Chapter 82: Get out and don’t take yourself too serious (Part 1)

Prince Xiao felt unhappy, very unhappy, but … …

Looking at Lin Chujiu’s pair of eyes that were full of questions. And just by remembering that she said she felt wronged. Xiao Tianyao felt that there is no need to be angry.

He is sure that Lin Chujiu knows that he is angry, but she will never know why exactly he is feeling like that. Because right now, his old disease relapsing (Secrecy). This woman is smart to the point where her smartness can be so clever, but when you shrewd with her, her smartness can be so scary.

“You can withdraw now.” Xiao Tianyao said, with this, he will need a servant to serve him.

“Divine Doctor Mo said to pressed your acupuncture points for half an hour. He hasn’t returned.” At this point of time, Lin Chujiu insisted on continuing. She is also a doctor, so she knows that there are some cases that she shouldn’t be lazying around.

“Just tell Housekeeper Cao what to do.” Even if Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to stop, he is not willing to force her.

Xiao Tianyao thought that Lin Chujiu would be very pleased, but he didn’t expect that she will continue to refuse: “Housekeeper Cao would have a hard time to learn them. And besides, Doctor Mo said that we need to massage your acupuncture points in correct order and strength.” If Lin Chujiu didn’t have the medical system, she probably won’t be able to remember all these, because acupuncture points are very complicated to learn. 

If she will explain it like this, how will Xiao Tianyao stop her?

But, if in the future, she continues showing her skills. Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer would definitely despise her.

To be honest, half an hour is only short. So, Xiao Tianyao tried to enjoy every minute of this moment. However, for Lin Chujiu, this half an hour is very long because she felt her hands were destroyed.

It should be Mo Yuer’s hands that were destroyed, if only he let her.

On the side, when Lin Chujiu tried to rub her wrists that were abused.

She finds her fingers were really sore.

Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao who seems like a completely different person said: Thanks for the hard work.

Hearing those words, Lin Chujiu become emotional. On the night of their wedding, she saved Xiao Tianyao’s life, but their discussion didn’t go well. But today, she only uses her hands but Xiao Tianyao appreciated her efforts? People are really… …

So fickle ah.


Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer return exactly after half an hour. When they arrived, Divine Doctor Mo check Xiao Tianyao’s legs, then he nodded his head in satisfaction: “Wangfei works really hard.”

Wangye and I are a family, so it’s only natural. I didn’t have a hard time. It is Doctor Mo who works really hard.” Lin Chujiu said to show her well behavior to Divine Doctor Mo.

This is really bad for my daughter.

Divine Doctor Mo said inside his mind because he realized that Lin Chujiu being married first to Xiao Tianyao will be their biggest obstacle. Then, he tried to compare their family to Lin Chujiu’s family. However, their eight generation family were only a family doctors.

One of Divine Doctor Mo’s apprentice came in and reported that Xiao Tianyao medicinal bath is now ready. They only need to transfer Xiao Tianyao to the next room.

This time, they shouldn’t force Xiao Tianyao’s legs to move. But with Xiao Tianyaos’ behavior earlier, he would definitely refuse to be touch by them, right?

Should they just carry him and transfer him to his wheelchair?

No, you can’t!

His pride won’t allow it.

Just like what Lin Chujiu had said, trampling to one’s dignity is like trampling to their life.

Xiao Tianyao refuses to let the other servants touch him, he will only accept Lin Chujiu’s help. She is his wife, but the next person to her is not.

“Come here, help benwang.” Whether Lin Chujiu has the strength or not, Xiao Tianyao directly calls her.

But then, he suddenly remembers Lin Chujiu’s words earlier: Please don’t treat me like one of your people in front of others. He is known for having a bad temper, but then, he added: “Benwang is not fond of others.”

Is that an explanation?

Is it going to rain tomorrow?

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  1. He actually remembered LJC asking him to not treat her as one of his people. We’re making progress! This calls for celebration!

  2. “Benwang is not fond of others” Kyaaaaaaaaaaa💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 omg!! I’m sure he doesn’t realize the depth of what he said being dense and all but still for him to sya it in a way like that just shows how much he’s falling for his wangfei…oh you tsundere shy boy. (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵) Thank you soooo much for the update!! Gosh, I wish housekeeper Cang was there when XTy said those words!!

  3. Finally progress! Like i’m so happy but still aggravated.
    I just want to lock this emotionally stunted man and our
    MC in a closet to work on their communication some more.

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