Chapter 79: Bitter and not intentional (Part 2)

“I know, I know.” The Emperor said while sitting on the bedside. He wants to comfort Xiao Zian, but seeing him suppressing the pain. The Emperor couldn’t help but vented his anger to the doctors: “Doctor, where are the doctors? Come in here!”


Inside the palace, the people are like chickens that are flying around because the dog started barking. However, inside Jin Tian Courtyard, the people’s actions are very detailed. At least, they look like that on the surface.

Divine Doctor Mo started using a needle to stimulate Xiao Tianyao’s tendon on the legs. Then, he told Mo Yuer to massage Xiao Tianyao’s acupoints. But, Xiao Tianyao rejected her by simply saying: “It’s just a menial work, so Miss Mo doesn’t need to bother. ”

If such work can’t be done by Mo Yuer, then who will?

Divine Doctor Mo wanted to ask Xiao Wangfu’s doctors, but Xiao Tianyao immediately said: “Wangfei, benwang will trouble you.”

What do you mean?

Lin Chujiu who is standing on the side blinks her eyes. She swears she’s not trying to flirt with Xiao Tianyao by doing that, but because she was angry! Very angry!

Mo Yuer can’t do such menial work, but she can?

Which part of her is much worse than her ah?

You’re too much!

“I … …” Lin Chujiu only said a word, but Xiao Tianyao waved his hand and said: “Come and listen carefully to Doctor Mo. If you made a mistake, benwang will not spare you.”

Between a husband and wife, the word “spare” doesn’t mean negatively. It’s more like a code name for an ambiguous activity. However, Xiao Tianyao was the one who said it, the master of impolite words, so surely it doesn’t mean like that.

If there are no outsiders, Lin Chujiu wouldn’t mind it. But Xiao Tianyao said it during his treatment, so she cannot treat it like nothing has happened.

Xiao Tianyao had said it in front of Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer, so how will these two people take care her seriously? Won’t they find it easy now to take her position when she officially married in Xiao Wangfu?

Lin Chujiu started complaining inside her mind. She admitted that she respect Xiao Tianyao’s righteousness, but what he did repay her?

A bloody knife!

She doesn’t care even if Xiao Tianyao will let a naive girl stay by his side. She doesn’t care if Xiao Tianyao will have another woman. But, if he will hit her face in front of another woman, she can’t let it slide because he trampled completely on her pride. Even if it’s not intentional.

She doesn’t want to dispute with Xiao Tianyao’s favor. But for his honor, she needs to take half a step near him, even if she doesn’t want to see Xiao Tianyao’s face. Additionally, she will not only see Xiao Tianyao’s face in the future but also Mo Yuer’s face.

Lin Chuju felt very uncomfortable, but right now, she can only keep it inside her, And at this moment, she and Xiao Tianyao can only continue this show. In the end, she was the only one who suffers.

She would face Xiao Tianyao because she cannot make him lose his face in public.

Lin Chujiu secretly pinch her sour pharyngeal, then brightly smile as if she doesn’t know how cold Xiao Tianyao’s words were. While smiling, Lin Chujiu elegantly lifted her skirt and walked near him. Then, directly sits on his side. Lin Chujiu half jokingly and half bitterly said: “Wangye, don’t be so fierce in front of other people.  We are husband and wife, so I know who you are, but I’m afraid other people might get scared of you. Right, Yuer Meimei (Sister)?”

It goes without saying, that Mo Yuer was the one she was referring as other.

Unfortunately, Mo Yuer aka the other people didn’t give her a face and completely ignored her. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was expecting that Mo Yuer will not cooperate. So, she gently punch Xiao Tianyao’s legs, then said: “See, you scared Yuer Meimei

Lin Chujiu said to complain, but it sounds very romantic. So with that kind of words, a third party shouldn’t involve themselves. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s extremely bright face, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer glared at her.  But then, they felt that it was only Lin Chujiu’s wishful thinking. In the end, Xiao Tianyao is no match to Lin Chujiu. Most of her actions are not allowed, but… …

The father and daughter pair were still comforting themselves, but Lin Chujiu had already taken another action. 

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    XTY Give us some lovey dovey scenes!!!!!

    1. LFY shows his interest to the FL around 100 chapters… I remember it was about waiting for her due to some investigation for poison about rice, right? Then he help her bandage her foot. Etc etc… I haven’t read much after he help her take the meds.

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