Chapter 62: Terrible and ask Lin Chujiu to decide

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know that there will a shortcoming. But right now,  all she thinks about is the bad things that XiaoTianyao had done to her, while Doctor Wu and her maidservants are struggling to feed her the medicine!

Lin Chujiu know that the traditional Chinese medicine is bitter and bitter medicine is effective. But still… …

She didn’t expect that Chinese medicine would be this bitter!

This medicine is simply more bitter than the bitter gallbladder. She knows inside her heart that this medicine will help her, but her body keeps rejecting to drink it. She’s been trying to put her mouth close to the small medicine bowl, but she just barely swallows it.

“Wangfei, if you will keep drinking it like that it will only be more bitter. So, you should drink it all at once.” Zhenzhu kindly suggested. Lin Chujiu knows that, but her body doesn’t live up to her expectations. She’s afraid that if she drinks more, she’ll only vomit them.

“It’s bitter.” Lin Chujiu deeply regretted it, if she had known that Chinese medicine would be this hard to drink. Then, she should have refused Doctor Wu’s treatment and just took at least two tablets of western medicine to swallow and then forget about all this stuff.

Although this traditional Chinese medicine will be more effective to nurse back her health, she really cannot take it.

“Wangfei, you need to drink this medicine till it’s hot.” Due to her diligence, Zhenzhu prepared more small bowl with medicine: “Doctor Wu said that Wangfei should drink this medicine three times a day for ten days.”

And today is only the first day. So, Zhenzhu expected that things will be harder the next nine more days.

“Tell Doctor Wu that I am feeling better now, so I will only drink this for today.”Lin Chujiu’s stomach already felt uncomfortable, so she keeps putting pressure on her stomach to lessen the pain. However, Zhenzhu handed another small medicine bowl to her and said: “Wangfei, Doctor Wu says your body is still weak and you know that this medicine will help you.” 

“I know that.” If only Doctor Wu doesn’t know her body’s condition and if only she doesn’t know that this medicine will really help her, she wouldn’t drink it.

So, Lin Chujiu took a deep breath while taking the small medicine bowl on Zhenzhu’s hand. Then, she closes her eyes and suddenly drinks all of the medicine.

*Guruguruguru*  Sound of drinking

Lin Chujiu tasted the bitter taste of the medicine, but still, she continues drinking. And then, she notices that when the medicine got cold, it’s taste weirder.

Ooh, I can’t stand it!

If she drinks this medicine three times a day for ten days, then she had to endure this torture for a total of thirty times!

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know now if she will add the word “Torture” to the medicine or to Xiao Tianyao’s name.


Liu Bai now knows the reason why Divine Doctor Mo is insisting on marrying off his daughter to Xiao Tianyao. So, the next day he reported it for Xiao Tianyao to know: “Wangye, Divine Doctor Mo had no other choice. And Miss Mo is not a scheming woman like what you are thinking. She is but an innocent and pure girl.”

Liu Bai deliberately said a few good words for Miss Mo. Although his heart is really aching for this.

Marrying Xiao Tianyao is still the best solution for Miss Mo.

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao only laugh. So obviously, he doesn’t believe in it, although he didn’t say anything.

Liu Bai doesn’t know if he will look up or not, but still, he asked: “Wangye, do you agree or not?” Divine Doctor Mo had already made a great adjustment, but if Xiao Tianyao still does not agree. Then, he simply doesn’t know how to differentiate cheese from the chalk.

“Divine Doctor Mo had said it like that, for benwang to had no other choice, right?” His legs need Divine Doctor Mo’s skill, so… …

Liu Bai’s eyes lit up: “So, do you agree?”

“No, benwang didn’t say anything like that.” Xiao Tianyao denied with full of seriousness, Liu Bai couldn’t help but frown: “Wangye, Divine Doctor Mo’s condition must be absurd, but it won’t harm you anyway. So, why are you still refusing?”

Liu Bai never dare to speak back to Xiao Tianyao, but now that it’s for the sake of other… …

“Divine Doctor Mo’s condition won’t have any benefit to benwang, so why would benwang agree?” Xiao Tianyao’s question made Liu Bai speechless. So, he only muffled: “Ok, I’ll go and tell Divine Doctor Mo that you still don’t agree.” Liu Bai’s heart wants to laugh, but his disappointment is far greater. 

He really cannot understand him, Miss Mo is not only beautiful but also a pure girl. But, Xiao Tianyao would rather keep Lin Chujiu as his imperial concubine than her. Why is that?

If he can tolerate Lin Chujiu, then why he cannot tolerate Miss Mo?

Liu Bai’s mind was full of questions, but he doesn’t dare to ask. So, he simply went to the door and open it. But suddenly, Xiao Tianyao said: “Wait”

“Wangye, have you change your mind?” Liu Bai’s heart had palpitation, so he immediately asked.

“No,” Xiao Tianyao lips curve into a smile, but his eyes were still cold as ever: “This matter should be decided by the Imperial Concubine herself, so you go and ask her.”

When Liu Bai heard the word“Ask her.”, he realized that it clearly means not a threat or command to Lin Chujiu’s part.

“That woman will decide?” At that moment, Liu Bai got angry. Why would a foolish girl like her will decide Miss Mo’s future?

Xiao Tianyao got dissatisfied with his words, so he frowns and said: “Liu Bai, that girl who you calling “that woman” is benwang’s wife.”  Xiao Tianyao said slowly word by word. Liu Bai is not aware that Lin Chujiu is not the same woman as the rumor says, so he still despised her.

“You’re recognizing her as your wife?” Liu Bai is so shocked, he simply can’t believe what he just heard.

“Whether benwang recognize her or not is not important, he is now benwang’s imperial concubine. So you need to ask her approval whether another woman will enter the Wangfu’s door or not.” Of course, that is more formal and fitted idea. If Lin Chujiu doesn’t agree, then he wouldn’t marry Miss Mo.

However, Liu Bai couldn’t help but mock himself: “Tianyao, are you playing with me?” Liu Bai addressing him by his name means he is very dissatisfied with his decision.

“Liu Bai, this is not the first time you work with benwang for you to ask.”

“Are you really serious?” Liu Bai looked down and asked: “Is she worth it?”

“Don’t listen to the rumors outside, go and see her for you to know.” At least, he can be sure that Lin Chujiu is a thousand more times different to the rumors.

Isn’t Lin Chujiu a prideful, reckless, arrogant and no brainer woman?

But, if she really is such a woman, then she would have died that night on their wedding and won’t lived until now.

“I understand, I will not judge her. ” Liu Bai took a deep breath to lessen his anger.

“Well, go ahead.” Xiao Tianyao has nothing more to say, so he didn’t keep Liu Bai anymore. But as for Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo?

No matter what their plans, no matter what their reason is, Xiao Tianyao will never fear to lose them. Divine Doctor Mo might have a reputation, but he is only a doctor. So, he just needs to bow his head in the presence of absolute power. 

Lin Chujiu had only drunk a bowl of concoction, but it seems like she had performed a major operation. She just weakly lies on her bed and even felt too lazy to move her fingers. Zhanzhu had seen many people felt distressed when they are sick, but Lin Chujiu looks so funny. So, she just pulled the ribbon of the curtain for Lin Chujiu to rest. However… …

A maidservant has come to inform that Prince Xiao’s right-hand man had come to see Wangfei!

Liu Bai?

At this hour? What happened?

Zhenzhu looked at the maidservant intently because her heart felt very disturbed … …

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