain from her waist so she tried rubbing it with her hand to make herself feel comfortable. Then, she tried putting up together all her used medical supplies so that Doctor Wu could just burn them all. After cleaning up, Lin Chujiu handed her medical box to Zhenzhu to help her carry it. 

She was really tired now and felt like she doesn’t have any more strength to even carry a box.

At this point of time, the sky had already turned dark, so Lin Chujiu could no longer see the road.  She asks Doctor Wu to find her a lantern, but Housekeeper Cao came with a small lantern and respectfully said: “Wangfei, this slave will send you back.”

“No, it’s fine.” Lin Chujiu knows that Housekeeper Cao is busy and this place, where all the wounded guardsmen stay still need him. So, Lin Chujiu flatly refused his kindness. However, Housekeeper Cao still arranged two guardsmen to escort her.

Originally, Lin Chujiu ask for a lantern so that she could walk on her own. But, when she remembered the assassin this afternoon. Lin Chujiu had painted a big “X” for her plan earlier from the bottom of her heart.

It’s still not safe inside the Xiao Wangfu, so if she walk alone and something suddenly happens, then she wouldn’t get an opportunity to ask for help. So, it’s still better not to walk alone.

And because Lin Chujiu still wanted to live, she no longer protests and just started walking slowly. Lin Chujiu deliberately walk in that phase because she’s really tired. Her waist and neck feel sore, and both her hands feel numb because she grips the suture and supports herself for a long time. And also, her stomach has long been emptied now so she couldn’t bear the hunger anymore.

Lin Chujiu never felt so tired for a long time now. Although she works in the hospital for five to six hours before because of surgery, at least the surgery was pre-schedule so she simply can prepare herself. Unlike today that everything seems in an urgent.

Lin Chujiu really had a hard time to walked, so she couldn’t help but complained inside her mind why her courtyard is so far from the East side of the mansion. And when Zhenzhu finally noticed that Lin Chujiu is having difficulty to walk, she came closer to her and asked if she will allow her to go and find a sedan.

“If there is a sedan, then why you didn’t say that earlier?” Lin  Chujiu gasped for breath and asked.

Zhenzhu got panic and immediately tried to explain: “This slave thought Wangfei already know, so… …” Before, in front of the injured guardsmen, Lin Chujiu’s face was full of spirit, so she thought she’s not that tired and that’s why she didn’t mention it.

But now…

The road was too dark, so if she didn’t look at Lin Chujiu carefully, she wouldn’t really notice.

“Next time, if something similar happens, you can remind me.” She is not really the Eldest Miss of Lin Family. She didn’t grow up in this place, so even if it’s just a common sense for them. She won’t really be able to remember it.

A long time had passed now.

So Lin Chujiu felt even more tired. But, when she was about to arrived at her courtyard and saw a dim light inside the house, she really wanted to cry. She wanted to have a fight with the medical system if possible because she saved three seriously injured men today and bandages the wound of the other guardsmen, but she didn’t even receive a simple reward!

The medical system must be broken! Or it’s just simply a fake!

Lin Chujiu felt so tired and hungry, so when she finally arrived at her courtyard she didn’t even have a time to thank the Guardsmen that have escorted her because she and Zhenzhu saw Feicui walking in hurry towards her: “Wangfei, you finally came back. Wangye had been waiting for you for a long time now to see you.”

“What did you say?” Lin Chujiu’s stagger and almost fell on the ground: “Wangye, came?”

Did she do something outrageous again that’s why Xiao Tianyao was looking for her again?… …

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  1. Will wangye showering her with so much love attention to her this time? You wish ^^
    Or maybe we will see XTY get revenge for not get full attention in earlier day? Duh, I do really wanna see this evil general eating vinegar.

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