Chapter 77: The past and helping grace (Part 1)

The brightness in Lin Chuji’s eyes was a bit scary. Because as if it was digging a whole right inside his body up to his shadow. But the moment she looked at him, Xiao Tianyao’s heartbeat becomes uncontrollable and it keeps beating like crazy. Xiao Tianyao found it strange, so he tried to calm himself and waited till the palpitation subsided first before he thinks.

Lin Chujiu’s proposal is not too much. And if he will let her accompany him, it won’t arouse any suspicion even inside the Xiao Wangfu. After all, not all his people know about his actual plans. Most of them are only aware that he invited Divine Doctor Mo to treat Lin Chujiu’s disease.

Xiao Tianyao tried to find a lot of reason to convince himself that he will only let Lin Chujiu accompany him to fool the public’s eyes. And not because of his of own personal feelings.

So right at this time, Xiao Tianyao completely ignored his doubts. Anyway, Xiao Wangfu has long been operating like an iron bucket. Outsiders cannot casually come and go without his permission. So, it’s impossible to pass a message. As long as he will stay in Lin Chujiu’s courtyard, no one will know who Divine Doctor Mo had treated by the end.

Benwang will tell to Doctor Mo.” Xiao Tianyao simply said. And in exchange, Lin Chujiu said: “Wangye is truly kind.”

After Lin Chujiu said those words, her eyes shine like a crystal. So, Xiao Tianyao thinks that his decision is worth it.


Of course, Xiao Tianyao himself won’t said those things to Divine Doctor Mo. He asked Liu Bai to come to his study room so that he will be the one who will report it to Divine Doctor Mo.

“Tianyao, isn’t this request a bit too much?” Liu Bai asked while looking at Xiao Tianyao with his eyes that were full of suspicion because he’s suspecting that Xiao Tianyao got possessed.

“What’s wrong with that?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer, so Su Cha asked.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Bai said while staring hard at Su Cha.

Su Cha didn’t bother about Liu Bai’s little threat to his eyes. Ever since he said those words to Xiao Tianyao, he had hidden outside the Xiao Wangfu for a long time. Thankfully, Xiao Tianyao didn’t find him afterward. So now that he has this opportunity to make a good impression on him, he won’t let this chance passed.

“Liu Bai, when Doctor Mo started his treatment to Wangye, Miss Mo must be inside the room, right?” Su Cha began moving his three inches tongue to play words with Liu Bai and persuade him.

“Of course.” Aside from being Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter and direct disciples, she is Xiao Tianyao’s future concubine, so it’s only normal to stay by his side during his treatment.

“Doctor Mo said to let Miss Mo take care of Wangfei, right?” Su Cha asked one by one to lead Liu Bai into his trap.

Liu Bai on the other hand, just keep nodding his head… …

“And it is well known to everyone that Wangye had invited Doctor Mo to treat Wangfei, right?” When Su Cha asked right at this question, he almost laughed out loud.

Liu Bai, who is still not aware of Su Cha’s prank, busily explained: “Yes, but that doesn’t mean Wangfei need to stay inside the room too, right?”

“Don’t say that she can’t because she is Wangye’s wife. Miss Mo who is nothing but an outsider can stay, but the wife can’t? When the treatment started, Wangye will be under some kind of medicine, so who will change his clothes? Who will serve Wangye? Will it be Divine Doctor Mo? Or Miss Mo?”

At that moment, Su Cha speaks so fast. Because of that, Liu Bai took a long time before he could react. However, the only phrase that he cares about is: “Miss Mo who is nothing but an outsider.”

“Su Cha, Miss Mo is not an outsider, she will soon be Wangye’s concubine.” Liu Bai said while frowning because he doesn’t like what Su Cha said about Mo Yuer.

“See, you said it yourself, SOON, but soon is not now, right? So, she is still an outsider!” Su Cha hasn’t seen Mo Yuer, but this doesn’t prevent him from hating her.

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  1. XTY is still innocent??? Him being clueless about love or he had been with a women before but just never fell in love? Thanks.

    1. From the way he acts? I’d say this is another virgin war god. I know in army they keep prostitutes to satisfy their soldiers, but Xiao Tianyao at some point is said to be clean freak before… how likely he use those whores? He is also very paranoid, even more unlikely to get close enough to woman to commit the deed.

      So most likely he is purely clueless about love.

  2. I’m starting to hate Liu Bai… Just to protect that bish he doesn’t even truly know and won’t even be his, he’s all willing to sacrifice Lin Chuji… who is btw, his master by connection. This is outright treachery.

    He’s an idiot. Even knowing that the friggin pair plans to kill the wangfei, he’s all in for it with full support. That moron.

    I want his karma to come as an eye opener. To let him see how that woman truly is at a point of no return.

    Thanks for the update~

  3. Hope that SC will stay as true supporters of wangfei until she leaves. Hope she gets to.escape from this he’ll wangfu.

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