Chapter 68: White lies and becoming one of the top ten candidates to be a good husband (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu suspected that the doctor who revealed her condition right in front of Xiao Wangfu’s gate is part of Xiao Tianyao’s plan!

After all……

Isn’t it too much of a coincidence, that while the people is talking that she was about to die. Xiao Tianyao suddenly received a news that Divine Doctor Mo is in the capital of East County. And in order to cure her disease, Prince Xiao personally meet and beg Divine Doctor Mo to treat her.

“What a hypocrite.” As one of the protagonists of a good play, Lin Chujiu could only utter those words without any strength.

In order to bring Divine Doctor Mo inside Xiao Wangfu without any worries. Xiao Tianyao tried to deceive everyone’s eyes and ears. After all, by doing this, the people wouldn’t know that Divine Doctor Mo actually went to this country to cure his legs.

And by borrowing her back, Xiao Tianyao did not only fooled the Emperor but also stepped everyone in the Lin Family. And now, he even became one of the top ten candidates to be a good husband, which is not actually part of his plans.

Anyway, Xiao Tianyao didn’t actually lie to the people because she is really was poisoned. If there is really a way for her to live for more than ten years, then she gains something much more with Xiao Tianyao’s shamelessness.

However, meeting such a man, Lin Chujiu regretted living a second life and so she felt too lazy to stand up in the bed. She only wanted to pray that when Xiao Tianyao could finally walk, he should at least find her virtuous and then finally would let her go and set her free.

Lin Chujiu continue lying on the bed while eating apples and listening to Zhenzhu’s gossips. However, seeing Zhenzhu’s moving here and there like she was about to die, Lin Chujiu almost choked to death.

How many people did Xiao Tianyao actually got fooled ah?

Anyway, she wasn’t fooled by it and she believes that the Emperor wouldn’t be fooled too.  With the Emperor’s discerning eyes, he could definitely see that Xiao Tianyao only wanted to bring Divine Doctor Mo in the Xiao Wangfu to treat his legs and… …

Make all the suspecting people believe that he is actually a good man.

After all, the people also heard that with Divine Doctor Mo’s aloof image and untainted reputation. Even Xiao Tianyao himself need to go and meet him personally because Divine Doctor Mo had refused to cure Princess Xiao. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t give up, he tried to meet him every day to persuade… …


“Oh my, Prince Xiao is really tough and caring, he’s such a good man.” One of the single ladies in the capital who fell in love with Xiao Tianyao said. But of course, she didn’t forget to comment about Lin Chujiu: “That Eldest Miss of Lin Family is really fortunate to marry such a good man.”

“Well, she’s really not that fortunate because she wouldn’t be able to enjoy Prince Xiao’s kindness for a long time.” A married woman couldn’t help but said due to bitterness.

“I don’t know if Xiao Wangfu will accept another consort… …” A shy married little girl said.

“Who’s the stupid person anyway that said Prince Xiao is a ruthless man? If Prince Xiao is truly a cold-blooded ruthless man, will he be visiting that doctor a few times?” A die hard fan of Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but said.

“Who knows if Prince Xiao actually seeks that Divine Doctor for himself ah? Prince Xiao is crippled, so maybe he went there every day to ask to be treated and Princess Xiao is only a disguised. A man who didn’t even blink an eye while killing a thousand of soldiers during the war can suddenly become caring? That’s crazy!” A Scholar who is one of the top ten candidates to be a good husband just spit out in his anger.

Well, the truth is always hard to accept.

Regardless what the rumors from the outside had turned into, Lin Chujiu’s sickness remain the upfront in the public’s eyes. If Lin Chujiu wouldn’t be treated, then things wouldn’t go as plan… …

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  1. Lin Chujiu is such a versatile wife, her husband didn’t eat her yet he has abused her so many things… from free surgeon of his wangfu to gossip scapegoat, to tools to annoy his enemies (the emperor)
    What husband using his wife as thoroughly as Xiao Tianyao?

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