Chapter 76: To steal and didn’t promise anything (Part 2)

Children are blessings, so when Lin Furen saw her daughter’s situation. She felt sad more and more to the point where her tears started falling down.

She must… … she must definitely discourage her daughter from marrying Xiao Tianyao. She cannot marry him! Xiao Tianyao is a disabled man, so he won’t be able to give her anything she wants.

She just saw Lin Chujiu was still as fresh as a flower. So obviously, things aren’t good between them because Prince Xiao’s legs were injured!


If Xiao Tianyao knows what Lin Furen is thinking about him right now, he would definitely strangle her. But too bad, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know about it, so the person he was thinking to strangle is no other than Lin Chujiu.

“Why you don’t want Miss Mo to take care of you? Don’t give benwang reasons about rules and reputation.” Xiao Tianyao is not Housekeeper Cao, so he doesn’t believe her reasoning earlier.

If Lin Chujiu really cares about rules, then she wouldn’t try to threaten him on the night of their wedding. And if Lin Chujiu cares about rules, she wouldn’t hit Lin Furen‘s face the next day.

Wangye, whether this consort tells you the truth or not, you’re always unhappy. So, why bother?” Lin Chujiu said and sighed. After all, she doesn’t believe that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know what she is thinking.

“Do not let benwang heard the word “consort.” Just by listening to it, Xiao Tianyao wants to vomit.

“Yes, I was wrong.” Lin Chujiu simply said and admitted her crime. Because of that, Xiao Tianyao just leans his back to the chair because he doesn’t know what to say.

Aside from the two of them, there’s no one else inside. So, why is Lin Chujiu holding back her words?

“Speak,” Xiao Tianyao look at Lin Chujiu intently. After all, there was no woman he paid so much concern about, but Lin Chujiu dared to not appreciate it? Is she tired of living?

“I don’t believe in Miss Mo’s skill.” In fact, she doesn’t need her. Once she took the medical system’s medicine for half a year, the remaining poison will completely be drained away from her body. So, when that time comes, her body will not be worst than others.

“She is a doctor, she can report to Doctor Mo your symptoms.” Up to this point, Xiao Tianyao only wants Mo Yuer to help Lin Chujiu take care of her body.

But since it becomes like this, will Liu Bai find it strange and cause a problem?

Well anyway … he didn’t promise him anything.

Wangye, Doctor Mo might be a doctor. But remember, doctors can not only cure a person to lengthen his life, but also bring him to his death. If Doctor Mo will kill a patient, with his reputation, do you think the people will blame him? Of course not, no one will put a blame on him. They will only think that it’s really the patient’s time to die.” If she will die because of him, with his reputation, she must hit him hard.

“You’re not afraid to die?” She dared to threaten him with his life? Well, he doesn’t want to take her life. But, he doesn’t know if Liu Bai wouldn’t take it.

However, he can say, that Lin Chujiu is a woman that is really hard to tame. Her life was in danger, but he can’t see any worries in her eyes, which is not really cute unlike before.

“Wangye, I ‘m not afraid to die, I cherished my life. I appreciate Wangye’s concern, but I don’t really need Miss Mo to take care of me. If Wangye is worried that people might found out about your treatment. Then, just let me stay by your side and accompany you during your treatment.” Lin Chujiu said while blinking her eyes from time to time as if she was looking forward to his answer.

Compared to her disease, she is more interested to see how will Divine Doctor Mo going to treat Xiao Tianyao’s legs. Maybe during that time of treatment, she could steal a one or two stroke to easily complete the medical system’s treatment plan to cure his legs… …

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 76: To steal and didn’t promise anything (Part 2)

  1. Why did XTY said that if Miss Mo doesn’t take care of LC, Lui Bai will kill LC. Meaning he knew that if Miss Mo couldn’t kill LC (by refusing miss mo’s treatment), Lui Bai will kill LC. sooner or later, LC will be killed in order to give the seat to Miss Mo. This is really ridiculous….. really cold blooded prince. it is better for you to kill her XTY, don’t torment her like this.

    1. No,if liu bai will learn that someone like LCJ looks down on miss mos skill, he will definitely be offended. Remember? Liu bai hates her so much I think liu bais char is meant to be miss mos supporters.

  2. He is only concern about her, but still XTY you must shape up otherwise we readers will curse you to death. Thanks for the rest of the chapter.

    1. Hahaha… Yea, his words are harsh but his actions are not. I think hes being torn between liubai and lcj now

  3. Xiao Tianyao’s thought in this chapter: I am giving you my attention, woman! Be grateful!
    Dear Prince Xiao, but we, women doesn’t appreciate what you define as attention…

    Though I wonder why Lin Chujiu didn’t just tell him, “Thank you, but I can cure myself in half a year.” It’s not like Xiao Tianyao would change how he behaves if he know. However knowing Lin Chujiu, her thought monologue about Xiao Tianyao’s idea would be something along the line…

    1. “Not only I don’t trust this Mo Yuer’s skill, I am not keeping ticking time bomb by my side. You send four spies as my maidservant, I tolerate them because at least they don’t have any plan to climb to your bed and kill me on my sleep.
      I also can guess you’re putting a show for Doctor Mo with giving her daughter a chance to make me owe her something, thus assuring the old man you will keep your end of the deal. unfortunately your highness… while I will cave in to go along with your ploy because I am more or less under your employment, keeping that condescending ice block by my side is out of question.”

      “SO! If you’re so wary Doctor Mo will off you because of his daughter, I will come along with you dear husband *sarcastic mode* it’s my job as your wife and doctor to protect you. It’s certainly got nothing to do with my academic curiosity!”

    2. Too bad there’s no like button… The insensitive prince with his “ore-sama” character wouldn’t know that his actions says the opposite of his intentions (good intentions, bad means – are you a tsundere XTY?) Of course Chinju wouldn’t say anything about her skills, if I remember a quote ” The hawk hides his talons” or something like that, means hiding her skills you know? Most probably because she doesn’t trust the (yandere, i hope not) prince and she wants a peaceful time for herself…

  4. Why XT didn’t want LC to address herself as consort? She is his consort, right? Confusing.
    AiHirst…pls help.
    Thanks a lots.

    1. In chapter 57, it was stated that he hates hearing it from her bcoz it sounded like LCJ has a very high status. But i think, he hates it bcoz it sounds romantic, its sounds like they are a real couple when he is trying his best to deny his feelings and just trying to treat her like one if his people or servant.

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