Chapter 65: Diagnosis and tricky condition (Part 2)

“Didn’t you say that Prince Xiao doesn’t like Princess Xiao?” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan look at the Emperor’s personal eunuch to ask. They are both the Emperor’s confidant so they shared some information between them.

However, the Emperor’s personal eunuch only look at him innocently because he really doesn’t know what is going on.

Xiao Tianyao is the person that is sitting in the wheelchair so Housekeeper Cao cannot push too fast. While all the people behind him, naturally wouldn’t walk ahead. So… …

All of them could only walk slowly. If it’s during the day, they might be able to enjoy the scenery inside the Xiao Wangfu. But because it was in the middle of the night, the journey is extremely boring. What is there to see anyway if it’s dark?

So, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan has become speechless.

He’s already been played by Prince Xiao a couple of times now. So, he believes that soon he’ll get accustomed with his tricks. And when that time comes, he wouldn’t be shocked with Prince Xiao’s behavior anymore and he can remain calm.

Xiao Tianyao was leading the way, so they spent twice as much as the usual time before they arrived at Lin Chujiu’s courtyard. On the other hand, Lin Chujiu is already asleep around this time. So, she was very drowsy and her head almost fell slowly on the side and hit the candle’s glowing light. At that moment, she looks very… …


Xiao Tianyao hold the side of his handrail tightly and couldn’t help but ask himself: How could you dare to think such a nice word to describe her?

While Xiao Tianyao is still thinking, Lin Chujiu heard a sudden noise so she stands up and tried greeting him with her tired sounded voice: “Wangfei pays her respect to Wangye. May Wangye lives a thousand more times.” Lin Chujiu’s voice sounds as sticky as wax and sounded like a spoiled a brat.

So, Xiao Tianyao looked up and saw the tears in her eyes due to yawning.  At that moment, Xiao Tianyao unconsciously curves his lips with a smile and said: “Benwang excuses your manner. ” His voice sounds peaceful and not the usual cold tone. So, Lin Chujiu didn’t notice the change.

After greeting, Lin Chujiu just sat back. Then, Housekeeper Cao introduces the Emperor’s personal eunuch and Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan to her. After seeing Lin Chujiu, they pay their respect by saying: “This servant greets Wangfei and wishes Wangfei to live for a thousand and thousand years more.”

“You may get up.” Lin Chujiu simply said while biting hard her lips to prevent herself from yawning.

It’s impossible anyway to get sober immediately when you suddenly got awaken in the middle of the night.

“Thank you, Wangfei.” When the two of them got up, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan approach Lin Chujiu and said: “Wangfei, this servant was ordered by the Emperor to see and check Wangfei’s condition.”

“You’re Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan?” Lin Chujiu look at Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan and looked at Xiao Tianyao to confirm. However, she just saw Xiao Tianyao’s emotionless face, so she realized that he wouldn’t say anything. Then, she just obediently put out her hand and said: “Imperial Doctor Qin, will you please… … “

Doctor Wu can diagnose her sickness, so definitely he could also diagnosed it. And if not, it would really be strange.

So, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan bent forward and carefully check Lin Chujiu’s pulse. After two stick of incense… …

Quietly passed by, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan haven’t withdrawn his hand to Lin Chujiu’s pulse. And the more he tried to make his diagnosis, the more his eyebrows knit tightly and frown. But, his face got more and more look dignified. However, the serious look on his face seems wanted to say that Lin Chujiu had acquired an incurable disease and will about to die.

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu already know the result so they are not feeling nervous. But, Housekeeper Cao and the other servant couldn’t help but look at Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan so serious. They felt afraid that Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan might suddenly open his mouth and say something that they couldn’t accept.

After a long hour of diagnosis, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan finally pulled out his hand to Lin Chujiu’s left wrist carefully. Then, gradually restored his usual dignified facial expression before saying… …

“Wangye, Wangfei … …” After Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan recover his hand. He could only say in front of Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu the words: “Wangfei’s body is very frail, so this servant will give her a prescription.”

He dared to diagnosed her condition for a long time, but he doesn’t dare to say the result. But it seems Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu have a tacit understanding, so the two of them didn’t speak.

However, the Emperor’s personal eunuch and Housekeeper Cao’s face turn dark. And they both wonder: Is Wangfei dying? Or she’s just pretending to be sick?

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  1. XTY reaction to his wang fei is cute. Unfortunately XTY you are falling deeper and will not be able to get out of it. Thanks for the rest of the chapter.

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