Chapter 87: Provocation and desperation (Part 1)

Su Cha’s words are not exaggerated. Lin Chujiu and Lin Wanting both came from the Lin family, but their status is very different.

Lin Chujiu is the eldest miss of the Lin Family. Her identity is even much higher than Lin Furen because she was only the second wife. So, it’s true that Lin Wanting is nothing compared to her. But of course, the most important thing is… …

That throughout the whole Guo Gongfu and Lin Family. Only Lin Chujiu was personally taught by the Guo Gong laofuren (Old lady). So, it can be said that Lin Chujiu’s status is much more noble than anyone in the family.

*Note: Guo Gongfu is Lin Chujiu’s maternal relative. Guo family is considered to be one of the highest noble family in the capital.

Unfortunately, the original Lin Chujiu is very arrogant and ignorant. So, the current Lin Chujiu need to act with imposing manner. Because if she won’t, then no one will even look at her.

“Let’s go.” Lin Chujiu simply said. She didn’t bother to know what Su Cha and Liu Bai were thinking about her. When Lin Chujiu walked passed through them, she didn’t even look at them. Su Cha and Liu Bai should feel disappointed with her actions. But unexpectedly, the two of them didn’t even show any trace of dissatisfaction on their face. 

Because at this very moment, they find the atmosphere around Lin Chujiu the same way as Xiao Tianyao. The atmosphere that seems everything was under her control. And that is why she looks so confident and calm.

If only Lin Chujiu know what exactly they are thinking about her. She would definitely give them a weird look.

She has the same atmosphere as Xiao Tianyao!?

Everything is under her control!?

No way! She will charge right in front of the pack of the big wolf, so she doesn’t know if the outcome will be good or bad.

The situation outside is so bad and she was treated like a sinner to the Xiao Wangfu. So, if she will show her fears and anxiety to them. Are they going to listen to her?

She is not confident. She is not calm. She is desperate! Because today’s the outcome will be her future.

And the best outcome is still for her to remain as Princess Xiao. Because if she will lose… …

Lin Chujiu clenched her hands into a fist. The pain she felt from her fingernails seems like had also pinched her heart. So, she recovered her mind.

She will not allow herself to fail because she cannot afford to face the price of her failure.

She is afraid of death, but she’s more afraid to live without dignity.


“Open the main entrance!” Lin Chujiu stopped walking and looked at the Xiao Wangfu’s two large red gates. Right now, her face looks so calm on the surface, but her heart was beating like crazy.

If Xiao Tianyao is here and sees her. Will he still threaten her and look at her as if she was only a small plea just like during their wedding night… …?

Xiao Wangfu’s main gate is very thick. They need a total of eight guardsmen before they could push it. That’s why aside from their wedding day, the guardsmen will only open it if there was an imperial edict.

So, when Lin Chujiu orders them to open it, they got stunned for a moment. But soon enough, eight guardsmen immediately approached the gate to open it.


The sound that was coming from the gate is long and boring. And while it was being pushed, the sound changed. As if the gate itself couldn’t bear its own weight.

Lin Chujiu lifted up her foot and started walking forward while the gate was still being open in a timely manner. The maidservants behind her also keep up. At that moment, the people around Xiao Wangfu saw a very dignified woman with a gentle smile coming out.

When the door completely got opened, Lin Chujiu stops from walking and swept her eyes over the crowd. After that, the loudness of the people instantly quiets down.

Hmmm, these people still know what fear is ah.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction. Then, she kicked the threshold of the gate and stand right through it while looking at the people to the front line.

“Is it you who was blocking the gate of Xiao Wangfu?” Lin Chujiu was still smiling gently like before, but her opening remark is nothing but a blame.

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