Chapter 78: Incapable ruler and who will take advantage (Part 1)

Yes, Divine Doctor Mo is planning to kill Lin Chujiu. He might have said to Xiao Tianyao that he will help to cure her disease, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any intention to kill her.

And just like what Su Cha said, with Divine Doctor Mo’s reputation, he could easily find a more powerful man than Xiao Tianyao if he was only looking for someone that can protect his daughter and take her in as a wife.

But still, Divine Doctor Mo had chosen Xiao Tianyao because her daughter loves him. So, as a father, he will naturally fulfill his daughter’s wishes. Divine Doctor Mo wouldn’t tell this to anyone. Other people wouldn’t notice it anyway. After all, in front of those people earlier, his daughter didn’t show any interest to Xiao Tianyao.

Before Divine Doctor Mo was invited in Xiao Wangfu. Xiao Tianyao had tried everything to quiet down his enemies from the outside. After they had put a bounty of thousand of silvers in Zhou Si’s head. He hasn’t shown up himself for a week. Anyway, that was understandable because of Jing Chi, the number one ranked assassin had accepted Xiao Tianyao’s request. So, if Zhou Si will show himself, it will be his lost.

As for the Emperor?

The Emperor had tried to assassinate Xiao Tianyao several times now, but he always suffered heavy losses because of Xiao Tianyao’s preparedness. The Emperor wants to quietly kill him, so it’s very impossible.

Why quietly kill him?

Xiao Tianyao has no crime, so if the Emperor will kill him openly. He must face his people’s wrath for killing their country’s hero and brother. Additionally, the Emperor is not sure if he could kill Xiao Tianyao up front. If he failed to kill him, surely, he will be the one to die.

So for now, Xiao Wangfu doesn’t need to worry about the cunning Emperor’s assassination attempt. And it can be said that everything is ready. They only need to wait for Divine Doctor Mo’s miracle treatment.


On the third day of their stay in Xiao Wangfu, Divine Doctor Mo brought his daughter to Jin Tian Courtyard where Xiao Tianyao’s treatment will occur. Lin Chujiu also followed after them. Although the shelf inside was full of Divine Doctor Mo’s medicines, once he started his treatment to Xiao Tianyao. These medicines will surely be drastically reduced.

In Jin Tian Courtyard, there were a group of three guardsmen that were guarding every door and every layer of the place to make sure that there were no loopholes. Each guard has their own schedule to ensure that no one is taking advantage of their post and that no one is trying to make a seamless connection outside the mansion.

All the servants inside the Jin Tian Courtyard were old male servants from Xiao Wangfu. And they were personally selected by Housekeeper Cao to ensure that no one will try to contact the outside world and to make sure that the operation will go smoothly.

During the treatment, no one is allowed to come in or to come out, to eat or to drink outside Jin Tian Courtyard. Including Xiao Tianyao himself.

Xiao Wangfu only wants to concentrate on the treatment. So, in order to avoid the Emperor’s sudden imperial edict, they had announced that Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment to Princess Xiao will now start and Prince Xiao will accompany her throughout the whole treatment. And because of that, Xiao Wangfu will put aside all political concerns until the treatment was finished.

By doing this, they did not only avoided the people’s sudden visits, but also the Emperor sudden summon to Xiao Tianyao in the palace. With this, the Emperor also lost his chance to interrupt the treatment or bring trouble to Xiao Wangfu.

When the announcement was made, rumors started spreading again in the whole capital. And this time, Prince Xiao become more popular than before to the Capital ladies because he is willing to avoid political affairs just to stay by his wife’s side.

Although there were a lot of unmarried women that envy Lin Chujiu, they still wish her a good luck. Some of them even wish for her to get well. However, when Lin Wanting heard the rumors about Xiao Tianyao’s “deep affection” to Lin Chujiu. She cannot help but feel sad, then her heart started aching again because of regrets. Why marrying into Xiao Wangfu didn’t come to her mind a bit more early ah?

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 78: Incapable ruler and who will take advantage (Part 1)

  1. haiiii…. never ending plots to kill LC. Its still long chapters to read before we can 100 % sure that LC will be safe. If XTY really takes Miss Mo as his concubine or consort, I will stop reading this novel because my heart cannot take the pressure. Pity LC . I hope she will ended with Su Cha and be a happy couple.

      1. This ship is highly unlikely to happen, but I must agree Su Cha has good intuition.
        That other guy, what’s his face(I don’t care about that semi traitor) who is head over heels in love with that harlot, to me he is no different than the Crown Prince who fell for the step sis/cousin… only cares about her looks and is tricked by her two-faced personality xP

  2. Looking at Lin Wanting and original Lin Chujiu, I start to think the problem is not the daughters but the mother for raising both girls so splendidly! Seriously…I mean, even by standard of evil step-sister Lin Wanting is so stupid, she don’t even have slightest wit in her bone. I mean other evil step-sister I have read in other series at least has brain to protect their reputation when they could, Lin Wanting thinks the world revolve around herself… in stupidest way.

    As for Doctor Mo, oooh boy, I have never seen a father trying to help his daughter to steal someone’s husband. Rereading this line, I just feel it’s sounds so wrong to happen…
    Thankfully, since Lin Chujiu can heal herself obviously she won’t accept his medical help beyond pulse check up. It’s very unlikely Doctor Mo could kill our MC with his medical skill.

    I gotta hand it to Xiao Tianyao, people thinks he is an ideal husband. If only they knew wedding night is a heart thrilling experience in Xiao wangfu…

    1. This ML is not only crippled, but blind!!! Even his crippled nephew has eyes that can see that our MC is special….that ML is blinded by his thirst for getting his legs healed that he can’t see how shady the doc and his daughter are(btw I ship the crippled nephew with our MC, I hope they will elope if his legs ever get better or at the very least I hope some kind soul will write a fanfic about this pairing)

  3. How does a person with dubious values ever become a “Divine Doctor”? He’s willing to commit murder because his daughter likes someone.

    And Lin Wanting… she hasn’t realized that she only wants Xiao Tianyao only because her step-sister has him as a husband. She’s only Wanting what her sister has. If XT wasn’t married to Lin Chujiu, XT would still be a “ruthless, crippled prince that no one wants to be engaged to”.

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