Chapter 57: Poor Lin Chujiu and fainted

Lin Chujiu is not sure whether Xiao Tianyao will wait for her or not to eat together. But to be safe, Lin Chujiu still rushed to change her clothes and wash her face, then went directly to the dining room.

She would rather try to be passionate than to let Xiao Tianyao wait for a long time. Or she might only bring bad luck to herself.

After rushing to the dining room, she saw Xiao Tianyao was just quietly sitting there. He was facing the table that was full of different dishes, but he haven’t start to eat. So, Lin Chujiu sigh in relief because her decision to rush was right.

When she was about to get near to the door, Lin Chujiu deliberately slow down her pace and adjusted her breath. She also straightened up her clothes first before elegantly and calmly walked inside. As if the man that was waiting for her didn’t deliberately made her angry earlier.

Is Wangfei thinking that Wangye doesn’t know she’s acting in the opposite way?

Shanhu couldn’t help but ask herself while looking at the sky with Zhenzhu… …

“Wangye,” Lin Chujiu softly said while paying her respect to Xiao Tianyao in a very elegant posture.

Xiao Tianyao’s mouth slightly open and said: “Sit.” He really doesn’t like whenever Lin Chujiu was faking her actions.

“Thank you, Wangye,” After paying another respect, Lin Chujiu sits down and put her hands on top her legs and look at straight to Xiao Tianyao. She doesn’t want to make any inappropriate movement until Xiao Tianyao himself move his chopstick first.

The two of them started having a meal, but during the meal, they had kept their silence. The sound of their chopsticks touching the meal can’t be heard. And even the sound of their chewing is not audible. This is the standard table etiquette.

And Xiao Tianyao always eat this way, so he didn’t find anything wrong. Lin Chujiu tried her best to make her table etiquette look good, even though she usually doesn’t want to make things difficult for her. But now that she’s having a meal with Xiao Tianyao. She deliberately made her actions look elegant, so she tried chewing her meal slowly and a dozen of times as if she was eating a poison.

Fortunately, she doesn’t do this every day or else she would turn crazy.

Lin Chujiu tried to chew carefully every grain she eats while looking at her food intently. But to tell the truth, she really doesn’t have an intention to eat. She was just waiting for Xiao Tianyao to put down his chopsticks to end this torture.

She would rather eat a cold snack than to eat with Xiao Tianyao. Because if she will eat again with him, her stomach would surely hurt!

Soon enough, Xiao Tianyao notices Lin Chujiu’s strange behavior. But, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t really understand her. Is there something wrong with him?

He deliberately created this momentum so that Lin Chujiu won’t fear him. But, did she actually do something bad so she felt guilty and doesn’t want to eat with him?

Just by thinking about it, Xiao Tianyao had thought it was possible so he couldn’t help but frown and look at Lin Chujiu while putting down his chopsticks. However, while looking at her, Xiao Tianyao felt surprise to see Lin Chujiu swallow the food in her mouth and also put down her chopstick. Then, she just sit up straight as if she was participating in the palace banquet.

Xiao Tianyao realized that he doesn’t really understand her, so he lightly cough and said: “When at home, you don’t need to restrain yourself.” He had never seen Lin Chujiu act so restrained before. So, he couldn’t help but think: Isn’t this woman always acts boldly?

However, Lin Chujiu just smile but didn’t speak.

She wants to act presumptuous, but the more she does the more Xiao Tianyao get suspicious of her. So, she just needs to act appropriately just like what the original Lin Chujiu had learned. She was afraid to see Xiao Tianyao to completely turn into a demon and burned her alive.

Lin Chujiu obviously didn’t take his words seriously, so Xiao Tianyao felt very dissatisfied, “Do you think benwang is so terrible?” That’s why you’re doing your best to pretend in front of benwang?

She dared to threaten him and said that she will turn waste his third leg so he thought Lin Chujiu really has a strong personality.

