Chapter 86: Imposing manner and the Crown Prince’s lost (Part 2)

“We only listen to Wangye’s command.” After the Guard indifferently replied, he no longer bothered to stay with Liu Bai and Su Cha. He quickly followed behind Lin Chujiu.

Su Cha patted Liu Bai’s shoulder and said: “Don’t be silly. Lin Xiang is only a mere minister. He didn’t belong to any strong family, but he dared to play Wangye in his hand?” He’s nothing but a pawn.

“What do you mean?” Liu Bai doesn’t want to understand Su Cha’s words. Su Cha doesn’t intend to confuse him, so he only said: “If you don’t want to understand, then don’t. This issue has nothing to do with you, so you only need to follow Wangye’s order.”

“What order?” Liu Bai asks to keep up with Su Cha.

This brother ah!

Su Cha doesn’t want Liu Bai to go farther and farther to the wrong side. So, he kindly reminded him: “The meaning to Wangye’s order is very obvious. He wants us to listen to Wangfei.”

“Want us to listen to that woman?” When Liu Bai said those words, Su Cha’s voice immediately turns cold: “Liu Bai, you mustn’t forget our position and identity. Lin Chujiu is Xiao Tianyao’s wife. We shouldn’t always consider that we are Xiao Tianyao’s friends. So, put her as Wangfei in your eyes.”

“Well, she isn’t worthy to be… …”

Liu Bai haven’t finished saying his words when Su Cha suddenly interrupted him: “Liu Bai, can you be more fair? Just because you don’t find Wangfei pleasing to your eyes, you immediately rush Miss Mo to become Xiao Tianyao’s concubine. What good will it bring to their life?”

“Miss Mo doesn’t have another choice.” Liu Bai said as if he was really righteous. However, Su Cha cut him off by saying: “You’re not expecting me to believe that, right?”

Su Cha reminded. However, he doesn’t want Liu Bai to feel so sad, so he patted his shoulder and readily find Lin Chujiu.


When Zhezhu and Feicui received the news that Lin Chujiu will return to her courtyard to change clothes. They already prepared everything: “Wangfei, this slave will help you to take a bath.”

The Four maidservants help her together. So, they only took quarter an hour to help her bathe, put a dress, makeup and set of jewelry.

Lin Chujiu has been closing her eyes during the whole process. She only opens them up when the four maidservant’s hands stop and show her the bronze mirror. Her reflection in the mirror looks so noble. So, Lin Chujiu said with her thin lips: “Let’s go.”

Lin Chujiu got up. Her four maidservants obediently follow her. So her imposing manner looks extravagant.

The four of them has already seen Lin Chujiu dress up and acted like this when she entered the palace. So, they can already take the shock. However, it was only the first time for Liu Bai and Su Cha. So both of them got so shocked. Su Cha’s eyes even flashed in amazement! 

Lin Chujiu always act so casually. There’s always this tranquil smile on her face that makes her look so kind and pleasant. She never acted like a real princess. So, a person would mistakenly think that she is nothing but a soft-hearted person, but now… …

That she was in a dressed up and has put away the smile on her face. She completely looks like a different person. Her elegant and calm appearance completely vanished and change into a noble and powerful princess.

“As expected to the Guo Gong Fu’s old lady. Her teachings are not as significant as the dew from the mountain. But during the critical moment, it can shake the heaven and earth.”

Now, Su Cha finally understands why a young lady from such noble family is very hard to ask in marriage.

It’s not about their family’s name, it’s about their upbringing. Those noble ladies education and knowledge are not far behind men. So, their existence is enough to fill out the absence of men. Because their upbringing can shake the heaven and earth.

Such wisdom and tolerance can only be taught by such noble family.

Su Cha couldn’t help but say: “The Crown Prince lost.”

He picks up the sesame seed and lost the watermelon. If the Crown Prince will learn that he lost such a woman, his intestines would definite turn green in regrets… …

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  1. I’m so ready to see this woman-almost-hitter’s reaction when he see that the ‘rumors’ are so wrong. OH and the fact that your little woman is not an angel and she definitely wasn’t forced to ‘marry’ the male lead.

    Thank you for the update!

  2. That Liu Bai!! He’s reeeeally annoying hope this event will let him chocked back on his words for LCJ. And I loooove what Su Cha said before the whole sesame seed to a watermelon😂😂😂😂 I am srsly impressed with the Chinese sayings and stuff. Thaaaank you so much for the chapter!! Can’t wait for our beloved MC to slay and butcher up those peeps outside 😋

  3. Yeah….the title is absolutely spot on.. Now LB to open his eyes and see who is really fit as wangfei.

  4. Oh my fcking God this is killing me, the scene I’m waiting is were that fcking liu bai get bitch slap.
    I’m sorry for swearing but dumb people who think they’re right is more infuriating than cliché dumb villains, I mean come on self righteous people like everything they do is right and nothing they believe is wrong is just stupid, they’re the worse.
    Much worse if the author keep putting them in the chapter.

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