Chapter 66: Real or fake and reporting back to the palace (Part 2)

“Wangfei, Wangye has been very concerned about you,” Zhenzhu said when she saw Lin Chujiu looked very confused. She actually wanted to laugh but she doesn’t dare so she just continues to say: “Wangye even let you enter his treasury to pick some things… … that they had gathered during the war in the South and North these past few years. There are a lot of good stuff from there, such treasures that even the Emperor doesn’t have. So, Wangfei you should try to pick out the good one.”

From the bottom of her heart, Zhenzhu was only trying to tease Lin Chujiu to make her happy. But honestly, she can see that Prince Xiao was paying more and more of his attention to Lin Chujiu. Although Zhenzhu really doesn’t know if it’s only to compensate Lin Chujiu’s hard work or she is actually inside his heart. 

“Really?” When Lin Chujiu heard Zhenzhu’s words, Lin Chujiu’s dizzy brain suddenly return to normal. So if she will combine what happened some time ago and the Emperor’s multiple assassination plans. Lin Chujiu now finally understand that… …

Xiao Tianyao seems really have a couple of great piece of chess in his hands. And her bad luck is only a part of making his piece in the front sink.

However, thinking about it, being a cannon fodder has some benefits too.

Lin Chujiu yawned, she felt very tired and lazy to rethink about how many times Xiao Tianyao had used her. So she just decided to robbed every good stuff that Xiao Tianyao had in his treasury to compensate for her injury and stressed in mind… …

Well, Lin Chujiu admits that her little mind is not that fragile, so it’s basically just her disappointment. Anyway, she doesn’t hold any hope to Xiao Tianyao, so it doesn’t really matter.


When Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan left Xiao Wangfu, he immediately went to the palace to report. c

“Huangshang (Emperor), Princess Xiao is not sick, but was actually poisoned.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan was very anxious, so he almost buried his head in his chest while reporting.

After all, he is very unlucky to get involved in such a big mess, so he knows his life can no longer remain in peace.

As a doctor, his greater fear in his line of work is when he doesn’t know if he could return back alive in his home.

“Poisoned? Xiao Tianyao poisoned her? For what?” The Emperor knitted his eyebrows and shake his head, then said: “No, no that’s wrong. With his pride and temper. He would rather split Lin Chujiu in half with his sword or strangle her to death, but he would never use poison.”

With Xiao Tianyao’s identity and power, he would rather split Lin Chujiu’s body because no one will dare to question him anyway. So, why would he bother to beat around the bush and use poison on her?

“Princess Xiao is definitely not poisoned by Prince Xiao, because the poison inside her needs to accumulate for at least ten years or more before the result will shows, just like today.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan doesn’t really plan to explain more, but at this moment, he really cannot hide it. 

“Ten years? Then, someone from the Lin Family poisoned her?… … Who would have thought that Lin Furen have such a good skill.” The Emperor immediately understand the situation, so he coldly snorted.

With such revelation, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t even dare to take a breath. After all, he cannot afford to offend Lin Xiang or Lin Furen.

“So based on your observation, do you think Xiao Tianyao knows about this? Or does Lin Chujiu knows it?” The Emperor simply ask. He doesn’t care whether Lin Chujiu lives or dies anyway.

“Since the beginning up to the end, Prince Xiao didn’t ask anything, so he definitely knows about it. As for Princess Xiao?”Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan frown and tried to recall Lin Chujiu’s reaction: “It seems Princess Xiao doesn’t know anything because she didn’t show any trace of anxiety, so she definitely doesn’t know that she will die soon.”

No one is not afraid of death, even the Emperor himself is afraid to die. So, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan will not believe that someone as young as her wouldn’t be scared if she knows that she was poisoned and will almost die soon.

“How cruel of you Tianyao.” The Emperor sneer and then squinted his eyes, but he actually doesn’t know what to think.

On the other hand, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan who didn’t receive any further command to the Emperor. Only tried to stand up straight, even though his legs are already getting numb… …  

After a few more minutes, the Emperor seems like had thought of something because his eyes suddenly got widen… …

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  1. Hehehehe, is that stupid Huang going to use that as a tabloid material, like “Xiao Wang poisoned his Wangfei” or so… Because he looked like as if a light bulb lit up and his not-so-great idea will emerge…

  2. I think the empror think Xiao Tianyao is waiting for her to die as he dislike her and his “great” idea will be to give her medicine for her to live longer… That would be really nice hahaha😋

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