Chapter 71: Yiniang and false affection (Part 2)

“Of course, it is Lin Furen, my mother’s sister.” Lin Chujiu said to make things clear. So, her 3rd Aunt couldn’t help but frown. On the other hand, Lin Wanting couldn’t help but intervene, she looks at Lin Chujiu intently due to disappointment and said: “Jiejie (Eldest Sister), it’s only been a couple months since you left the house, but you already forgot to call mother, Niang (Mother)?”

Lin Wanting clutching her heart and was about to cry because of what she heard.

However, Lin Chujiu only smile: “Wanting, my meimei (younger sister), life might be strange, but how can this princess forget that Lin Furen is my mother’s sister ah? And also, in order to take care of me, she married into the Lin Family. So, calling her Yiniang is rather more intimate, right?”

Lin Chujiu’s smiling face and eyes look very sincere, so a person wouldn’t be able to find any trace of wrong in her words. But still, hearing the word “Yiniang” is very uncomfortable for Lin Wanting because it means that her mother’s identity is only a second wife. Lin Furen herself hates it so much when someone is calling her the second wife.

But because of her habit to act gentle and virtuous, Lin Furen cannot accuse Lin Chujiu that she is wrong. So, she only bites the bullet and patted Lin Wanting’s back to ease her anger, then said to Lin Chujiu: “Chujiu, if calling me “Yiniang” is more intimate for you, you can do so.”

Yiniang is very kind.” Lin Chujiu said and smile, her smile looks so bright and beautiful, as if her sickness was swept away: “Yiniang, San Jiuniang, hurry, come and sit here! I am really happy to see you all. I’ve been really looking forward to this day.”

Lin Chujiu said, but with such atmosphere, who wouldn’t understand that this is Lin Chujiu’s way to say that they had come very late.

The daughter or the niece is seriously ill for half a month now. But only the outsiders came to visit her at once. And as for her family? No one really came. But now that some genius came to Xiao Wangfu, they all come to visit. So, isn’t this really funny?

Although her 3rd Aunt doesn’t really like her, she also doesn’t hate her. So, when she heard Lin Chujiu’s words, she could only look at Lin Chujiu and said with a stiff smile: “Jiuniang really wanted to come sooner, but suddenly I received a letter from Laofuren (Old Madam) that she’ll be back. So, in these past few days, I’ve been very busy cleaning the house.”

Waizumu (Maternal grandmother) will come back? What day?” In the memory of the original Lin Chujiu, her maternal relatives were only afraid of this old lady. And if it wasn’t for her, then the original Lin Chujiu wouldn’t learn proper etiquette and will just grow completely in shame. 

So, with the proper guidance of this old lady, Lin Chujiu was able to save herself several times now from shame.

“She’ll be back by sixteen.” 3rd Aunt said while looking at Lin Chujiu from time to time. She noticed that ever since Lin Chujiu had married, it seems she had become sensible and no longer the arrogant lady, who only knows how to shout and complain.

 “Oh, let me know once Waizumu arrives so that Wangye and I will come to visit her. I’m sure Waizumu haven’t seen Wangye.” But, will Xiao Tianyao really go with her?

Well, she helps Xiao Tianyao these past few days, so he should help her once or twice in return, right? How great would that be if he really does?

“Good, good, that’s good. Laofuren would certainly be happy once she sees you and Wangye.” When she heard Lin Chujiu’s words, the smile on her face got a bit brighter than before, while Lin Furen’s smile also showed.

They all suddenly give Lin Chujiu a face not because she becomes sensible, but because with Lin Chujiu’s words. They learned that Prince Xiao really valued her.

Whether Prince Xiao will stay powerless or not in the future, as long as he doesn’t rebel, he is still a prince and a member of the imperial family. So, they still couldn’t afford to offend him… …

Prince Xiao couldn’t get the Emperor, but how about them?

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  1. Thanks for The update. Really wish that another sweep LC away. Hate the cold selfish & power craze attitudes of.d.Prince. No good.
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  2. I hope this granny will be different from her other relatives and is actually her ally not someone who is always plotting for her downfall.

      1. Fellow reader we still have to cultivate in the dao of patience in dealing with supreme black belly male leads 😀 fighting! Right now he’s quite the asshole but I haven’t lost hope yet.

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