“How can Wangye be terrible?” Lin Chujiu said while giggling in laughter. But inside her heart, how could she not think he is terrible when every time she is with him. Her life was always in danger. And every time, he will get unhappy, he always threatening to kill her.

Especially during the time of their wedding, Lin Chujiu really got scared of him so she got traumatized!

“You’re really not afraid?” Xiao Tianyao asked while leaning forward to Lin Chujiu. However, Lin Chujiu slightly felt pressured so she slightly leaned back to put some distance between them before saying: “Wangye is a very dignified man. So, this  concubine doesn’t feel afraid instead was full of respect.”

When the words “This Concubine” came out from Lin Chujiu’s mouth she got chills but found herself feel refresh. After all, she needs to remind him of her identity, in order for her to keep her life.

However, not only Lin Chuujiu couldn’t accept those words but also Xiao Tianyao. So, he looks at Lin Chujiu intently as if he was looking at a monster. Then, think: Does this woman really think highly of herself?

Did he speak so nicely to her today, so she thought that she can fool him?

Sure enough, this woman is more inferior than a pet!

“Lin Chujiu … …” Xiao Tianyao suddenly called her name with a depressing and cold tone. But with the sudden change in his voice, Lin Chujiu felt cold and immediately got up before saying: “Yes Wangye? This concubine is listening.”

Lin Chujiu knows that things would turn out like this. After all, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have any reason to be kind to her and… … it doesn’t seem realistic to him.

“Later on, don’t use the words “This concubine” in front of benwang.” Just by hearing it, Xiao Tianyao felt disgusted.

Yes, Wangye.” Seriously, when did she ever like using those words. After all, she doesn’t want to admit that she is Xiao Tinyao’s wife.

It doesn’t really matter whether Lin Chujiu agrees or not. Because Xiao Tianyao had already achieved his goal so he’s quiet satisfied. So, he said: “Push back benwang to his courtyard.”

“Me?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to come, so she foolishly asked.

She was really tired now, so if she will send back Xiao Tianyao to his place and go back here… … she will need to spend another half an hour before she could take a bath… … Oh gosh! what time she could sleep ah?

“Aside from us, is there someone else inside this room?” Xiao Tianyao asked. So, Lin Chujiu could only bitterly shook her head: “I’ll send you back.”

Inside her heart, Lin Chujiu really felt dissatisfied with all of his demands. However, she still went behind him and pushed his wheelchair forward. Lin Chujiu was so nervous, but she didn’t try to show it on her face. But, inside her mind, she constantly scolding Xiao Tianyao for being a bully. There were a bunch of maidservants and guardsmen inside the Xiao Wangfu so why does he still need to choose her? Isn’t he simply too much!?

She doesn’t cause him any trouble, but today, he keeps on giving her a trouble. Will Xiao Tianyao finally be satisfied when she died?

The more she thinks the more her negative emotions entered her heart. So, the handle on the wheelchair violently shook and accidentally expose her emotion. However, Xiao Tianyao pretended as if he didn’t have sense it and just frown his eyebrows. But, ultimately didn’t say anything.

If he won’t treat this woman ruthlessly, she wouldn’t reveal her true temperament. She would only act nice all day to please everyone’s eyes.

The two of them kept silent all the way round. And because of the strange atmosphere around them, the guardsmen and maidservants could only follow them from a far because they felt afraid when suddenly the two of them burst in anger and bring disaster to the mansion.

Lin Chujiu’s mind might be full of hatred towards Xiao Tianyao, but she could still endure. So, she just patiently pushed Xiao Tianyao back to his courtyard and just left when Xiao Tianyao agreed to it.

Outside Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard, Shanhu and Feicui were holding a lantern while waiting for her. So, when they see her, the two of them immediately came forward to pay her a respect but found out that her face looks very pale and her footsteps were so weak. Both of their face in color and ask: “Wangfei, are you alright?”

“No … …” Lin Chujiu said while trying to move forward. However, the surrounding in front of her turn black and her body turn soft. And finally, she falls down… …

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