Chapter 78: Incapable ruler and who will take advantage (Part 2)

If she married into the Wangfu, then she will be able to hold Prince Xiao into her palm like a pet. Who cares about the Crown Prince and the Empress anyway? At this moment, Lin Wanting no longer cares about the others. Her eyes can only see Prince Xiao.

The more you can’t have it the more you wanted to get it. Not to mention, Lin Wanting really fell love at first sight to Xiao Tianyao. Lin Wanting almost talk about Xiao Tianyao every day, she even mentions his name in front of the Crown Prince. Thankfully, the Crown Prince was turning a blind eye on it, but still, Lin Furen couldn’t help but get anxious. Lin Furen keep persuading Lin Wanting to stop, but Lin Wanting doesn’t listen. So, Lin Furen doesn’t know what to do anymore.


Unmarried women keep praising Prince Xiao’s unconditional love, but the official men don’t think the same. In their eyes, men could love a beauty but not to the extent of abandoning political duties.

Some crazy scholar student who felt an extreme irritation couldn’t even help but to say: “Fortunately, the first Emperor didn’t let Prince Xiao become the Emperor. If Prince Xiao is the current emperor, and he and his beauty is this happy, then we the crowd will feel much greater bitterness.”

East Country’s scholar students have political rights to verbally attacked government officials. But not to the point where they will mention the emperor’s position. His words are not long, but after that, he was invited by someone to “drink a tea” and then he never appeared again.

This event can be said as intentional plan. Because after that crazy scholar student criticized Xiao Tianyao. Another scholar tried to criticized Xiao Tianyao intensely, but not as straight forward like the crazy scholar student. However, this another scholar criticism is like a curse that’s enough to poke someone’s, heart. After that, rumors with full of mockery to Xiao Tianyao soon spread in the capital.

“Someone intentionally did this!” When Su Cha read the report about Xiao Tianyao, he couldn’t stop himself from slamming his desk in anger. But, he was only a frail scholar, so when he slammed the table. His hand was in so much pain to the point where he couldn’t even hold a pen.

“Young Master, here’s the ointment.” The Clever Servant delivered the ointment on time. Su Cha started spreading the ointment to his hand while whispering on the side: “Is this worthy to report to Tianyao? Tianyao doesn’t worry about his image, so why should I worry? Even if he got worried, he cannot change anything outside at this time.”

“Oh well, Wangye doesn’t need to know.” He will just explain later to Xiao Tianyao.

Jin Tian Courtyard was fully closed, so the news doesn’t reach them. Of course, Su Cha can get in, but he won’t report such thing to Xiao Tianyao because he doesn’t want to increase his worries.

“Young Master, what will we do with this rumors?” The Clever Servant asked.

“Let them make trouble as much as they want, I don’t care as long they will not cause trouble inside the Xiao Wangfu.” The most important thing right now is Xiao Tinayao’s treatment, so Su Cha doesn’t have the energy to waste on them.

“But, if those scholar students continue these rumors and instigated the people’s heart, I’m afraid they might siege the Xiao Wangfu.” They should stop them when they still could.

“Your worry is not unreasonable, but this thing can only be stopped by that man.” Su Cha was referring to the Emperor.

No one had still dared to enter the Xiao Wangfu. But, in just a short period of time, the rumors set off a great disturbance in the whole capital. Su Cha thinks that the current emperor had the ability to stop this, but if only the emperor wants to.

Now, Su Cha can only hope that Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment will be finished earlier. So that Xiao Tianyao can solve this himself, but… …

Sickness comes like a landslide, but goes slowly like spinning silk (idiom). Not to mention, Xiao Tianyao’s treatment was dragged for too long, so an immediate treatment would be impossible. However, a temporary treatment would be enough. 

And who will take advantage of Xiao Tianyao’s disease anyway? The Emperor wants to take Xiao Tianyao’s life, so why would he lend a hand ah?

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